Hunting Del Lobos – Red Dead Redemption 2 SERGIO LEONE Style

Hunting Del Lobos – Red Dead Redemption 2 SERGIO LEONE Style

Bounty Hunter: Don’t you move a muscle! Bounty Hunter: You get them hands up, or I will shoot you dead! Bounty Hunter: Hurry up, dammit! Del Lobo: Hey you.. The Del Lobos are here now, scram!

100 thoughts on “Hunting Del Lobos – Red Dead Redemption 2 SERGIO LEONE Style

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  2. You know those outlaws have family to….mothers fathers etc ..poor outlaws its not their fault just the society their in, poor backrounds etc, lack of proper education….breaks my heart so many lost sons butchered by this crazy bloodthursty killer.

  3. You should use the Cattleman if you cosplay Clint.
    And we all need a bloody poncho, more guns… what the hell Rockstar is waiting for ?

  4. Well done, sir. It's incredible to think that video games could compete with movie industry sooner than later especially with creativity like this.

  5. You should´ve just mentioned Sergio Leone. Or Corbucci or even Peckinpah. Tarantino only rips off from everyone else.

  6. What a masterpiece. I'm lovin your vids. I can tell you have a passion for this thing. It's hard to find good western movies these day but these videos will suffice. Keep up the good work!

  7. Okay the last two rdr2 videos you put out are so aamazing in their own way its out of this world how you put it all together

  8. I was wondering when someone's going to make a RDR2 tribute to Sergio Leone's western trilogy with it's majestic soundtrack! Amazing video! Arthur Morgan – The Good, Micah Bell – The Bad, John Marston – The Ugly!!

  9. Man, 1 month and i still get the same hype from when i watched the first time, truly this is my favorite.

  10. Lol, love the classic The Good The Bad and The Ugly theme and style to the video. Great shit. I am actually gonna watch it again now for the 12th time lol

  11. My character in online is Blondie and has been ever since the online came out. Play tgbandtheugly music in the background when dueling players, it's amazinf

  12. @Voyagers Revenge I know there is a cinematic camera but there are moments you make it look like there is a different camera view may I ask how you do that? Great work btw fantastic camera work

  13. Very well made. If I could only know the name of the song when the action starts. Sounds amazing for this short play.

  14. You are a legend man! The true spirit of RDR2 and Spaghetti Western perfectly melted together! 🤠🐎🌵🔫🔫🔫 Greetings from Italy! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  15. For a good while, I hunted Del Lobos like you did when I was done with the epilogue. Sucks the encounters weren’t as common as they were in the first game

  16. Arthur is more of a unique character and can't really do the other styles.

    John has a more Wild West look to him.

  17. The setting and music gave me hardcore Red Dead Revolver vibes(seeing as that entire game just used existing tracks), very well done.

  18. My mule don’t much like it when people laugh, ya see he seems to get the crazy idea that your laughing at him. So if you apologize, like I know you’re going to, I might let you live.”

  19. Can you do the intro for the movie my name is nobody. That would be cool. You know the song at the start of that movie is one of the best themes ever. Hope you give it a go. ✌🏻

  20. 100% I would love to see a full gameplay of Red Dead 2 what would someone replacing basically all the music and giving Arthur Clint Eastwood's outfit from The Good the Bad and the Ugly

  21. In this world, there are two kinds of games;
    Those who have ponchos, and those who don't.

    This one doesn't have a poncho.

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