Launching A Clothing Line In The New Decade | From The Ground Up

Launching A Clothing Line In The New Decade | From The Ground Up

we’ve officially began a new decade and
gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours in order
to get your brand off the ground in today’s age you can now leverage
technology and new apps and services that will help build your brand and in
this video I want to share with you guys how you can leverage those resources but
I also want to discuss with you some keys to success that will take your
brand beyond 2020 because the reality is it’s a lot easier to begin a brand today
than it was a decade ago so you’re gonna need to know how to really stand out in
order to have success so if you’re a new visitor to this channel I highly
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series where we help you build your brand and business from the ground up so let’s begin by going over what you’re
gonna need in order to start your brand in this new decade see you guys in order
to remain flexible and really get started by leveraging everything that
we’re gonna share today is you’re gonna need a laptop and an internet connection
more importantly you’re gonna need to be able to understand your audience who
you’re going to be marketing to and then from there you’re going to need to have
that creativity in order to create a line of products that people are gonna
want to buy and more importantly is the fact that you’re gonna need to set aside
an advertising in a marketing budget in order to spread that word equally
important is in creating the business plan a business plan will allow you to
set yourself apart from the competition and it’ll give you an overall direction
for what your brand in business is gonna be doing in the next few years it’s
going to be key as you guys continue to grow your brand and business in the new
decade so once you have your business plan together I wanted to talk to you
guys about a method that removes the barrier of you having to purchase
hundreds or even thousands of dollars of wholesale blanks because you see a
decade ago that’s what you had to do in order to start a brand you had to invest
in the inventory and then you had to invest in a print shop that was actually
gonna make those quantities in a bulk volume but today in 2020 you’re able to
leverage this technology called print-on-demand and today we’re taking
you guys behind the scenes of Apliiq’s LA operation and my goal is to really show
you guys the different technology and printers and print methods that you can
leverage in order to build your brand online and best of all it removes the
risk of you having to spend thousands of dollars to get your brand started
because you can get started with just one product and an audience in an
e-commerce store and I also want to go ahead and share some amazing insight by
interviewing some entrepreneurs that decided to come on this channel from
people that are just getting started to those that are making millions online by
leveraging this technology and best of all as you guys can see back here is
they literally applique has already invested in millions of dollars worth of
equipment that you guys can use without you having to pay for those millions of
dollars worth of equipment guys so that’s the beauty of
this and it’s made possible with something that’s called
direct-to-garment printing and integrating it with your Shopify store
this machine allows you to print out full-color it allows you to do one
garment at a time which reduces the upfront investment for brands that are
looking to make their designs or launch their brand and and maybe you have a
line of cut n sew products and you want to expand it with a couple of other
products these types of machines are the way to go
and it looks it looks pretty straightforward right you’re just
downloading things I mean I’m sure it’s kind of complicated it looks a little
intricate to get trained on it right like yeah I got this like rhythm going
but we download the artwork into the computer it’s already the artist state
got the size for us and then so he’s adjusting every aspect of the artwork in
this program before the t-shirt actually goes into the production and the cool
part about this director garment printer is that it does everything at once
so it will lay in the pretreat I don’t know the exact specifications of the
pretreat but it’ll it’ll cure it all in one where some things have to be
pretreated and then they have to be thrown into the dryer or I mean put into
the press in order to get it prepared to cure this thing does it all in one which
is really cool keeps things flowing when we get big
orders oh wow this is interesting piece yeah see this one came out good yeah
check that out really fine stuff fine yeah first of all for so and then from
here it just gets dried and cured cured right up so right now what I want to do
is actually introduce you guys to somebody who actually works here at
Apliiq and recently started up there print-on-demand business want them to
just kind of share some tips and advice and some of the successes they’ve had
with it marko appreciate you bro so how long
have you been with the Apliiq it’ll be almost a year in april okay yeah and
then you started up your brand about a year yeah I kind of got inspired I was
kind of wanted to do a clothing line but didn’t know where to start and then once
I worked here it was kind of mandatory I should you know to hop on that tell us a
little bit about your brand like you’re you’re in a band too or yeah I kind of
play it on both so my brand is Mark Hammond and I’m in a band and I kind of
have like this like Punk vibe this is actually one of my pieces right here
yeah yeah we’re this is going to be in a fashion show and I coming in April yeah
we did the hoodie liner for it and the embroidery then we also have we do
printed labels that you can get out from us sure this is clean dude thank you
so this is something that you guys designed for your brand and yep yep and
then yeah and then I also have my band and I have a like band merch that we’ve
made in the past where we do bulk orders get a lot more profit that way this coin
there’s a question so what what has been like a successful sales sales method
that you guys had how did you guys attract and get your first customer
bringing a lot of the people who already like the band over brought them to the
to the brand and kind of like interchange them both because I sell
both on my brand website so people who already like the music it’s like I even
want to support I also do this so then so you guys have been like building your
audience right so like would you say that
that by building your audience that helped you with those sales early yeah I
think people need more content to latch onto instead of just like trying to sell
because they can go up to the store buy clothes so you got to like bring up
something that that doesn’t come from the store doesn’t come from corporate so
you have to like put your own twist on it that makes sense that’s awesome so
what would you say is like the future for you guys is clothing line as you
guys primarily online or yeah we’re dropship only right now we’ve done a
couple like when we go to shows I’ll get a bulk order you know of like 20 or
something shirts to sell but I mean it’d be cool I’d like to do pop-ups at some
point it’s just more of a financial thing yeah that makes sense and then but
it’s print-on-demand allowing you to pretty much make some extra revenue
monetize your brand and following the print on demand is really like the
easiest part that got me started because I think the part that made me not want
to start was I had all this upfront capital and I didn’t want to be in the
hole so being able to only have to pay for each piece that I make was kind of
like got me in the door and kind of got my attention like
immediately as you can see print on demand and the services offered by
Apliiq makes it possible to run your clothing brand from anywhere as it
easily connects to Shopify whether you’re in a band and looking to sell
merch or an artist looking to expand beyond the canvas Apliiq’s fashion on
demand makes it possible for you to get started and begin fully labeling your
clothing line so now that you know how to start a clothing line in this new
decade let’s jump into the fundamentals of getting sales and growing your brand
thanks for taking us behind the scenes and showing us you guys operation it’s
definitely a lot different than a large-scale production and you guys are
servicing thousands of brands tell us about how it started in the evolution of
the industry and how you guys are really positioning your print-on-demand yeah
yeah I mean you probably noticed it’s very different than other
print-on-demand places you’ve seen our approach is definitely about building
micro factories and work groups so everything you need to make fashion on
demand right so that’s combining sewing like adding labels and embroider patches
and that type of stuff as well as traditional things like printing and
embroidery but the goal is like a really finished quality retail ready fashion
product and the way that we got into it was just like if you know humans have
been making apparel for 5000 years but in the last 200
all of the infrastructure has been set up around mass production mass producing
apparel you know for the first hundred years it was all being done in the US
and then for the next hundred years is really all kind of pushed outside the US
to place like China Bangladesh Latin America really more in the last 20 or so
years and that rise of mass production has really been tied to retail right and
building up retail so if you want to get your products into retail stores you
need a lot of inventory right maybe you’re trying to get into 50 stores give
me a couple hundred products everywhere so it necessitated you know really
really cheaply produced goods and massive quantities of them and with the
advent and the internet and being able to quickly spin up these direct to
consumer brands and selling online directly to your customers it’s a
questionable how important mass production is um in that particular
environment so we really set off to be able to create these I finished retail
quality fashion products on demand and that’s what’s led us to creating like a
micro factory that’s you know very different than a traditional
print-on-demand solution that you would see elsewhere in
the world and then of course like equally important as you’re obviously Apliiq
provides those services for entrepreneurs and brands but I think a
big push of driver of sales for those products is gonna be the marketing and
sales what would you say is the most important thing to have a quality
product or to have a strong marketing and sales arm for your business oh man
it’s you really need both to win at the end but if you can only have like a
product or really strong sales and marketing if you’re just getting started
I’d almost start to lean towards sales and marketing because if you have an
audience and you can drive traffic you can work to figure out a product that’s
gonna make a lot of sense for that market but if you just only have a
quality product and you’re kind of searching for that market I just think
that that can be like super frustrating so you know as you’re starting a brand
or you’re scaling up your brand being able to find that super cost-effective
way to build awareness to drive traffic and to close sales on lines is a super
super indispensable it’s super important and I think for brands that are out
there watching some some some things you should keep in mind about your marketing
and sales initiatives is obviously beginning with events and word-of-mouth
so attending events allow you to really get real-time feedback on the products
that you’re trying to sell it’ll help you narrow in on designs or perhaps some
of the some of the function if you’re creating a custom product and from there
definitely reaching out to influencers to work with them to spread your brand
online and then never forgetting the SMS and email marketing and of course your
paid advertisement but I think all of that together combined is what creates
the perfect effect you have a friend that’s been killing it on e-commerce
right he’s been making millions and I want to bring them in so that he can you
know talk about some of the stuff and what might work yeah I mean Parker at
FEAT socks great dude marketing savant guru and I think you’ll have like a ton
of tips to share with us so let’s go connect with him and see what he’s got
for us I had a chance to look up like what you guys did in the past but I
really wanted to I wanted you to cover it so I wanted I wanted you to kind of
share how feet stock started as a company that was like kind of retail
focused I would say and how you did a transition the e-commerce and a focus on
print on demand and more of like tailoring stuff to your audience teller
and I both went to school at UMass Amherst so you know in the boonies of
Western Massachusetts but like the East Coast and it’s it’s like the polar
opposite of LA polar opposite in so many ways and teller and I didn’t know each
other yet but we one day he’s in a class and he was talking about this business
that he was working on and I said oh that’s so funny like I had this thought
concept I’m just getting going I went to a trade show like you know I just think
it’s kind of oppurtunity and we just hit it off and we were like oh my gosh
we sell it this way and that way and this way the reality was we had no idea
how we were gonna sell this no intentions of building a massive brand a
small brand we hadn’t it was just like let’s see what we can do you know no
different than like setting up a lemonade stand like you don’t go out
there and say like we’re gonna do a grand today you just go you know we hit
campus the next day selling socks that we like made from buying socks at
Marshalls watching YouTube videos and then printing on them and we hit campus
and we sold out it would I think I honestly think it was like
$2,000 which is mind-blowing to sell $10 socks you know maybe we sold like 200
pairs of socks and we were like all right what’s going on here something’s
legit you know we gotta see this further see this through further and we did and
we just never stopped a couple years went by you know in the beginning like
like I said we had no idea where how we were gonna sell we had never built a
business like this before so we don’t know anything looking back now it’s
funny to see what we thought we were gonna do at the time and we started we
thought we’re gonna sell into stores because that’s what the other leading
competitor does so sell the stores like to sounder stores it takes whole
infrastructure you know like seasonal catalog rotation sales teams we had
nothing we had Taylor and I you know like a couple of friends like that was
the that’s what we did and we’re in stores and then came out here to LA
because Taylor got hooked on influence her before influence was really the
thing this is early 2016 we moved in this building in Hollywood and in this
building in Hollywood it was it was done with intention in this building with
Hollywood was every major like vine and YouTube star in one building so we’re
like this is the mecca of influencers or what would soon become influencers right
it didn’t exist yet and the last thing we did before we left Boston was work
with Aly Raisman she was in the Olympics and during the Olympics women’s
gymnastics is the most viewed in all the Olympics her line of socks crushed it
did a hundred thousand hundreds of thousands of dollars of socks with Ali
and that’s coming from zero right we sold pretty much nothing in college
couple grand whatever did got to deal with Aly Raisman and then Taylor said
dude we kind of moved to LA there’s more people like Aly we can repeat this so we
moved in that building and that’s where we met Logan Paul and Logan Paul was
right on the way up we moved with the day we moved in was the first day he
launched his first vlog like that was the timing you know pretty crazy finding
to look back now and think like we we didn’t even no one knew how big blogging
was gonna be you know especially him it’s got like 20 million subs right now
I think he was getting like three million views a video very consistently
our videos since that we did with him we did a multi video campaign selling like
a single pair of socks you know like and you have one design there’s no strategy
beyond like you have a YouTube channel we have socks
let’s sell do you know like it was like the least thought-out thing I think we
could have quadrupled what we did maybe more but nonetheless is massive for us
he almost did a half a million dollars in the blink of an eye it’s like blink
of an eye I have many dollars in socks was mind-blowing
again like if you kind of set the stage of where we were before that we’re
selling nothing in college a couple of thousand dollars here and there then be
the alley that was a massive campaign then Logan so we’re like oh we know how
to do this now we don’t saw the stores we just do influencer but what we didn’t
realize was we had the two best influencers in the world
there were arguably not many better influencers in the world do you know Aly
Raisman during the Olympics Logan Paul as he starts vlogging for the first time
and it’s just exploding so once we realized that you couldn’t just repeat
this and always just do a half million dollars with everyone you work with so
we realized we couldn’t just replicate what we did at the influencers so we had
to look at her business and say what the heck are we doing right and we were
selling a ton of socks at the time but we weren’t making any money and if you
have business not making any money it’s like what are you doing you just
spinning your wheels you know so we were paying everyone I’m not making any money
as a business so we had to reevaluate and somewhere around that time we
stumbled into e-commerce we met some guys that were crushing it in e-commerce
like Jake Cass and a movement watches and he kind of opened her eyes to that
world and said like look at it through this lens like check out ecommerce look
how crazy it can be how powerful it can be so that was great so we started
getting socks and selling them online and understanding commerce the ins and
outs of it and what that even meant to sell online and then months later we met
Ian and developed a relationship with Ian from Apliiq and Ethan also both of
the guys we started talking about other apparel because we’re like okay we’re
selling ton of socks it’s kind of working kind of now it’s a little murky
and he’s like what about t-shirts hoodies beanies like these different
things and we started looking at it and we developed this kind of e-commerce
thesis things that we think will work in e-commerce based on kind of a checklist
that we’ve come up with you know it’s like our internal way of saying do we
think this type of product will work online and we brought that checklist
to Ethan and Ian and kind of came into the hoody category
and we liked it for a lot of reasons and it was great a couple things that we
look at is like competition right like that’s pretty common knowledge you’re
entering a market you want to look at your competition right so you want to
play something like do you want to go head-to-head with the biggest guys there
are you know when we started out where you’re going head-to-head with leading
sock guy selling into stores but they were back with a hundred million dollars
so is that a game I want to play or do I want to find a new category or maybe the
competition’s a little less or maybe it’s underserved right so maybe maybe 18
to 24 year olds aren’t being targeted with super premium products or you know
some sort of mix like you take different pieces and find a new mix for them and
that’s a lot of what we look at it’s like where’s the opportunity you know if
everyone and their brother and this in LA is selling t-shirt it’s like we’re
probably not gonna sell t-shirts and there’s no saying our thesis is the
thesis right but everyone will kind of develop their own strategy and thinking
behind why they want certain products you found an opportunity with hoodies
and you decided to do like a hoodie liner right I saw I saw you guys is
lined with with Apliiq tell us about like how that came to be and like what
you think made it successful there’s a couple of things the first thing was we
were dead broke at the time so we wanted to do hoodies great idea but most times
when you launch a product you need a ton of cash right you need to buy a ton of
inventory you need to find a great manufacturer to make a ton of inventory
you bring it you store it then you start advertising you still haven’t seen a
dollar yet you start advertising and then you start selling finally you’re
getting your money back we had no cash we had negative dollars you know like we
were just dead broke so we met Ian and he’s like man we have this plugin it’s
in beta for Shopify plugs right in Shopify you take orders you sell them we
get the order we print it we show it we stitch it with labels on and ship it and
I’m like so how much do I pay for it you know and he’s like you only pay what you
sell and I was like wow so I’m doing fully branded goods you know whatever
garment I want fully branded not like crappy just print and shipped not that
stuff fully branded goods and as I sell them you’re gonna make one at a time and
ship them and it turns out yes not like he was doing one at a time but within
the first couple of months we’re doing thousands of hoodies with him which like
you know do the math lets call it a $100 hoodie thousands of hoodies made one
by one so it was mind-blowing and it was really cool in terms of design it
was like we didn’t know where we wanted to take the brand we had a little bit of
identity crisis at the time you know as we as you grow older in your own brand
your brand involves you know like what I liked when I was 21 versus what I like
now turning 27 very different you know so at the time we just took sock
patterns put them on the inside of the hood so it was it was a crazy time but
that’s when we said okay there’s something bigger here how do you build a
long-term business that’s sustainable and Apliiq and Ian those guys all of
them were just like absolutely the piece that got us from nothing you know only
making socks to diving into a category and then eventually kind of finding our
way in what the brand is you know you see today so just based on your
experience and over the last few years of developing e-commerce and new product
launches what would you say is like some some key tips of sales and marketing
advice that you might have for entrepreneurs for them to put into their
mix of you know the sales and marketing strategy I think you have to like really
look at what your angle is and really try to give it like an outsider
perspective you know cuz like as as people that create product or design
product or artists that design it whatever your kind of role is you like
oh I can make this case if I can only make this case I can definitely sell it
don’t under underrate how hard it’s gonna be just to sell that right like
the assumption should be you can make an awesome product why are you gonna be
able to sell it so I like to flip that different you know I used to look at it
the old way and now I think okay if I can partner with someone like applique I
know I have the product lock down then now I need to figure out how the heck
I’m gonna sell this thing right and if you can figure that out you know that’s
like that’s where all the challenge is gonna be it’s not like you partner with
applique that checks a box and it’s absolutely essential and growing in
terms of sales and marketing advice like you really think about that what’s your
angle are you really good at like marketing are you the technical
advertiser is that going to be your key kind of tool or asset that you’re
bringing to the table that’s gonna say this is going to set my company apart
for me we met the Movement guys and they open that
ecommerce and advertising on social media I knew nothing about it and Taylor
and I looked at each other and said one of us has to become an expert at this
that was me so I did I didn’t stop looking at all
social media advertising for probably two years you know I was like I’ve no
idea when looking up imma start and I became an expert and then that became my
asset that I can now plug in with my other asset that was applique but yet to
each is unique everyone’s approach is different so
there you have it guys as you can see starting a clothing line in 2020 has
never been easier and like we mentioned throughout this video it’s going to be
important for you to target a niche audience in order to stand out in a
crowded market and more importantly make sure that you integrate your story and
that you have a real passion for what it is that you’re doing because starting a
brand is not simple some of the tricks that we just showed you will definitely
help and of course using a resource such as Apliiq to actually launch your
brand is going to be key in order for you to get started with as little
investment upfront as possible and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button
right down below and don’t forget to turn on your post notifications to be
alerted of the next episode – from the ground up see you guys in that one

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