How to Use YouTube to Sell More Homes in 2020 (HAVE LEADS FINDING YOU)

How to Use YouTube to Sell More Homes in 2020 (HAVE LEADS FINDING YOU)

Shawn Bell: Trying to figure out how you can
use YouTube to increase your authority in your community and to sell more homes? Watch this videos as I explain the benefits
of being on YouTube and how you can utilize it in order to sell more homes. Thank you so much for being here. For more tips on how to use technology in
real estate to grow your business, then please click on the subscribe button below and hit
the bell to be notified of when I post a new video every Wednesday. You’ve been watching YouTube videos for a
while, seeing people that are successful on it and wondering how you can use it to capitalize
on your own business. By the end of this video, I will share some
techniques with you so you can be certain that you can start being an authority on YouTube
and start selling more homes. For as long as I can remember, I have been
using YouTube, maybe not creating videos but always using it to go search out new ideas,
learn things, or if I had questions on how to do something and because of that, all my
research has turned into making videos myself. Since doing that through all my social media
channels, and especially YouTube, I have seen quite a bit of growth and have seen the … Basically
the advantages of using YouTube. To start off, the biggest thing I want you
to remember is that YouTube is searchable. Don’t forget that. That is the biggest key here. Unlike all the other social media platforms,
say like Facebook or Instagram, you post something, it stays there for a bit and then eventually
you get lost in the feed. With YouTube, because it is searchable, your
video can live there for a much longer time and still be found, so when you are trying
to think of content to put on YouTube, you need to be in that mindset thinking, what
is it that people are going to search for? If all you are doing and posting on YouTube
is how good you are and what you can do for a customer, first of all, nobody’s going to
search for that. Secondly, no matter what social media platform
you’re on, people actually aren’t going to care about that. They’re probably going to tune you out, so
just things like that are not something that you want to be putting on YouTube. Here we are, you find yourself asking what
type of videos I should produce? It all comes down to what types of videos
that people in your community are going to search for or people moving to your community
may search for. If you really took a minute to sit down and
think about it all, you can come up with many, many different ideas. Just one off the top of my head would be schools. I know I’ve talked about this before. You could do some interviews with the schools. Go interview the principal, go interview various
teachers throughout the school and put that video on YouTube about your community. You could do it in just in your city or a
certain neighborhood, community within your city. Post that to YouTube and put a title about
certain schools in your city. When people are coming to your community and
they want to know what schools are best for their kids, they’re likely going to do a Google
search of what schools are best in whatever community you’re in and, voila, you have a
chance of popping up. They may see your video, they click on it,
they watch it, they may see you have other videos done and guess what? When they come to your city, who do you think
is going to be the first thing … First person, sorry, that pops into their mind and that
they’re going to want to contact? Make sure to stay tuned for next week, as
well, as I’m going to be sending out another video with some content ideas that you can
put on YouTube. Do you currently have a YouTube channel for
your business? If so, comment below and let me know the channel
name. The other small misunderstanding with YouTube
is some people think they can just create a video and just post it and be done, but
there is a lot more involved that goes into that with some research to know what’s going
to get found, so you do have to do a bit of homework first. Otherwise you can have the greatest video
and if you don’t have it optimized properly, there’s a good chance, again, that you’re
not even going to get found when people are searching. Before you start doing a video within a certain
topic, you need to do research and find out how competitive your field is. One way I do this is I download a program
called Keywords Everywhere. You can download it, add it into your Chrome
browser, and it will automatically do some searches for you. Now, this used to be a free program. It is paid now, but it’s very inexpensive:
$10 you can get 10,000 credits and each search you do is one credit, so really it is not
that expensive at all. With that search, when you go to type in a
subject in YouTube, when it has the dropdown, it’ll show you how many searches per month
are on that particular topic and that way you just want to make sure it’s not too competitive
in your field. If it’s under 1,000 you’re good to go. If you’re a newer channel, if you are over,
you are going to have a harder chance of getting found. Again, if you are in a smaller community,
there’s probably a good chance you’re going to be good to go because really not many other
people are doing your topic with your city name in there. If you are a bigger center, you’re definitely
going to want to focus on this because if you put something where it has thousands of
searches, you’re not going to get found. After that, another program you’re going to
want to look into is called TubeBuddy. This is another paid program, but again, well
worth it if you are looking into doing YouTube videos. With this one it shows you how competitive
your field is with the searches, so how many searches are on that topic. Again, if something’s too popular, if it has
a million results on that topic, again, just not going to get found, so you definitely
want to have something well below that. Maybe under 100,000 would be a good idea,
especially for a newer channel. With that, again, you can put in your topics,
see how many searches there are, and TubeBuddy will let you know your information. If you are a smaller community, like I said
before, you’re probably okay because, A, you’re a smaller community, not as many people doing
that search and, B, how many realtors are doing this? Everybody thinks this is so simple, but nobody’s
doing it, so you’ve got huge potential here. Even on some of the larger cities you might
okay just because of the lack of realtors that are actually doing stuff like this, but
for sure, for the money, I would recommend checking it out because if you do do something
too competitive, again, you just will not be found. Just think of what type of video people in
your community would want to watch and film based off of that and make sure your videos
are structured as well and there are specific points to them. Don’t be jumping from place to place, give
a good, clear picture and just go in depth, explain the schools, what do the schools offer,
what kind of services do they have, what sports programs is there? Different stuff like that that every parent
is going to want to know. Once you’re ready to upload your video, you
just want to make sure you have a clear, catchy title. You want to put in super relevant tags. You’re allowed up to 500 characters, so I
recommend you use as many as you can and also you want to put in a description that is very
descriptive, exactly about what you are talking about in your video. Don’t go too broad. The more super focused and niche you can have
it, the better. From there, just like anything else that I
preach on social media, you want to be consistent. Consistency is huge. With YouTube, you want to have that consistency
of when you’re posting. Just to start, at the very minimum, you want
to do one time a week. If you’re doing any more than that, it can
get overwhelming. Even once a week is quite a bit of a time
commitment, ask me, but once a week and you want to be doing that on the exact same day,
so whether that’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and just let people know
so that they know what to expect from you and that you’re going to be posting a video
every Wednesday just like mine are. You know when to expect my videos to come
out. Then if you do have your program, like TubeBuddy,
you could schedule your videos to go out, so same thing. If they are being posted every Wednesday,
you can have them filmed ahead of time, have them edited and then put them in the queue
so they get posted at the exact same day and the exact same time. If you just give it some time and some patience,
just like anything in social media, trust me, you will succeed. Don’t give up. Now that you know how to get started with
YouTube, but maybe you want some more video ideas, you’re going to want to check out the
link in my description below where I have my guide to my video ideas that have 10 times
my social media leads. If you found this video beneficial, then please
let me know by liking it, subscribing and sharing with anyone else who may find this
beneficial core. Also, comment below with the phrase, I love
YouTube, if you are ready to get going on your YouTube channel and making it grow. Also, don’t forget to check out my prior videos
on video marketing ideas for real estate and filming tips for realtors.

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  1. Hey Shawn, great video and awesome content. Yes, there is a lot more to do than just post videos and wait if you truly want to keep moving and growing.

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