Kumar Mangalam Birla Lifestyle 2020

Kumar Mangalam Birla Lifestyle 2020

kumara Mangalam Birla is an Indian
billionaire industrialist and the chairman of Aditya Birla Group one of
the largest conglomerate in India he was born on 14 June 1967 age 52 years old
in Kolkata and raised in Mumbai he did his high school from Sydenham College of
Commerce and economics and a bachelor’s degree from HR College of Commerce and
economics of the University of Mumbai and a MBA degree from London Business
School Birla took over as chairman of
Aditya Birla Group in 1995 at the age of 22 following the death of his father
Aditya Vikram birla during his tenure as chairman the group’s annual turnover
is increased from three point three three billion dollar to forty eight
point three billion dollar in 2019 today kumara Mangalam Birla has an estimated
net worth of 10 billion dollar including the International advertising
Association CEO of the Year award in 2016 the us-india Business Council
Global Leadership Award in 2014 economic times business leader award in 2003 and
2013 Forbes India leadership award flagship award Entrepreneur of the year
award in 2012 and kumar Mangalam Birla is the owner of expensive
cars house and private jet which includes Mercedes Maybach s600 guard it
is an bulletproof vehicle comes with high-end security features which cost
about 1.2 million dollar in India 10 point 48 crore Rs kumar Mangalam
birla private jet it is cessna Citation X which cost
about twenty three million dollar in India one hundred and sixty three crore
rupees it can fly up to range 5,956 km kilometer with the top speed of 1,127 km/h kilometer per hour and a kumar Mangalam
birla a house it is an sea facing jatia house in Mumbai it is a five storey
residental building with luxury interiors which cost about 60 million
dollar in India four hundred and twenty five crore rupees kumara Mangalam build
a family father Aditi Vikram birla mother
Rajashree birla and he married to Neerja Birla on 17 May 1989 by that he has son
Aryaman Birla daughter and ananya birla and daughter Advaitesha Birla
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