Landscape Photography | Valley of Fire State Park | Fujifilm X-T2

Landscape Photography | Valley of Fire State Park | Fujifilm X-T2

hey everybody I’m over here at Valley of Fire
State Park and I got to tell you it’s incredibly beautiful this year with all the rain this
park is just green and the flowers are popping right now yellow followers and the cactus
their pink flowers. I photographed this before a little cave with
this intricate little details carved out by wind and water over the years. I wanted to try it with my X-T2 and the 16-55mm
lens. I should have come earlier in the day, there’s
a lot of strong light coming inside of this little cave but this is the only time I could
come I will make the best of it. I got my camera set up with basically I put
on a 6 stop ND filter to kind of help with the light. And I’m going to do a little bit of focus
stacking and I have my camera set to f8 iso is 200. And I’ve got everything on a little tripod and I’m going to go ahead and take this scene So that’s it guys. I’m going to enjoy Valley of Fire State Park
with Mike and we are going to explore around and go to some different areas that we haven’t
been to in the park before. If you like this video please give it a thumbs
up please share and subscribe so I’ll see you in the next one bye for now

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  1. nice video, will have to visit this lovely spot one day, great video, you got new subscriber, well done!

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