Laptop Lifestyle – Do you want more time with your loved ones?

Laptop Lifestyle – Do you want more time with your loved ones?

– It’s 3:30, it’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m in this glorious park. I’m spending quality time
here with my daughter. Have you heard of the laptop lifestyle? And where are you at this very moment? Are you where you want to be and you with whom you want to be with? Are you free to choose that? Being able to enjoy my moments like this is only because I chose
to be self-employed over, oh, 30 years ago. And the best part of this has been that I’ve been present at hundreds of precious
events of her last 11 years. However, this precious
freedom still had its price and my health and my wellbeing have been seriously damaged
from the 24/7 business stresses of customers and overheads
and things like this for over those 30 years. I didn’t want the job route. After witnessing, as a boy, my dad, who was a distant and a deeply unhappy man and he spent the best of his years working all hours in
dead-end jobs for his family and, you know, it got
him absolutely nowhere and most nights, he’d
seem to escape from me and his sadness and
disappear into his TV world. But, for the health
reasons, I had to try a job. And I soon realized I was
just swapping 40 hours a week of my life for limited money and I’m not sure about you but I feel owned. And the worst part, though,
the worst, worst part, I was missing swimming and dancing and dozens of other cherished
moments with my young girl. And I was desperate. Desperate to find another
way to break this cycle that we pass down generation
to generation to our kids. And I want her to know a better way. And I was watching through YouTube and I saw a nice lady talking to camera, funnily enough, about being sick and tired of being trapped in the 9 to 5, of businesses and work but she had no quality time
to spend with her loved ones. I think in this case, it was her aging mom and dad. And she’d been shown four videos about how to earn a passive
income from home on a laptop. After contacting her, Anita
sent me a free video series where her mentor, a lovely chap explains how everyone
with the correct mindset can create their own online
business from scratch. Could I do this? And I was doubtful, of course
I was doubtful, and skeptical. But at first, then once
I’d watched the videos and I understood, oh, wow. My eyes, my eyes were opened wide and I realized I just
had to re-educate myself. And do you know, it’s changing my life. Now, if this resonates with you, and I’m sure it will, and
you would like freedom of the time and location and you want to start
your own business online, and to see these videos,
just follow the link that I’ll provide somewhere
for you down here, leave me your email. That’s exactly what I did and if you know how to send me that email, then you’re capable to
learn what I’m learning. I’m nothing special, especially
regarding the internet. But once I knew that I
wouldn’t be left on my own and that the tools and the training and the tutors and mentors, they were all under that
one roof to help me succeed. Well, I’m pretty damn sure that I made the best
decision I’ve ever made. So, if you’re able to learn new ways and you’re willing to work and put effort into changing your situation, I’d strongly suggest that
you look at these videos and see what possibilities
are in here for you. It’s fantastic and I can’t
wait to, yes, come on in. I can’t wait to help as many
people as I can with this. I was too late to help
my poor old dad, though but I’m teaching my
daughter now, aren’t I? – Yes! – That she can have control of her time and control of her location
and most importantly, her levels of income. Have a look, and in a few days, I can see how I can probably support you towards your new future. Enjoy, bye for now. (laughs) How are ya?

1 thought on “Laptop Lifestyle – Do you want more time with your loved ones?

  1. Hey mate, I just watched your video. I've been an online entrepreneur for almost 10 years. The feeling I got from your video was that you may be a victim of these online predators that make money online by teaching… how to make money online. They're easy to spot, they always try to empathize with the desperate and the troubled by telling their own story of past desperation and troubles.
    If you are a victim of one or more of these predators, please stop. Stop being a victim and stop finding new victims for them.
    If you want to be an online entrepreneur, there are thousands of resources on how to do that. From being a freelancer, to creating an ecommerce site, creating affiliate sites (affiliate marketing), doing SEO, Amazon FBA, etc. etc. The information is out there all for free.
    Check out people like Spencer Haws, from Niche Pursuits, Authority Hacker, Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, etc. They all give you information for free. Making money online is easy, it takes some time and work. But it's something anyone can achieve. You don't need to be victim of victimize other with some ponzi scheme.
    If this is way off, I apologize. And you can delete this comment.
    I took the time cause you seem to be a good man.
    Best wishes.

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