Inside Nine Luxury Homes With Massive Closets

We’re counting down nine of the craziest
closets you’ve ever seen. We’ll show you what’s inside Instagrammer
Dan Bilzerian’s walk-in, take you for a spin inside Celine Dion’s diva-sized closet,
and get you a VIP tour of the number one mega closet in America which is way more over-the-top and all the rest. Get ready for some serious closet envy starting with number 9. It’s inside the largest home in the Hollywood Hills. A $43.9 million mega-mansion with a master suite that’s 2,800 square feet. This room is bigger than my entire two-bedroom apartment in New York City. That’s crazy. But the reason why we’re here is this walk-in. It’s a massive closet and dressing room
designed in Italy. How do you say closet in Italian? It’s guarda roba. Can you say that? Uh no. I think the word here is just “closet goals.” That’s for sure. Now check out the floor-to-ceiling windows. Even your clothes have an amazing view of LA. If I was getting dressed in here I would need some blinds on those windows. When did you get so shy? I’m not getting dressed in front of all of LA. Now for closet number eight. It’s inside this $50 million mega mansion in Beverly Hills which was the childhood home of Gigi and Bella Hadid. But the closet that made this list is inside their dad’s master bedroom. This is Mohamed Hadid’s master closet. It looks like a department store there’s like a section for watches, a section for
clothes, and even a section for shoes. It’s pretty amazing. Now for closet number seven. It’s inside this $40 million mega mansion on what’s called “Billionaires Row”
in Manalapan, Florida. It was once owned by the former CEO of Patron, Ed Brown,
and his wife, Ashley. Ashley: I’m still pinching myself I cannot believe this is my closet. Ashley, we can’t believe it’s 1,500 square feet. It’s got cool lighting, lots
of shelves, and it’s overflowing with clothing and designer heels. Next up, closet number six. It’s in Switzerland, inside this massive house
that was once the most expensive home for sale in the country. It has seven levels. But the walk in that got it
on this list, is on the top floor inside the master suite, behind a wall that slides
open to reveal: not the biggest closet, but definitely one of the most
over-the-top. The walls are painted in 24K gold, there’s even a skylight in here. OK, let’s keep this moving. We’re going to closet number five. It’s inside this 31,000 square foot mansion in Bel Air. Notorious Instagrammer Dan Bilzerian lives and parties here. He turned this
place into a home base for his marijuana empire and posts it all over social
media. Up in his master suite, Dan transformed one of his walk-in closets into a showroom for his six-figure bong collection. It’s filled with hand-blown
glass pipes and some of them cost as much as a car. Bilzerian says he paid
around $30,000 for this one. Fun fact: Before it was the bong room, it was actually home to his partially paralyzed cat named Slitherpuss. Closet number four is in Delray Beach, Florida. Inside this nearly $19 million
mega-mansion. The super closet we’re here to see is upstairs. We asked the broker,
Senada Adzem, to give you the grand tour of her client’s massive walk-in. This is a master suite that’s fit for royalty and instead of a red carpet, the owners
wanted this beautiful white mother-of-pearl inlay. And if you think this is exquisite, wait until you see what they did in their closets. Let me show you her closet. If you can even call it a closet because in fact it was
inspired and designed after a Chanel boutique. We have Dior, we have Louis Vuitton, we
have Chanel and of course you have to have space for your accessories. So your
pearls are right here for those elegant evenings and of course your sunnies for
your sunny Florida days. Oh my god… you know you got it made when you have a ladder in your own closet. The owner is a huge fashion connoisseur. Obviously she’s extremely organized and color-coordinated and she loves the same
brands that I do. And we don’t have to go very far for closet number three, it
happens to be in the very same house You saw her closet now it’s time to see his. What I really want to show you is behind these closed doors.
It is his closet which he also calls the Air Jordan room for obvious reasons. Just like his wife, this owner has an impeccable taste in
shoes. What I was surprised by is that not one of these shoes has ever
been worn. He actually, is so proud. He has a completely different closet for the shoes he wears every day. He felt like he truly made it when he could have all of his 300 pair of
immaculate collectible Air Jordans on display. The owner told me that this is
his dream come true. Closet number two is also in Florida, on Jupiter Island. This is Celine Dion’s mega home. Forget the giant water park she built in the backyard, and wait till you see the diva- sized closet she built in her master suite. CNBC’s Robert Frank got a tour of Celine’s six-figure closet. This was just before she sold a place for $28 million. This is like the James Bond shoe area. How many shoes fit in here? 586 pairs of shoes.
This is her closet and quite possibly one of the most modern and revolutionary
private closets you’ll ever be in. The crazy part is that’s just one wing of
her closet. So this must be the gown area. Really, this is for your sort of everyday
ensembles. Okay. If you wanted to access your deeper parts of your closet, you would
come here. The deep closet? That’s what they use in my dry cleaners. That’s what they use in my dry cleaners, too. There’s another area just for displaying
perfumes and sunglasses. And this wall of drawers doubles as a safe that housed
Celine’s jewelry collection. The only way inside is the touch of Celine’s
fingerprint. And I know this for sure because I tried to use my finger on it
and didn’t work. And now for closet number one. It’s just outside of Houston,
Texas, inside this house where we meet Theresa Roemer. Welcome to my closet or
better known as my “she cave.” I’ve been tagged as the woman with the largest closet in the world so I guess if that’s the title they want to give me I’ll take it. I’m a Neiman Marcus girl and so I wanted my closet to look like you were
walking into a little miniature Neiman Marcus boutique. Her closet is three stories and 3,000
square feet. There’s a floating staircase in the middle of it. And Theresa loves
champagne so she even put a bar in here. I love her. It cost me about $500,000
to do the closet alone. It was my budget for the house and I spent that on just the closet. The first floor is wall-to-wall handbags. I spy some Louis Vuitton and Hermes on the shelves. Good eye. I’m a big fan of Hermes. It’s just hard on my husband’s checkbook sometimes. I’ll bet. So is the designer shoe collection she keeps upstairs. So this is about the area where when my friends get to, their jaws go… Girls immediately go, “Oh my god, I’m home!” They’re just like, “What size are you? I’ll borrow a pair.” And I’m like, “No.” Of course you’re gonna see Valentino and Prada, Fendi, Miu Miu, Gucci,
every designers up here I love Christian Louboutin.
I own over 75 pairs of his shoes. I’ve actually had dinner with him before because I own so many of his shoes. My husband hates to hear me say this but if you take $2,800 as an average price times 75, that’s a nice whopping big number. And my husband’s like, “really… you’ve spent that much?” Oh honey, they’re just shoes! Alright, hold on a second, I just want to do some quick math. So Theresa spent more than $200,000 on just the Louboutins. Yeah she did. And she may joke about her
husband’s checkbook, but the truth is before Theresa met him, she owned her own chain of health clubs and was a self-made millionaire. So she’s an entrepreneur and a shopaholic. A serious shopaholic. That’s a $10,000 gown, I definitely want a bigger closet. Maybe 3,000 square feet is not big enough yet or maybe I need about a 6,000 square-foot closet. We let Theresa know her closet
came in at number one and how cool is this, she sent us a video: O-M-G! Oh my god I’m so excited. Thank you so much Ray and Jessi for choosing my closet to be number one. What an honor. I guess I actually even beat out Celine Dion and Dan Bilzerian I mean like so sorry Celine,
but you know what that means? It means I’m still the reigning queen of closets So I think it’s time we take some
champagne and celebrate. And here’s a closet that didn’t make the list. Definitely not. So Jessi is about to give
us a tour of her closet. Hello! Hi Jessi. Come on in! So just off the master suite which is my entire
studio apartment, let’s show you my walk-in closet. Come on in. So I… I’m pretty sure this used to be a bedroom for maybe a twin size bed? Wow, for real? Yeah and I converted it
into a walk-in closet. There’s a dresser… I’m gonna have to move I’m gonna have to
move so now we can get another angle. This is the dresser, what do you have in
here? I’m afraid to open the drawer. There’s some t-shirts. There’s a t-shirt section because Theresa Roemer has sections in hers. You can see how everything’s beautifully folded. This is an armoire. What is that, like gowns? Uh, Celine has gowns. I keep cleaning supplies. Wow. Theresa also has a jewelry case under lock and key. So does Celine Dion. So does Jessi Joseph. This is my jewelry case. Should we be showing that? It could be a security issue. Believe me it’s not. Let me show you where I keep my clothes. But wait, you’re gonna move
over here to get a better angle. This is where I keep the gowns Okay, this is the deep closet. Mm-hmm yeah. Theresa had a wall of purses — Birkins. This is my purse. Tory Burch. Sweet.
Designer… as for the wall of Louboutins this is my wall of mostly boots and
running shoes. One, two, three four, five, six and a half… seven, eight… that’s a steamer. Nine, ten, eleven… twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,
seventeen, there’s my boyfriend’s… seventeen eighteen, nineteen… with an average of
fifty dollars. Yeah. So let’s say twenty you’ve spent a whopping $1,000 on shoes. Wow, that’s a lot. Thanks for having us in your closet. You’re welcome, now get the hell out. Let us know which closet was
your favorite in the comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe, share, you
know all that stuff.

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