100 thoughts on “Kendall Jenner: Original 1D Super Fan?

  1. I have rarely, if ever, seen a more beautiful human guest host a talk show more perfectly. Sir Styles blew me away. All of you stunning humans out there can decide the meaning of my words however you wish! When it comes to this perfect 10 human I will happily lean over and apologize to my parents. Haha! #I'mStraightAsAnArrowButDTFHarryStylesAnyDay

  2. Kendal is on the flatter side but still very beautiful. props to her for not augumenting her body into Oblivion like Kylie

  3. OK NOW FOR YOU THREE!!! NOW LISTEN UP YOU 3 ZELDA'S CLASS AND TEIR ARE now FIRE FIGHTERS this is so you dont get yourselves killed!!!!!!!

  4. Kendall keeps trying to initiate something as if they dated and Harry being the aquarius he is.. Keeps shutting it down 😂😂😂

  5. Have loved his voice since his days on the x-factor. Still think it’s pretty sad he can’t be himself and has to date these women for his image. He is gay and it’s a common known secret around the industry just not coming out because his managers and producers I assume fear he will loose popularity. Which always amazes me because it’s not like any of us girls ACTUALLY have a chance with him.

  6. i'm glad even tho hendall has ended these two are still friends and is comfortable even in a talk show together, not all is like that and plus, they look better just as friends they're so adorable

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