LinksWell T-Style Head Unit Car Stereo Radio Fit for Ford

LinksWell T-Style Head Unit Car Stereo Radio
Review. LinksWell is a subsidiary of Sintegrate, a
worldwide manufacturer of OEM Integration components with facilities in U.S., Europe
and China. Linkswell,backed by more than 25 years of
automotive electronics engineering, LinksWell delivers in-vehicle safety, entertainment
and integration products that feel and function like factory-installed components. Our goal is to enhance the driving experience
with seamless solutions that add to the existing complement of driver features. This T-Style radio multimedia center replaces
the factory display screen and climate control center in select Ford F-Series pickups, enhancing
the dash with a 12.1-inch, multi-touch panel encased in a factory-match bezel. The climate controls are recreated on-screen,
allowing the driver to access all related features. You will now use your new touch screen to
control all your climate controls. You can access the climate controls by pressing any
of the climate control icons located at the bottom of the display. Your new unit comes with the option to use
a variety of different navigation systems. You can use your favorite data based navigation
systems like Google Maps or Waze.Or Use Herewego app to download offline maps. Download your preferred application. Go into
the settings, on the navigation tab simply double click the preferred navigation listed
and your system will now use your selection. Google Map, Waze or Herewego etc. Your new T-Style Radio is itself an Android
tablet. When used with WIFI, either while parked in
rage of a hot spot or using your phones hot spot you can list the app stores to download
a variety of applications. Upgrade your Ford truck’s entertainment
system with an T-Style in-dash 12.1 inch Android Tablet. The T-Style multimedia tablet replaces the
factory display screen and climate control center portion of your dash. Use the File Manager to download, delete and
move files from the hard drive, on board SD card and or USB drive. Use caution when deleting items,deleting certain
files may render your unit inoperable. HANDS-FREE AND MUSIC PLAYING NAVIGATION:Built-in
Bluetooth calling navigation allow your hands to remain safely on the wheel as you navigate
and receive calls. Wireless bluetooth music playing allows you
to enjoy music while driving,it will be more convenience when you are driving. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
product link. Thanks for watching this product review video. Kindly like and subscribe our YouTube channel.

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