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LBX Odin & Lucifer | Gunpla TV

Hi! This is Gunpla TV! Today I am going to review some new kits from Bandai. Hyper Function Odin & Hyper Function LBX Lucifer. So because Todd and David apparently have no interest in these kits I will be taking their place and I, Kenji, will be showing off both of these kits. These are kits from the Danball Senki series. Well, actually there are probably some of you who have never heard of this series. The series Danball Senki came out on the Playstation Portable about 10 years ago. The game itself was produced by Level 5, known for Inazuma Eleven, Yokai Watch, as well as Gundam Age, which you all probably know. This game, even though Level 5 produced anime-based games, this game became its main focus. As for the genre of the game, you could call it a model-building RPG. You control your own robots, LBX, battle other LBXs, and progress through the story. You get parts from others characters, use them to gain experience and level up, and have fun with great, unlimited customaizations. It was very popular in its time. Also, something amazing is, while the anime was being aired Bandai also started selling 1/1/ real-scale model kits one after another. It was a pretty groundbreaking mixed-media endeavor. After watching the anime kids could build and play with their robots right away. It was really popular at the time the anime was airing. Danball Senki didn’t end after one season — it continued with Danball Senki W, then Danball Senki Wars. In about 3 years, 139 episodes aired! The plastic models themselves were popular, too. The last kit numbered was number 059: LBX Shadow Lucifer. In total 59 kits were released back then. A lot of weapon parts were also avaliable along with stickers so you could enjoy really customizing your kits. For Bandai, LBX became the second-most popular model series after Gunpla. It was incredible, but this kit is from 10 years ago, or rather it’s been 10 years since we saw this kit. Now, with completely new molds we have Hyper Function! The Hyper Function series is now available. It’s been revived. So I wondered what these all-new molds would be like. In the past these kits were only about 1,000 yen ($10 USD), but for that, the kits were a little unexpressive. They lacked realistic details. The original kits had inner parts. And these, do too, they have an inner frame, a core skeleton, but for these new releases, for the Hyper Function Series, they were remade anew. So the Hyper Function Series kicked off last year with the LBX Achilles and the LBX Emperor. Those two came out first, but finally, last month, the protagonist joined the series. The popular Odin! And his rival, Lucifer, with its really cool proportions. So these just came out and I’ll introduce them today! Okay, I’ll start with the Hyper Function LBX Odin! So these new kits they have really changed. The proportions look so cool, don’t they? The legs are nice and long, the arms are long. This part, too, is really well-made. Actually, there aren’t many stickers, and it’s almost entirely color-separated plastic. Even these parts have been faithfully recreated. People who look back fondly on the old kits would certainly be suprised. So inside, there is actually a core skeleton, a frame, which allows the LBX to pose really well. The legs move really well too, with ball joints. This part moves well, too. These shoulder pannels also have clear parts, and the wings have smooth articulation. The knee guards also move. This is the centerpiece. Because it uses clear parts it looks pretty cool, right? For weapons, there’s a pretty big twin lancer. The beam lancer, ‘Retaliator,’ is attached to the hand. Compared to him, this thing is massive. You can fully pose it. As I mentioned before beacause of the inner frame the legs and such hold their poses. You can just about pose it any way you like. Don’t get me wrong — it’s well built, but There are some parts that come off very easily. What you can do is just glue those parts down. And you’re good to go. It’s solid. You can try all kinds of poses. Oh, a bit fell off again. The best feature is its transformed mode. Speaking of transformation, I’ll show you how it’s done. To change it into flight mode, you just change the hands, and then you can fully transform it — fantastic! The transformation works really well. So first let’s take off the hands. They’re pretty cute, right? Very small. If you compare these to the original anime you’ll know that normally they fold inside the LBX when transforming. However, becasuse this could not be acheived in the kit, you’re going to have to just change these parts. Ok, let’s take them off. Open up the forearm, and then you can take this hand part and hide it inside. This part is a bit of a pain. Now you open up the wings, and take these separate pieces and snap them together. For jet mode, this part goes here. You can start to see the shape of the transformed mode now, but to create its characteristic transformation you have to rotate the feet and pull out this yellow part. Wow, that’s pretty cool. Yeah, this looks right. So this yellow part goes all the way back and fits into the foot part. Then you fold the whole leg back. Like this. So you can transform the whole thing with out having to change anything but the hands. By the way, there’s another gimmick. You can flip these booster parts. I think it’s pretty interesting. There’s also a stand. If you slide it into the back here, you can display it in this flying form. One more thing: These are the stickers for the Lucifer. You can see how detailed and mechanical they are and you can put them wherever you want, like on the wings, as you can see here. It looks more mechanical now. You can completed your kit with these. There are a lot! As expected if you compare this with the LBX kits of old, they’re cool kits that even adults can enjoy. Pretty cool. It’s like the Zeta Gundam or the Waverider. This is cool! The next kit is LBX Lucifer! Such amazing wings! Cool. Lucifer was really popular in the anime series. and was piloted by Kousuke Kamiya, a genuis LBX player, a legendary genuis player. He’s known as the angel — the fallen angel. So let’s talk about the fallen angel Lucifer. You can barely see any stickers on this kit. There’s one here, but apart from that, hardly any. This chest piece is made of clear parts. Because it’s a fallen angel, wings are included. These reactor wings actually levitate in the air in the anime. There’s no joint on the back so you can’t really recreate that, so there are these clear parts for connecting them instead. It’s amazing when you compare these to the old kit, these are bigger and use a lot of clear parts. As for movement, you can move it from here to here. It moves well. Also, if you compare the clear parts, and even the white and yellow plastic, they are really glossy. The kit’s gloss parts, the yellow and the white — I’m not sure if you can see it, but they’re really gorgeous! So cool. The horns are really cool, too. On the older kit this part used stickers, but inside here, are clear parts. It’s great. Because of the frame, the skeleton frame, it can move really easily. Even more than Odin, making action poses is really easy. Because these shoulder parts are so big, it’s easy to bang them into other parts. The legs, too. But they move well. These ball joints. And the wing goes right in here. And this wing, too. Swap the hand for the weapon.
Du-dun! The shield is huge. And is made using clear parts, too. A few stickers were used on the back but this is where most of the stickers are used and everthing else is sticker free. These wings are so large and impressive. They’re his best feature. And they move really well. So great, so cool. Next I want to show you the core skeleton. First, let’s take off the unnecessary parts. Here we go. When you start building, you start with the inner frame and then add parts onto it. Odin is the same. This part is the power generator. There’s a motor, and the input memory also included. And if we take this off last, we’re back to the starting frame. A skeleton robot. In the anime, the robots are also built up from this. Then to make original LBXs they’re customized and configured. Look how well this moves. When building the kit, it’s easy to build it in the pose you like. There are about 30 different kits being sold again, too, so you can enjoy the old kits as well. They are really cheap, about 1,000 yen ($10 USD) so you can try a lot of them out. Using the SD kits like the BB Warrior kits it would be quite interesting to rebuild one of these with parts from those if you like custom models. Personally, I just want the frame. To see if I can update something like the Musha Gundam. I think that’d be fun. Anyway, these LBX were fun and easy to make. Some parts fall off every now and then but, you can still really enjoy them. This really shows how Bandai’s techniques have improved after 10 years. It’s amazing. So, I think you can come home after a hard day at work, pick up one of these, and just have fun playing and building. So with that This has been a review brought to you by Kenji at HobbyLink Japan. This is my first time doing something like this so I’m sorry if there was anything that was difficult to understand. It’s my first time on YouTube, actually. So if you could please forgive awkwardness I’d appreciate it! So again, when Todd or David decide they don’t want to build something, I might be back then. I’ll look forward to it. Well, to everyone who made it to the end, thank you very much, and see you again!

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  1. is the the hyper function lbx kits are like master grade in gundam?.. whats the diference with the 1st release? please educate me.. 😂😂 these were nice looking ones

  2. Nice figures, always nice to see different types of Mecha being showcased! And nice to have a different staff member in Kenji on the channel! Could really feel his enthusiasm, hope to see more of him here!

  3. Building Lucifer now and it's fantastic like all the other LBX kits. The Hyper Function line hopefully will keep getting new releases like Odin.

  4. are there any difference between these newly released LBXs compared to the first releases of these model kits?

  5. These kits remind of Medabots and the 3D Bomberman characters. I have just been reminded after all these years that I had decided to pick up one of these up.

  6. I am glad to see more people expand and show up in the channel I mean its in japan .
    but not gonna lie it was hard for me to follow .
    but I wish you all great things.

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