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  1. Hi friends! Sorry it's been a while since I've posted a video–but it's for a very exciting reason: I've been working hard on getting ready for my book release! My book, Tiny But Mighty, is now available for pre-order at: http://www.KittenLady.org/tinybutmighty

    Thanks everyone for your patience and support, and I hope you love the new video!

  2. God I was soooo of when I had to guess my cats age. I have found the little fucker on the parking space of a super market.

    I thought he was 12 months, the vet said he was about 7-8 weeks 🙂

  3. If cat DOESENT open they eyes u just ned little bit pun tea on end pīt papper slow cleanit my cat was ha ing close eyes after it was ok

  4. we found a kitten outside my house, and im still confused on the gender and age. it looks older than 7-8 weeks but i dont know exactly.

  5. Tu peux pas le lâcher deux secondes dans la vidéo et arrêter de le secouer pendant que tu parle ?! Je pense pas que ce sois nécessaire, vraiment

  6. I found a stray kitten in my backyard today and it's my birthday Oct 1 1996.. anyways this video taught me that the kitten I found is about 4 weeks old and that I need to get her own milk with a bottle and syringe.. you taught me alot. This is the first cat I'm ever going to have so this is all new to me. Thank you very much for teaching me how to raise my new kitty. Awesome video. Thank you so so much. God bless you.. you're super adorable and beautiful as well. I also love your lil kitten as well. Super adorable.

  7. She soooo, sooo, soooo CUTEEE😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😍😍😍😍💞💞💞💞💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜

  8. adoption at 8 weeks??? it's suppose to be a lot longer, the third one they need the mother to learn how to be a cat. they say everywhere you need to wait 13 weeks before going for adoption. I know cats and a will never let them go at 8 weeks

  9. If the mother is a feral cat, when should I start to socialize and interact with the kittens so they can be adopted later and don't learn to be feral?

    I don't want to touch them if not necessary because they are in a safe place and I'm afraid the mother could take them to other place if I get close too often and mom must stay close so I can catch her and spay her later too

  10. Great video. However, where I live in Denmark kittens may not leave their parents before they are 12 weeks old. A kitten if 8 weeks may not be taken from its mother.

  11. Theres a four or five week old feral kitten that likes to lay under my car port, my mom feeds it sometimes. Every time we go near it, it jumps into some small space on my house. How do I make it stop hiding?

  12. Gosh I wish I could see my cat as a kitten! I would cry and melt away at the same time.
    He was 9 months old when I bought him.

  13. My kittens 🐱 are getting bigger and bigger . There 👀 are open there 👂 are open and there sooooooooooo cute 😻

  14. this was really helpful. i used to watch your videos all the time and now i’m back. about a year ago we got a siamese cat and we’ve never had the time to get her neutered. she’s also an outdoor cat, so we don’t know the father lol. we found out she’s pregnant today and that she has less than a week to go, so we’re trying to hustle and figure out as much info as we can before she goes into labor! thanks ❤️😂

  15. I love kittens and cats I have 3 cats that are 6 years old and 6 kittens that are 2 days old they still have their inbilacord I love them they are so cute🐱

  16. This video really helped with figuring out my kittens age since I got him from someone else with kittens. I would say when we got him he was 3-5 weeks old. Now I would say he is now 7-9 weeks.

  17. Thank you so much! I was so stressed if I was taking care of an orphaned kitten correctly or not. The information on Google can be very mixed and confusing. This video has definelty given me a lot more confidence on how to take care of them.

  18. 13:31 dammit my 4 weeks old kitten have like 310 grams and you say between 450 and 550…..
    You mean 4 weeks old is kitten who lived above 28 days ? Will he gonna die or something ?

  19. My kitten is the only one that survived birth we found him abandoned the rest of the litter was passed we tried to get the mom to feed him but she just stared at him and ran away he is way to small for almost 2 weeks old and looks like a newborn it's small but it's belly is huge and hard I think it's from gas

  20. hey i need help i have 2 kittens outside and my parents dont let them in but me and my sister takes care of them. they can start going to the litterbox and drinking by itself but they are so tiny and skinny and got canines. they are starting to wean. they sleep most of the day but they dont ha e much energy either. the mother was not there and never came when we found them and im most of the time in school. what do i do?

  21. Feeding? That’s up to the mother. I love newborn kittens. I loved kissing them. Keep them with the mother, but sometimes you wanna keep an eye and syringe feed the runts. Big litters they fight over the teets, sometimes one dies, it’s super sad, we had a litter with 6 kittens! That’s a full load, but we kept an eye on the kittens and ALL survived, the mom did a good job, but I think it took a lot out of the mom, once they were fed, became bigger than a new born, the mom got really sick and died…is that common,????it’s almost like the mom held onto life to insure her kittens survived,

  22. Yay! Now i know that my kitten is actually around 5 weeks old! He is eating wet food and dry food with water! (Dry + water or milk makes it softer! Easier to eat and i cut back on that untill he can eat completely dry food! And also his name is…… Rafiki! He is grey with white accents on his face and belly! He was adopted from a breeder which ik sucks but he was sick and the mother had been taken around 2 weeks old! 🙁 He was part of a family's small buiness where they let their female cats run around to get pregnant before they neuter and spay after 2-5 litters! :(( But now Raffi is happy in his new forever home! 🙂 – Love The Cataholic and Rafiki! (Raffi is his nickname btw! And i may seem like a verrryyy young child but im in my early teens!)

  23. My kitten is 3/4 weeks old and I'm really confused of what I should do he won't eat and neither will he drink milk plus he's an orphan so he doesn't have a mommy im so confused

  24. Hi I just saved an kitten that has its eyes open an walk is it two or three months that what some one told me how old it looks

  25. My cat just had a litter of kittens. I do not want to give them away I begged to keep them and I can finally keep them so they don’t end up sad so I’m very happy, they are about 5 weeks old now.

  26. …..after watching this, I don't know how my kitten survived 🙁😣
    Don't worry though, she's six months old now, very happy and healthy.

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