ILW 39 – Creative & Innovative Product High Value (painting fashion)

ILW 39 – Creative & Innovative Product High Value (painting fashion)

FASHION PAINTING Ajining diri soko lathi lan ajining rogo soko busono. this Javanese proverb implies that one’s honor comes from the tongue (the words) and how to dress. It is true because it is impossible for someone to be respected and respected if someone is not able to respect and respect themselves Related to this, the need for clothes that can show one’s identity is very great demand However, in the current era of globalization and free markets of course as a business actor must be able to create a product that can compete in the market New innovations and creativity are needed in creating a product to meet the needs of these consumers This is what Mr. Yani Mardiyanto and his Nasrafa Gallery produce which is very unique and creative namely fashion painting It turns out that this product is in great demand by local and global consumers With the uniqueness of his painting fashion products the nasrafa gallery’s production of painting fashion is in great demand

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