Kristina Makeeva: Imagination Unbound— – SmugMug Films

Kristina Makeeva: Imagination Unbound— – SmugMug Films

The term I hear most when describing my
photography is magic. And anyway that’s how I feel about it
too. Of course magic…it’s a vague term. It’s
intangible but I feel it can be found anywhere, at any moment. Maybe it’s in a
look or a gesture or the way sunlight dances. It’s this sense of my dream since I hope
creates a feeling that nothing is impossible
and that anything can become your magic carpet. I’m Kristina Makeeva, and I’m a
photographer. The first time I visited Lake Baikal inspiration just poured out of me. As someone who grew up in gray, dull
suburbs of Moscow I often allowed myself to fall into fairy tales. I would lose
myself and stories of fantasy and far-off places and the influence on me
and my creativity can be seen in my pictures today. Baikal is the deepest
lake in the world 600 kilometers long and in the middle of Siberia it freezes
over and becomes a clear blue crystal-like ice. Baikal is a very beautiful place but
it’s also a very spiritual one. It has energies that you can feel
it has a transcendental element that really drives my creativity. It’s another
world and one of my favorite places on Earth. For this shoot, we’ve commissioned a designer to create a custom dress with special materials that reflect the natural
beauty of the landscape. I want the clothing in my photographs to
be larger than life. Grand, ornate, as if from a fairytale. To me the fabrics and flowing materials
is an art unto itself. Each day we’ll scout locations and stay
out on the ice for long hours possibly all day. “Lunch, earthquake, wake up – delicious.” When shooting I don’t think too much
about light and composition anymore. Those elements just fall into place and
happen automatically. For me in the details I think about I
need all of the elements in the photo to work together to be in harmony. I love to
use props — balloons, skates, umbrellas anything to help capture my vision. I shoot with editing and
post-processing in mind. There are times when I shoot everything in one frame and
other times I grind my universe where colors, composition and light can be
sometimes be very different from the original. The world I want to capture
and create is always a bright, colorful one. But ultimately for me is the emotion,
the magic ,the thing that gives me goosebumps that I want to capture and
every one of my photos. Photography for me is a vessel. It allows
me to follow my heart to explore, play, and discover the world. I’m Kristinan Makeeva, and I’m a

38 thoughts on “Kristina Makeeva: Imagination Unbound— – SmugMug Films

  1. Such a keen eye for beauty. The ability to transform such a harsh environment into candy for our eyes is truly a rare talent. Kristina owns such a talent!

  2. No words! Amazing scenes, such a great inspiration. Winter is above to start here and now I want to go and shoot more!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Beautiful place, film and images.

    Have one practical query? What is the temperature, and how long can someone, for instance the model with the violin, safely uncover arms, shoulders and head?

  4. I held my breath watching your inspirational film (and wore a coat to keep myself warm. An amazing work of art, creative and innovative. I loved your work and keep following you. Thanks.

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