I Tried Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes So You Don’t Have To

I Tried Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes So You Don’t Have To

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel and welcome to my first Halloween video of the year. So this year I’m gonna
do my Halloween videos a little bit differently. I’m not really gonna do
any costume ideas, DIYs, anything like that. I wanna do some deep
dives into the weird world of Halloween costumes because there are some weird companies,
there are some weird costumes and just Halloween in general tends to bring out some weird things. So, the first video today we are going to be trying on some of the Halloween costumes from Fashion Nova. If you’ve been on my channel before, you know me and Fashion Nova, we’ve had a bumpy ride together. Some of their clothes I’ve
liked, some of them not. I have been very vocal about my distaste for the amount of
Photoshop they tend to use on their Instagram and
in their product photos. I’ve worn some of the
more questionable items that they sell on their website, but I didn’t even know that
they sold Halloween costumes until someone Dmed me about this and I wish I screenshotted the DM, but I didn’t so whoever you are out there, thank you for this idea because it’s gonna be
weird, let’s get into it. So the first one we have, this is called the Where’s
My Brain At Costume. I got this in a large, extra
large, and it was 59.99. This is supposed to be the
scarecrow from “Wizards of Oz” but sexy but Fashion Nova. The problem is I’m in
between an extra large and a zero X but Fashion Nova, their smallest plus size costume is a 1X, 2X and their
largest standard size costume is a large, extra large. So, we tried a few in
the two different sizes, but I wouldn’t be
surprised if this costume is a little bit too small, but the plus size costumes
could be a little bit too big. So, let’s try this one. What the heck is this costume? Oh my gosh. So first of all, this has no
structure, like the top part, and it’s super slippery
I guess is the word and so if I don’t hold it like this, it literally just falls down,
like completely falls down. So I’m just gonna keep
doing this the whole time which, as you can see,
I am wearing Spanx under because let me just show
you what this looks like under the skirt, can we call it a skirt? This is how high the
crotch goes, excuse me? Like clearly you’re not meant
to wear underwear with this, like it literally goes up
to, this is my belly button. This is how high cut the side is. I just don’t get it, Fashion Nova. (stammering) Also, the butt, excuse me. I don’t understand. I was in this sorority in college, I wore a lot of skimpy outfits
for little themed parties in Halloween, never once
did anyone wear something that literally covered
this much of their crotch. Also, Skyler just pointed
out I’m pretty sure that the material on the
crotch is see-through so you’re not supposed to wear underwear because of the high cut, but then you’re not
wearing underwear, so mhm. I will say, let me focus
on a couple positives. The little hat, real cute,
I like the little hat. The material? Actually soft. It’s kind of silky, the
little ties are cute. The idea of doing the little sleeves, these are actually just
sleeves that you pull up. In the photo I thought they
were attached to the top, but they’re separate and I think that’s actually pretty cute, but this? It’s gonna be a no for me, dog. (laughs) What do I even rate this? This is just such a bad place to start. The quality is actually
okay of just the material. It’s a pretty creative take on
a scarecrow, points for that. The fit and just the construction of this is awful, horrific. And I just don’t know
how to give any points for this kind of coverage, it’s so bad. I’m gonna give this Fashion Nova scarecrow Where’s My Brain At Costume,
which you know what, if I wore this in public, I think I really would be
asking where’s my brain at? Because I could not wear
this in my right mind, so I’m gonna give it, I’d
give it a two out of 10. I can’t even say good try, Fashion Nova. This is just bad all over. Next we have, this is called
the Rabbit Lover Costume which is supposed to be Jessica Rabbit. Obviously they can’t say
that because copyright, but Rabbit Lover is a weird
name to choose in it’s place. I got this one in an extra large and it was 69.99 and then I also bought the one size gloves to go
with it and those were 7.99. So I feel like Jessica Rabbit costumes are a pretty common, sexy
costume for Halloween. So it doesn’t seem like
they extra sexified it, it was just already a sexy costume. So, let’s see it. Okay, so this actually is much better than the scarecrow costume,
I will give it that. I feel pretty cute. So this is actually a corseted top and then a skirt that you wear with it. The corseted top is actually
pretty good quality. It has boning, it has
the ribbon on the back. It’s actually pretty nice, easy to get on. It also has a zipper which is great. The sequins are a little
bit itchy under my arms, but all said and done, not too bad. The slit is so big. This is the biggest slit ever, and at first I thought it was just because I was like, oh, well I got an extra large. Maybe I should of gone with the plus size, but if you look at the photos, the product photos on the website, the slit is this big and they
also really hide the slit in a lot of the photos which
seems very strange to me. Most of the photos are from this angle with just a leg sticking out or they have a strategic
hand placed over it. I don’t know why they
made the slit this big because it is a little bit awkward. Overall, I’m much more
positive about this costume than I was the previous one, I’m feeling better about Fashion Nova now. If you’re showing some leg,
if you’re showing your arms, if you’re showing some
cleavage, it’s a little sexy, but it’s not over the top and it is what the character
wears in the movie, so it makes sense. So I like this one. Like I said, a little bit
itchy, slit’s a little weird, some awkward detailing. So I’m gonna give this
one a seven out of 10. Also if you’re interested
in any of these costumes, I’m gonna be selling
the ones that I bought for this video on my Poshmark. So there will be a link for my Poshmark in the description if
you wanna shop, next one. Next up we have the Call
Her Incredible Costume which is obviously supposed
to be Mrs. Incredible which actually kind of makes sense as like a Fashion Nova costume because if you really think about it, Elastigirl, Mrs. Incredible, she was kind of an OG Instagram baddie. She’s got the slim, thick
figure, the thigh high boots, the full-body spandex suit. I see why Fashion Nova did
an Mrs. Incredible costume. Okay, so I’ve just gotta
say there are a lot of problems with this
costume that we’ll get into, but I feel kind of hot in this. (laughs) Like all said and done, I feel like I could wear this and feel confident and feel cute and you could make it a
couples costume, you know? You could have your Mr.
Incredible with you. It could be a look and,
I mean, it is a look. So first problem is literally bothering me so much right now. The neck is so tight and it’s
this fake leather material and it’s kind of choking
me and I’m a thick girl, but I don’t think I have a particularly girthy neck or anything. I feel like I would get claustrophobic wearing this all night. Speaking of wearing this all night, this is a full-body jumpsuit. It zips up the back and the gloves go on over the top of it. So you’d have to take the
gloves off to take it off. Just imagine you’re in a bathroom, you’re at a bar, you’re feeling cute. You’re like, you know what? I’m gonna break the seal. You go to the bathroom, just imagine trying to get this off and put it back on after having a few drinks on Halloween,
it would be rough. (laughs) And this part, like the top part that’s covering my bra keeps falling down and showing my bra and I
keep having to pull it back and I don’t know how I could
fix that because if I sized up which I do think I could size up in this and I might have a little bit more room, but then this part would just sag more. So that’s an issue, but I
feel like if you really wanted to sell it, you could just wear a red bra and it wouldn’t really matter. Also I am surprised. So I’m wearing the Spanx again so you can see where this cuts and where my Spanx are showing. So it would be showing
a little too much crotch for me personally if I wasn’t wearing them which is why I’m wearing them, but it’s not nearly as bad
as the scarecrow costume. The back also has way
more coverage than I would of guessed for a costume like this. Like I actually would be
comfortable showing that amount especially because you
have the mesh coverage too. Oh, and we just realized
we forgot the mask. Now the ensemble is complete. So I’m gonna give this costume, I’m gonna give it a seven 1/2 out of 10. It actually seems pretty wearable other than the fact that trying to pee in this would be a nightmare and it’s pretty fun, like I like this. I’m not gonna lie, Fashion
Nova did okay on this one. Next up, Fashion Nova really can try to just make anything sexy. This is the Sexy Skeleton Costume. I got this in a 1X, 2X
and it was also 69.99 which seems like Fashion Nova priced 95% of their costumes at $69. I’m just gonna leave
you with I don’t think that’s a coincidence. – Coincidence? I think not. – Okay, so here is the
Sexy Skeleton Costume which is by far the most
comfortable costume. It’s meant to be super tight spandex, but because I got this
one in the plus size and not the standard size when
I’m right in between the two, having that little bit of extra fabric kind of just makes it feel like a soft, comfy pajama jumpsuit. Like it’s still skintight,
don’t get me wrong, but I don’t feel like it’s clinging to me in the same way that it would if I got the large, extra large. The only issue I really
have with this costume is right here where the top cuts, it’s showing a lot of my bra and usually I would
just be like okay, fine. I just won’t wear a bra, but the problem is this is so tight. Wearing something this
tight and formfitting, I do feel like I need to wear a bra and I don’t know what
kind of bra I could wear that wouldn’t show here
because it cuts in so far. I’d probably just wear a black bandeau if I actually was gonna wear this. I feel like I might hold onto this costume because it’s really comfy, but it could still be kind of cute. It’s formfitting, it’s showing my figure. I feel like it’s just a good costume to keep in my Halloween box. If I ever need a last-minute costume and I just wanna be comfy. So this one, I’m gonna
give it an eight out of 10. I feel like we started so low with the Fashion Nova costumes, but the last three have been pretty good. Literally the only issue I have with this is the side cut, but I
like that it’s zippered because you can decide if
you wanna show a little bit or if you don’t. The next costume is called the Plastic And Fantastic Doll,
it’s supposed to be Barbie. This one was also 69.99. I got it in a 1X, 2X. What drew me to this costume
is this isn’t just any Barbie, it’s like 80s workout Barbie
which honestly I think that’s Barbie’s best look. I’ve dressed up as an 80s
workout girl multiple times on Halloween, so I feel like this costume actually could
be good for me, let’s see it. I am so conflicted on this costume because I feel like it’s
objectively a cute idea and looking in the
viewfinder of the camera, I do like the way I look, but I think what I like about this costume is the idea of it, not the actual way that Fashion Nova constructed the pieces and it’s not like this
vision of workout Barbies, like their unique idea. Like this is kind of the Barbie outfit from the Toy Story movies and
I feel like I would rather just get these individual pieces myself that are higher quality
and put the look together, but let’s talk about it. So first of all, I don’t think this is the right size for me. I got this in the 1X, 2X and it’s just a little bit loose
everywhere and when you look at the product photo, it’s
clear that this is meant to be a formfitting
bodysuit, formfitting tights and even the little leg warmers and really loose and keep falling down. I think it’s just a little bit too big, but I worry that if I would of sized down, then it would of been way too tight. So it’s tough to know. The bodysuit itself is
actually pretty good. I like the way that it cuts
low and then there’s the bra, but let’s talk about the bra because the bra is literally
the worst bra I have ever worn. It’s not even really a bra. I tightened the straps all the way to here and I still just have no support. It’s basically a piece of fabric just kind of covering my chest,
but there’s zero support, zero structure and in the product photo, the girl, her boobs are pushed up. This is not a pushup bra. This is like a piece of pink fabric that’s cheaply put together and covers your boobs and that’s it. I think the belt pulls it all together. I like the way that it matches the bra. I would definitely have
to get a different bra to go with this. Also the bodysuit is very high cut, but that’s kind of the style right now and for 80s workout bodysuits. So I just kind of hiked
up my underwear to hide it and I don’t like that you can see the line of my underwear, but the only way to fix that would be not wearing
underwear which is weird and I wanna wear underwear with
my Halloween costume, okay? The mesh tights are pretty
cute, the leg warmers are cute. It’s like seven pieces. It comes with the matching headband and the matching wristbands. Overall the costume is a really cute idea. The sizing’s just a little bit off for me and some of the items particularly, this, are less than desirable I would say. I think I actually am gonna hold onto this and just get a different bra because, again, this would be a really good easy go-to costume
and if I wasn’t comfortable just wearing the bodysuit, I could throw on a cute little pair of neon shorts and it would still work with the outfit. So, I’m gonna give this costume
though a six 1/2 out of 10. I’d give it a 10 out of 10 for idea and for the creativity, but the actual quality is like a three and the fit is like a
four, so it evens out. Now we are going to try the
Devilish Villain Costume. This is supposed to be Cruella Dev Vll. I got this one in a large
extra large and it was 69.99. I feel like some sort
of weird, sexy magician. This is not the vibe that I would say makes me feel more confident. So I think you know what I’m realizing throughout the course of this
video is I don’t mind a good, sexy costume, but like I like
a sexy costume that’s from a sexy character where you’re
just wearing the costume that, that character
wears instead of taking a children’s character
and making them sexy. This is not what Cruella De
Vil wore in 101 Dalmatians. It feels a little wrong. Like sexiness is incredible, I
was just wearing her costume. Sexy Jessica Rabbit,
just wearing her costume. This just feels wrong and I don’t like it. I will say this is the
first Fashion Nova costume that actually felt like
really high quality. Like the material is soft, it’s fuzzy, it’s comfortable, it’s cozy. But the fit and the cut problems of the other costumes before this definitely persist in the
Cruella De Vil costume. I was looking at the product photos and they have the coats
strategically placed like right here because the
cut of this is impossible to wear a bra with but
also to not wear a bra with because it literally
cuts right at the nip. This could not work to wear braless, but also if you wear a
bra, you get this look. So, the only way to actually wear this is to just strategically
hang the coat over it which I feel like is just
not functional and not great. Also, like I said, I feel like it’s not the best representation of Cruella De Vil. It just feels a little weird. Also Carly just pointed out there’s already a rip in these gloves. I mean, they were a little bit tight, but not tight enough to warrant a rip. Like this is just poorly made. Also, I got this costume
in a large, extra large and this is a bodysuit similar to the bodysuit in the
Barbie workout costume and I do think this is too tight. It’s digging into me a little bit here. I just feel like it’s a little bit tight in the torso, but as we
saw with the Barbie one, if I size up, then it’s
just a little bit too big. So, sizing is tough for me. The quality’s not there and
it’s just a little weird. So, I’m gonna give sexy Cruella De Vil from Fashion Nova a four out of 10 and they only get that four because the quality is pretty nice. Our next costume is the
On Your Mark Costume which is a race car driver, but race car driver isn’t
like a copyrighted IP. I don’t see why they didn’t just call this the race car driver costume. Like why it call the On Your Mark Costume? It’s a race car driver, there’s no legality issues about calling it a race car driver, I don’t get it. Anyways, I got this one in a 1X, 2X and it was 49.99, one of the
only ones that wasn’t 69. I hate it, I hate it, I
hate it, I hate it so much. On your mark, get set, no. I do not like this at all. So first of all the quality is really bad. The material, it just feels
very cheaply stitched together and the material is not very comfortable. I’m already getting sweaty in this. I mean, it’s a full-body
pleather jumpsuit. Actually, it’s not full
pleather because the top is mesh and they didn’t include a bra. Like in the photo, the girl’s wearing a bandeau and it doesn’t say bra not included, it just says it includes
jumpsuit, glasses and gloves, but the gloves didn’t come in the box, so they forgot to give
us the gloves apparently. But I don’t really care about the gloves, I care about the fact that it looks like the jumpsuit has some
sort of coverage built in, in the photo but it definitely doesn’t. So, I am wearing this
black tank top under it. I feel like that looks fine. I would of gone with
a bandeau if I had one or if I would of known
I needed to buy one, I could of just bought one,
but they didn’t tell me that. The combo of this being a
full-body pleather jumpsuit and then also it being a
little bit too lose on me because it is in the plus size, causes this weird gathering at my crouch which just emphasizes
the camel toe even more. It’s like a little bit too
loose and long on the arms and the legs, but honestly if I had gone with a large, extra large I
would of been so much hotter and so much more uncomfortable, so I feel like the only way to go is to wear this in a bigger size. Let it be a little bit loose, but then you don’t get
that sexy, skin tight look. Oh my gosh, I’m so sweaty. I’m gonna give this one a three out of 10. The fact that there’s literally
nothing on top, just mesh. The material is so cheap
that it is just kind of like the least flattering jumpsuit and the least flattering
material I can think of. The only plus is that they
think to include the glasses which, honestly, pretty cool. The next costume is called Money Moves which is supposed to be like
dressing up like Cardi B and I think Cardi B costumes
are gonna be really popular this year and like Cardi B
did a line with Fashion Nova, so I’m really not surprised
that they made a costume that was Cardi B. I got this one in a 1X, 2X and
we’re back on that 69 mark. All right, so this costume
is supposed to be Cardi B, but I feel like what
really sells this look in the Fashion Nova photo is the wig and the costume does not include the wig, so I feel like I kind of just look like I’m dressed up like a checker board or honestly this is probably more Cruella De Vil looking than
the Cruella De Vil costume. And I know everyone hates the way I say costume, so I’m sorry. Coshtume. But for real, I think if I had the wig on, it would sell it a lot more just with my natural hair,
it doesn’t really work. But the costume itself, I
really like the silhouette and the fit of this
actually which surprises me because my issue with
most of the other ones was the fit, the silhouette, the length. I don’t really mind this. Obviously it’s really short, but it has the little shorts underneath, so it’s not that bad. It has this little bra top underneath which, again, definitely too small. Especially if this is
supposed to be a 1X, 2X. What kind of 1X, 2X girl is
this piece of fabric fitting? It doesn’t really matter
’cause the overcoat makes it nice and covered. It’s got the little belt which
helps with waist definition. I feel like the silhouette and the look of this costume is actually pretty cute. The material is incredibly cheap though, and it’s super wrinkle-prone, so you would definitely have to iron this or steam this before you wear it and if you sat down or were
leaning against something, I feel like it would get
wrinkled really easily which is kind of annoying,
but you know what? I feel like this is actually
one of the better ones, like add the wig and the sunglasses and I could see this as a Cardi B costume and it’s pretty comfortable,
it’s pretty flattering. There’s not any major construction issues. So I’m gonna give this
one an eight out of 10. I just wish that the
quality of the material was a little bit higher, but it’s a pretty decent
costume, onto the next. And our last costume,
this might be my favorite. This one is called the
Basketball Bunny Babe which is supposed to
be Lola from Space Jam which is one of my favorite
movies of all time. This is another costume that wasn’t really sexified that much from the original cartoon character. Kind of like Jessica Rabbit, like Lola, she was showing some skin or some fur, that’s weird. It was 69.99, I got it in a 1X, 2X. Okay, but this is so sorority girl and so freaking cute, I’m
a big fan of this costume. And look, on the back it
even has the little tail and the jersey number,
this is a really cute look. This would of been like my perfect Halloween costume in college. Like it’s cute, it’s formfitting, it’s showing a little bit of skin but I don’t feel uncomfortable. Easy to pee in, easy to take off. From one of my favorite movies. It’s a good conversation starter, like everyone loves Space Jam. And it’s like a new take
on being a sexy bunny. You still get to wear the
cliche sexy bunny ears. I love this so much. It is such a cute idea and I
actually really haven’t seen anyone dress up as Lola
from Space Jam like ever. So it’s a pretty unique idea. I think the quality of the costume is pretty good as well. These ears do keep falling off, so I would definitely
need to bobby pin them in if I was gonna wear them. I will say this is one of
the only plus size costumes I got that fits like perfectly. I would say this just as
formfitting as I would want. Like even on my legs, it’s pretty tight. Not uncomfortably tight,
but definitely not big. This costume I would say
runs maybe half a size small. So if you’re wanting to get this I would recommend sizing up
if you’re in between sizes. This is a great costume to end on. I’m gonna give it a nine 1/2 out of 10. No, you know what? Nine out of 10, because like I said, it runs a little bit small and the bottoms are a teeny tiny bit see-through, not too bad but you can
kind of see the color of my underwear there, not the best. I’m glad we got to end on a high note since we started on such
a low freaking note. That scarecrow costume was rough. I was like this is gonna
be the worst video, but you know what? It evened out in the end. Fashion Nova’s Halloween
costumes I would say are definitely overpriced
for the most part. Somewhat creative, pretty
sexy, showing some skin and not the best quality
in a lot of the pieces, but I will say I was
pleasantly surprised with some of the costumes, like this one, like the Mrs. Incredible costume,
even the Cardi B costume. Let me know down in the comments if you have ever tried any
Fashion Nova Halloween costumes and what you thought of them and also what you thought of the
ones that I tried on. Did you have the same opinion? Did you not like some of the
ones that I did, vice versa? I love hearing you guys
sound out in the comments and I always read through the comments in the first hour that the video’s up. So if you wanna be part of
that notification squad, be sure to click the bell icon down below and if you’re not subscribed,
hello, please subscribe. It would make my day. Make sure that you guys are
following me on Instagram. You can check out my podcast
and my vlog channel as well linked in the description. And if you wanna shop any of the costumes that I am not keeping, be
sure to check those out on my Poshmark. Okay guys, I think that is
everything that I needed to say for the outro, so be
confident, love your body, and I’ll see you next time, bye! (upbeat music)

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