Inside Cyrielle Gulacsy’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

Inside Cyrielle Gulacsy’s Parisian apartment | Une Fille, Un Style | Vogue Paris

My name is Cyrielle Gulacsy, I’m an artist, I work mainly with paint, but recently also with volume
and with more moving components. My parents are both architects, so basically they were the ones
who put pencils in my hands. I liked it straight away
and this passion just grew over time. I’d say my work is about reality, a reality that is not necessarily recognizable
to the human eye nor perceptible. Right now, I’m working on light: how space and distance alter it,
how space can also distort it and how the material that it is
made of, which is inaccessible, could reveal itself
if we were able to observe it. Pointillism, at first,
was a technique that I used more because I liked the way
it created substance, how it created contrast
and that the substance itself, in part, is made up of atoms and particles. It has become normal to use this technique
to represent it. Now it’s really part of the subject. It’s as if I recreated the space between our eyes and the rim of the atmosphere that touches
the void in substance and in layers of dots which are all the photons we can’t see. It’s a kind of poetic way
of representing this aspect of reality which is invisible but fascinates me. I try to convey it in my work. When I draw, I get into a bit
of a meditative second state, because of how precise and slow I am and I have to be patient and focus. I dress fairly simply, pretty basic clothes I feel comfy in. I like not having
to ask myself too many questions. when I choose my outfit. I’ll grab a T-shirt or a blouse
and some jeans or trousers, and if they’re stained, they’ll be for work, and if they aren’t,
I’ll go out with them or wear them for everyday life. I try to choose things
that will last over time. I prefer quality. I’ve had these Timberlands for a little while
now that I wear with everything, because they’re sporty
and classy at the same time. Otherwise I wear sneakers for work. This apartment is also where I work. It was essential to me
that it was a place where I felt good. Almost everything in the apartment
is from the Bon Coin, from the French Le Bon Coin
or the Belgian Bon Boin, or whatever it’s called there. I really like handmade ceramics and I have a friend who has a shop
in the neighborhood called DongXi, and I go to see her often
because I know she carefully selects objects made by craftsmen, and I like the fact that it’s a little local shop, she chooses everything herself
and that’s it. Among the artists who inspire me,
I like James Turrell, Miró, Sol LeWitt, Agnes Martin, as well as Stephen Hawking
and the Hubble Telescope.

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  1. I actually think she’s great. The back story behind her work is incredibly interesting. People need to back off a bit.

  2. I adore this video and this woman! I am experimenting with Pointillism as well and my favorite work of art is the Hubble telescopic deep field photograph that shows endless galaxies. That image changed my life.

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