INSIDE a $115 Million Beverly Hills MEGA MANSION

INSIDE a $115 Million Beverly Hills MEGA MANSION

situated on nearly 10 acres of land
Owlwood represents the most impressive sprawling
estate in Los Angeles my name is Erik Conover and I’m going to take you on a
tour of this one-of-a-kind of states in Los Angeles California this incredible
mansion has nine bedrooms ten bathrooms it is twelve thousand two hundred and
one square feet listed exclusively by Sally Forster Jones and Tamara Friedman
asking 115 million dollars now if you’re already subscribed to my channel you
know that in this series we tour the most incredible luxury apartments in New
York City and we have some pretty ridiculous apartments coming up in
future episodes so make sure to click that subscribe button so today I’m
giving a tour of this one of a kind of States to my good friend Mike Schaffer
Mike what do you think of this property I think the word estate is the perfect
title for where we are right now I mean when you come in to this driveway you’re
going through these gorgeous double gates up this long driveway into this
private secluded grand entrance there’s a water fountain here the size of the
house is impressive enough let alone how much land we are actually sitting on
right now I mean we’re in Los Angeles but I cannot see another neighbor no
matter where I look this is true privacy true luxury and stepping in here really
feels like you’re walking into a piece of Hollywood heritage this is actually
three different pieces of property that have been combined over the years to
make it the largest compound in the area so before we show you the inside of the
mansion I think we should show them the land first yeah let’s let’s tour the
property itself let’s go with this amount of land you can truly
do whatever you want but this estate already comes with some pretty cool
features on site so a quick little hike across the Great Lawn that we arrive at
the on property tennis courts to have a full-size tennis court on the property
really shows how large this place truly is and the fact that it’s hidden from
the rest of the house it feels more like a private Country Club than a home and
that just goes to show you the sheer size of the property that you get when
you spend a hundred and fifteen million dollars and of course no piece of
California real estate is complete without an Olympic sized swimming pool
in your backyard for a little bit of perspective this is
how large an Olympic sized pool actually looks in your backyard to be able to
have an Olympic sized swimming pool on your property usually means it’s gonna
take up a lot of space but the fact is this swimming pool is only a small small
piece of the overall man that you get here so if the full-size tennis court
the Olympic sized pool the sprawling lawn if they weren’t
enough welcome to the guest house slash pool house usually when you think of a
pool house you think of like a shed where you keep towels or maybe a little
bit more than just a bathroom but this is a proper full sized home just to be a
pool house just just to have it the pool house comes complete with an outdoor
eating area it has this guest Family common room whatever you’d like to call
it complete with a fireplace it has an on-site mini kitchen and of course an
extra bedroom in case you want to crash by your pool and just sleep out here for
the night honestly some nights I feel like I would
just sleep out here you have a full kitchen bathroom bedroom you have a
whole home everything you need plus a pool steps away and we haven’t even been
inside the main house yet do you know that jay-z actually threw a granny party
in this house was that jay-z has been here Marilyn Monroe has stayed here this
home was actually owned by cher at one point so welcome to the inside of the AL
Wood estate this feels like I’m walking into a piece of art and you could just
see the craftsmanship and love that went into building this place really look at
all the intricate details of the woodwork on these walls yeah I mean this
is extremely impressive might give that a little push no moving from the grand entrance we
walk into the first sitting room in the back of the house which is really nice
it faces south it’s sun-drenched very warm kind of just a place to greet your
guests when they come to your estate and if you want a little bit more sunshine
these double doors right here lead out into another sitting area and again
because you’re so secluded here you can sit outside and you feel like you’re in
the middle of a forest even though you’re in the middle of Los Angeles
that’s how incredible this property is from this first sitting room back out
into the entrance Mike welcome to the grand living room the first thing I
noticed in here one is the echo how large the space truly is but second it
is the fine details on the crown molding you just don’t really see that kind of
craftsmanship anymore then of course along the center wall you had the
fireplace the heart of this room making our way over to this corner here where
you have be grand a piano this is a home where you’d expect to see Jay Gatsby
over there on the piano playing a tune when you think of that classic Hollywood
era this is what you think of we’re gonna leave this wing of the house walk
across the hallway continue the tour on the first floor welcome it to the formal
dining room in the mansion this is the kind of place to eat where you invite
the top of the industry the top of the game when you have guests that you want
to impress this is the room you bring them to to have a meal every single
square inch of this room is a masterpiece from the gorgeously
intricate woodwork on all of the walls to this incredibly impressive beautiful
marble fireplace and this giant executive oversized gorgeous dining room
table then right off in the formal dining room through these curtains we
have a more casual eating space which is more or less a breakfast nook and I also
love that we moved from these deep wood tones into this white room that has an
incredible contrast between the two spaces again facing south nice and lit
up very good energy in here more replaced to chill out have your morning
coffee and just relax start the day off not only is this dining room beautiful
it’s also very functional through this door here we enter into the pantry where
your chef is going to store all the food all the supplies which is also right
next to the master chef’s kitchen now it’s very interesting to note that this
is the only kitchen in the entire mansion yeah I mean it makes sense when
you are the owner of an estate like this you’re gonna have a staff of cooks and
chefs on-site 24 hours a day making you any meal that you want this house is a
labyrinth and right off of this kitchen area you have the guest wing quarters
where you can have your friends staying your master chef and the rest of your
staff that help you maintain this estate when jay-z threw his huge Grammy party
this is where all the preparation took place this is world the staff was all
the chef’s cooking and preparing it back here behind the scenes from the rest of
the main house right off of the chef’s kitchen down on the lower level we go to
the entertainment room oh this to me feels like the after-hours entertainment
room there’s a couple of couches the pool table a fireplace this is where you
bring some of your closer friends after the party’s over and kind of wind down
the night in this beautiful private area so we’re back to the center of the home
we’re gonna head up this grand staircase to the second floor of this mansion what
immediately strikes me about this area is that the height of the ceiling spans
from the floor all the way to the top of the mansion there’s this gorgeous
chandelier hanging right down the center and this really epitomizes the entire
estate in one room it’s worth noting that this entire wing of the mansion is
the master suite Mike welcome it to the master bedroom
one of the main things to point out is the level of intricate detail on the
woodwork above all the windows like you don’t see that anywhere anymore do you
even see there’s a face carved in Jack corner this is not a place for a regular
person this is for someone who has earned the level of glovesy that you get
when you purchased this home moving through this door we enter the master
bathroom which is decked out to the nines with
period pieces you have the gold accents on the tub and the sink over here with
the dark marble making our way from the bathroom to the powder room decked out
with mirrors all over the wall continuing on around to the walk-in
closet back out into the main bedroom area walking through this passageway to
the living room that is in the master wing of this house this could also serve
as an office area again the sunlight pouring in from the south and then you
have the balcony here where these floor-to-ceiling doors open up with a
view of the woods of the estate Mike from the living room we go through
another passageway and I want you to open this door right here Wow so this is
an authentic six foot tall safe that has bolted it to the beams of this structure
this property is sung for 115 million dollars and you know for sure the person
that has that type of money is going to want to have a bit of an insurance
policy this is it additionally on the second floor there are two more of the
nine bedrooms that come in this mega mansion now this home is very specific
it’s from a very distinct time period in history and it’s gonna take a very
specific buyer to purchase this property now if you had a hundred and fifteen
million dollars to buy the out of state what would you do with this place would
you buy it as is and leave everything the same would you renovate the entire
house or would you buy it just for the land we’re curious to know so comment
down below what you would do thank you again for watching another episode and
with that we will see you in the next one bye let’s go

100 thoughts on “INSIDE a $115 Million Beverly Hills MEGA MANSION

  1. $115,000,000.00 dollars. My opinion. You don’t need it. If you do then you are sorely lacking in some aspect of your life.

  2. If I had the money to buy this house I would not buy this house I would buy this house and if I didn’t move in after I moved in I would move in before I had the money after i owned the house before. The living room is before I moved in and how I would want to cook my dinner before a football match after I went to the supermarket for tomatoes.

  3. WOW ITS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I cannot thank God enough for my beautiful friends. I don't know exactly what is going on in my life but I would definitely love helping people and different forms of life. I would DEFINITELY love to help find a cure for Pediatric Cancer and help the sick children live happier lives while Ill. If i owned it i would sell it and help different organizations. WOW IT'S GORGEOUS. I would LOVE HELPING ALL OF LIFE AND HELP WITH ALL PEDIATRIC ILLNESS.

  4. Just a question because i have no idea, how much the land alone would be? I know its beverly hills but still… Because the house alone should be 20m max in other states

  5. Amazing historical home but not worth $115 mil. and I think if it sales anytime soon it will be under $100 mil. Because if you have that much money your not paying for the home, your paying for the privacy. Whoever buys it will probably either demo the home (if they have no respect for the history of the home) or will probably renovate to their personal style and taste…..I hope it goes to some one who appreciates the history and only does minor renovations to things like the bathrooms….

  6. lol a shitty overprice property. a fuking ugly house of 34 million on a land of 20 million. why they ask 115' dont know

  7. Buy, then renovate parts of it.
    A big LA family would be great living here for sure, hence the renovations. Else, whats the point?

  8. LOOKS SOOOO 70S & 80S-ish ..all that hall ways after hall ways ,wood walls & dark wooden hallways to this & to that, woody wood packer house , decades old basic furnitures & style, if i buys it, i would tear it down a sec , i JUST ONLY LOVE THE AMOUNT OF THE REAL STATE, is amazing , man i can built MUCH BIGGER mansion & BIGGER in everything , water falls/ HUGE pond alotsss TO built there & play with, make it like paradise for royals … looks like Dynasty flash back… nahhhhh JAY-Z can keep it forever lol

  9. If I buy this property I wouldn't change a thing because this is a piece of history, classic Hollywood and like you guys said about the crown moldings that you don't see that kind of craftsmanship anymore that makes me not want to change anything because it's really beautiful. But then for me it's scary to live there, haha.

  10. Me: How many people live here?
    Erik: The family of 4 or 5 people.
    Me : How they can find each other! ( While i'm walking and disappear in sunset Lol)

  11. I dunno why but I like it more when you show luxury apartments of New York. And specially in this time of the year. New York always reminds of Christmas.

  12. Wow this home is beautiful! We shoot and edit real estate videos, would love for you to check out our channel!

  13. It's a shitty house no one buys crap ancient homes like this no more the last person to buy a house like this was back in 1935

  14. Plus this house will have structural problems cause of were it is positioned were it has been built is wrong give it 6/10 years u wil get major cracks ruñing up the side of this house

  15. I just clicked on this video to comment that I’m not going to watch this shit ‘cuz I’m gonna be jealous that this 115 million dollar house will be out of my reach no matter how hard I work for the rest of my life. Later.

  16. People now a days want a modern mansion. Most People who love ancient mansion like that are way back 40years ago. 😥😭

  17. Leave it as is. Beautiful. And it was done tastefully. The main house will age well–as it has–from one generation to the next in architectural style and interior design. Minor aesthetic upgrades (and technological) might need to be here and there over future generations.

  18. I feel like 115 million dollars could go a whole lot further than this home. But I know people who buy homes this expensive are just trying to find places to put their money in that appreciates.

  19. This house is so beautiful compared to the ugly 1Billion USD house owned by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. He should have considered buying these type of house

  20. you couldnt pay me to stay in this place. i dont think anyone would buy this to live in. the value of the land far outweighs the home itself.

  21. Fue fact: Real Estate firm Woodbridge acquired this property for $90 million then tried to sell it for double that price in 2017. Years later in 2019, one of its cofounders, Robert H. Shapiro, was arrested for operating a $1.3 billion Ponzi scheme. He was sentenced to a maximum 25 years in prison.

  22. I'm pretty sure I can get another mansion with whatever the maintenance costs would add up to 😂 which would guaranteed be close to $5-6 mills

  23. People must be really stupid to buy a 12000sqft home for $115mil. If I’m going to spend that much money, I’m going to have my house built and it be 50000sqft+. California is starting to get ridiculous with these prices, plus the lack of quality for the houses they are putting these obscene prices to.

  24. You want $115M for this old junk with 12k sqft? You're kidding me. I wouldn't buy this house for half that price, how about that?

  25. With out a doubt this is one of the best examples I've seen of the most prime for new construction tear-downs in the "platinum triangle"…….I think I'll take it!

  26. I would knock the house down and start over, this place is from another era, old and tacky looking. For $115 million there are alot of better options, I wouldn't need all that land, what would you do with all that land anyways?

  27. There is no way that is an Olympic sized pool, which would be 50 meters long. There is nothing to use for a good size reference, but that appears to be about 25 meters if I were guessing, which is still a very large pool, just not Olympic sized.

  28. Resource Pig…just cause you can afford it, doesn't mean you can use the water resources and fuel requirements to keep the lawn green and cut. This estate is a twisted perversion of the Tragedy of the Commons, hogging the resources of the commons

  29. It's an old Hollywood estate. My guess, the person who buys it wants the land, court, and pool. They knock down the old house and put up a modern. My guess this house sells for below asking but not much below because 10 acres in L.A. is a ton of land.

  30. Last sold for $90 Million then soon put back on the market for $180 Million as a "development project" Now it's back on the market again for $115 Million and it transpires it is owned by Robert Shapiro, who was arrested for fraud? Seems legit…
    Side note – It's not in Beverly Hills, it's in Holmby Hills. And even though it's a stone throw away from Beverly Hills, it's a massive difference, you don't get Beverly Hills fire or police department (whose average response time is 2.6 minutes, LAPD is 10x that, on a good day) and the many other services/luxuries Beverly Hills has to offer. If I were buying this place I'd want to buy the 2 properties to the east (the furthest away one being in Beverly Hills) making it an even larger property in hopes it could all be classed as being in 90210 if I changed the entrance. And if I had the money to do all of that, I'd tear the entire property down and build my dream estate.

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