Inside Anaïs Bouchard’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

Inside Anaïs Bouchard’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

I’m Anaïs Bouchard, I’m from Paris,
I’m a French teacher and pianist. I started campaigning for brands,
then I was a showroom model for a few years, and now I keep doing it on Instagram. If I had to define my style,
I would say elegant and eclectic. I love combinations. In fashion, I like creativity,
adventure and risk-taking. At school, I was laughed at quite a bit
for the crazy combinations I wore. But I also like simplicity. For example, if I go out, I wear quite wide, high-waisted pants
with a blouse tied at the waist, unbuttoned because I like the sexy side. I love painting, it liberates me. I love working with colors too,
just like with fashion actually. I let myself go when I’m painting or drawing. My relation to music is intense, that is,
I couldn’t go a day without my headphones. I love broken rhythms, five beat rhythms, music in which we get lost,
in which we lose all our bearings. It actually fascinates me. I love not understanding what I’m listening to. My favorite composer is Rachmaninov. I could sing every prelude by heart. I really couldn’t do without the piano,
it’s been feeding me since I was a little girl. Back then, I was listening to classical music
discreetly in bed. My boyfriend is a geologist
and he spends his summers in the mountains, in the Mont Blanc massif,
between 3,000 and 4,000 meters above sea level. Sometimes I go with him…
well I actually often go with him. We find many fluorites,
amethysts, tinted quartz. Despite the risk-taking,
it’s a fascinating thing because we completely cut ourselves
off the world. It’s like we’re on another planet. We’re out of everything
and there’s not a living soul. It’s a different universe.

50 thoughts on “Inside Anaïs Bouchard’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

  1. I finally understand it’s called une fille, un style because they show literally only one style and one type of girl

  2. i can’t tell if vogue purposely stages these videos so they all turn out the same or are all french models just walking cliches

  3. L’équipe de Vogue,

    ARRETEZ DE SUBLIMER CETTE « FÉMINITÉ ALANGUIE », socialement restreinte géographiquement et socialement. C’est limite chronophage de votre part de mettre en avant de tels CLICHÉS à l’heure où l’opinion publique se réveille avec sa bien-pensance féministe. Arrêtez de véhiculer cette béatitude misérable devant le beau et le propre et Le « Parisien ».

    Ça suffit. Renouvelez vous.

  4. Dites donc cette obsession de Vogue pour les Parisiennes photocopiées et le style "à la française" n'en finit pas, il serait peut-être temps d'aller trouver l'inspiration ailleurs les gars

  5. Okay mostly is the 'same girl' but this one has something original. She's a classical musician and you don't find that often nowadays.

  6. Belle historie, elle est élégante. Une partie de ce qu'elle a dit j’ai identifié. Keep it up VOGUE 💕

  7. I think it's rather misleading to put the title as Parisian apartment coz i saw more highlight towards the clothes she s wearing rather than showing the details of the apartment.

  8. Here's the formula for every one of these videos, effortlessly shallow: Slow motion shots, gauzy fades, subject reading books (Books! No phones. Reading like it's 1995!), and confessing via voice over: "I like simplicity" while trying on $1500 boots and showing us around an apartment literally five people can afford in Paris. Then various shots of books, nicks nacks, subject drinking tea or coffee in slow mo, cat wandering through the frame. Finally some absurdity like "My boyfriend hikes in the Atlas Mountains while I fondle crystals" or "I love Charlotte Rampling and Kate Moss!" These things are parody, honestly, inadvertent parody.

  9. why all the negativity in the comments? yeah this vid is staged just like everything else on this channel or the modelling industry in general, is it so shocking? it is not claiming to not be staged, it's obviously filmed as a short movie. just appreciate the beauty of it, that's all to it

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