when I think of Lea’s style there’s an
easy elegance there’s just a kind of grace to it what I love about it the
most is there is an unexpected twist there’s a surprise. I’d say my style is somewhere between a
little bit of uptown a lot of downtown everything’s got a little cheek to it Lea is an absolute rock star. I don’t know Lea, I have to think about this. Lea is a foxy lady. crazy hair crazy style. She has such a specific eye when it comes to blending ideas that are both futuristic and from the past. Somewhat like a
chameleon. when I got back from Italy, there was a beautiful sewing machine that my mother bought before I left. and I was so inspired that I started sewing and taught myself “There’s excitement in the fact that you can become whoever you want, create your own identity… and that is why people love fashion.”

1 thought on “LEA – WHATS YOUR STYLE ?

  1. Lea makes it work. As a mother, a stylist, a singer and friend. Maintaining her uniqueness as a totally self-made woman despite the challenges life throws at her. She stays upright. Her style would be right up there with the intuitive and the creatives of this time, as well as seemingly a world in need for a spiritual awareness…. effortless she meets that need.

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