Introducing Style Detection for Cloud Vision API

Introducing Style Detection for Cloud Vision API

[music] Google Cloud Vision is a powerful image analysis tool delivered through an intuitive API. Cloud Vision recognizes and understands a broad set of entities inside of an image. It can read text, human emotions, and even knows that this mango is with high confidence a mango. But at Google, we take moonshots. So we thought: could these APIs do more? The idea came one day when Miles said to me . . . Michele, does this look too normcore to you? And I…I had no idea. Today, we’re sharing the newest feature of the Cloud Vision API: Style Detection. Now, Vision can tell you not what clothes you’re wearing, but what that might say about you. Imagine fashion based on data, not feelings. That would be a better dressed world. [music] We knew we needed experts for this project. So we invited fashion consultants even elite teenage bloggers to help us figure this out. Style is intangible, enigmatic even. It’s not just about patterns or pleats or when to wear white. Style is an art, it’s an instinct. Can it be taught? Uhh, I don’t know. There’s eco chic and boho chic and geek chic… Fuzzy. Goth. Hyper-goth. Those are good. There’s a whole chic list! Like humans, teaching machines takes time. And the larger the training corpus, the better our predictions will be. We’ve analyzed millions of images. A-line skirts, fedoras, you name it. Our mantra here at Google is to launch early and iterate. So that’s exactly what we did on this project. [music] We set up a live testing environment in order to analyze [hairspray spraying] an even more diverse set of personal styles. We made adjustments when needed and fine-tuned the algorithm as our training corpus continued to grow. [music] We discovered that fashion exists, not just in the streets, but in the clouds. This is a new beginning in fashion history. We’re excited to bring Style Detection to the world. Because fashion touches all of us. You only get a few chances to make a first impression. Sign up for the alpha today.

42 thoughts on “Introducing Style Detection for Cloud Vision API

  1. So glad this API is finally coming out. It'll be really useful in the app I'm working on, that sends you a text message notification if a sorcerer stole your phone and is taking too many selfies.

  2. This joke is funny because it will happen one day. Cheap augmented reality will bring about a real democratization of interactive visual analysis.

  3. Omfg EVIAN BOUTEILLE D'EAU!! Lmao basically Evian water is her name. Had me dying 😂😂😂😭😭

  4. why is this a joke? sounds totally achievable, when engineers decide to stop wearing jeans w/ gray tshirt.

  5. They want you to believe this is April fool joke ! But the Hidden message is that this is going to be real in coming years and your Phone image will tell you and give you rating / suggestion to improve on your clothes you purchased .

  6. The weird this is this isn't that much of an odd prank.. since I have a Computer Science professor who specializes in computer vision and HAS ran tests seeing if.. pretty much this was possible. I think results weren't bad either. Though she did have fewer categories.

  7. Google, spend a little less time trying to be funny, and a little more time making you cloud SDK install seamlessly ….

  8. before I realized that this is fake I have already pitched this to our PM, she thought thats a great idea, now i have to build it. and figure it out myself ! thank google and fuck you !

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