Kansai-style Sukiyaki Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Kansai-style Sukiyaki Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, let’s cut the ingredients. Cut the yaki dofu, grilled firm tofu into bite-size pieces. Remove the stems of the shiitake mushrooms. Next, cut the caps into bite-size pieces. Remove the stem ends of the enoki mushrooms. Then, tear the enoki into small pieces. Slice the white part of the spring onion leaves using diagonal cuts. Cut the green part into 5cm or 2 inch pieces. Slice the onion perpendicular to the grain into 1.5cm or half inch slices. Now, cut the ito konnyaku noodles in half. Heat a pot of water and place the konnyaku into it. Lightly simmer the ito konnyaku for about 30 seconds. This will help to remove the excess water and absorb the broth later. Remove and strain the konnyaku in a mesh strainer. And now, let’s cook the sukiyaki. Heat the beef fat in a pan on medium heat and coat the bottom with the oil. Reduce the heat and add the sugar. Distribute the thin beef slices. When the beef is half cooked, drizzle on the soy sauce. Then, quickly beat the egg in a bowl. Flip the beef slices over and combine the sugar and soy sauce. Dip the beef into the egg and enjoy the meat! Now, place the beef on the edges of the pan. The caramelized sugar makes the additional ingredients more delicious. Add the yaki dofu, ito konnyaku, shiitake, enoki mushrooms, onion and spring onion leaves. Finally, add more beef slices. Adjust the heat frequently and keep it below medium heat. If the ingredients come close to burning, pour in a little sake to cool things off. Now, sprinkle some sugar onto each ingredient. Drizzle on the soy sauce. Pour the sake over the ingredients. Turn the heat to medium and occasionally flip the ingredients over to cook evenly. If you can’t use sake, reduce the heat to as low as possible and avoid adding water to keep the ingredients from getting watery. Now, we will show you how to add the ingredients to the sukiyaki. For example, adding the spring onion leaves. Sprinkle on the sugar. And add the soy sauce. Combine the seasonings, and the spring onion leaves are ready. And now, add the udon noodles. Add a small amount of sake, sugar and soy sauce. Allow the udon to absorb the remaining sauce and enjoy it with the egg. You might think that seasoning each ingredient with the sugar and soy sauce is a cumbersome process but it will make it easy to achieve the best flavor. Good luck in the kitchen.

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  1. 私もすき焼きが大好きです。お母さんは材料を準備してから私が焼きます。関西風が私にやっぱり口に合います。Cooking with Dog の動画おかげですき焼きを美味しく食べました。ありがとうございます^_^

  2. In theory, it's safe to eat raw eggs in Japan cus of the farm facility etc. And it's not safe in NA (did my fair share of research). But I do it all the time in Canada anyway cus I'm a fatass. Hahahhaha

  3. i found ito-konnyaku (or should I say "linguine", as it says on the package) in the supermarket so I'm exited to try some recipes 🙂 I only know it from your recipes 🙂

  4. I hadn't tried raw egg before I went to Japan but when I tried sukiyaki with raw egg in Japan it was sooooo delicious.

  5. Other people complaining about the raw egg are too culture shock if you don't like it then don't do it .. find another alternative shit -.-

  6. Eggs in Japan isn't as scary as it might be in other countries, the government is very careful about making sure farmers keep salmonella out of their chickens, mostly because a lot of meals in Japan can involve raw egg

  7. i can’t stand kansai method in all food preparation. they are just too sweet. i prefer warishita with high quality marin and soy sauce without sugar. the sugar destroys everything including nutrition.

  8. Oof.. it does look delicious, but eating raw eggs can be dangerous! You could wind up with Salmonella. Gotta be careful

  9. すき焼きて食欲そそりますね。私も料理してます。「男の料理旅」です。よければみてくださいね。うまい。

  10. 저 푸들 완전 고통 아니냐… 먹고 싶은데 못 먹고..
    주인은 만들면서 겁나 맛있게 드시고…ㅋㅋㅋ

  11. Chef and Francis got me onto Kansai-style sukiyaki and now it's my favourite type of sukiyaki to do at home. I have to admit that I went through a period where I CRAVED Kansai-style sukiyaki and almost had it every week. But because the meet was so expensive, I would sometimes just have it without the meat (I know! But I was desperate for the sauce).

  12. Chef I do not use alcohol. What is the real function of sake in recipe and if I could change for some other non-alcoholic ingredient or just leave it out of the recipe? Please, take me a hand about it.

  13. The ONLY thing I dont understand is the DIPPING of the meat into the beaten EGG???
    I'm going to have to try it…. GREAT YOUTUBE CHANNEL – LOVE THAT DOG!!!

  14. That dog must go crazy with all those amazing smells right next to him! I hope he gets some of the scraps from time to time 🙂

  15. My wife said she did not realize the video was speaking English until 4 minutes into the video! LOL really great and sweet content!

  16. Her food looks amazing. What I love about her cooking is the fact that it looks so beautifully arranged even in the pan. What I would do to be able to afford beef of that quality 🙁 It's certainly available in the U.S., but YOU WILL PAY for the privilege!

  17. The videos are of very good quality, I've watched a couple of them with great joy. But the accent of the narrator kills me. I would prefer the narration in Japanese and hard subtitles in English. Thank you and good luck anyways.

  18. When she dipped the beef into the eggs and ate it I was shook lol I thought she was going to re-fly it or something until I realized that in Japan it is perfectly safe to eat raw eggs

  19. My mother made hers a bit different and some different ingredients. Could have been where she was from and what we had available in the USA. Still looks yummy.

  20. I've just graduated and am jobless at the moment. Would you like hire me to do the English voiceover for your videos? Haha

  21. Cooking with dog…………
    I nearly threw up at first. Then I saw the dog speak and not from the pot. 🤣

  22. l have always thought Francis is the woman's husband. Only now then l realize Francis is the dog, that voiceover in the process.

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