35 thoughts on “Local Landscape Photography is Challenging!

  1. Beautiful Tim! What a great journey. I liked the story spanned over time. Beautiful images as always and a great break from all the stress today. Great stuff.

  2. Nice one Tim and a warm welcome to my world 😂. I wish the area around me was as interesting as yours though. That last shot of the trees though is really nice.

  3. I like the last B&W image of the tree and the leading line that the path creates.
    You are so right about getting out for a brisk walk. Good for the soul even if you never get the camera out of the bag.
    Stay safe!

  4. Nice images, but why say you unable to go anywhere and stay local, UK Government only said no pubs or restaurants. Your still able to drive anywhere you want and yes you might have to fill up at a petrol station but you will have to do that anyway. I will be heading down from London to Dorset on Sunday for the day and have no issues. I will take a pot noodle and a can of John Smiths for lunch and drive all the way back. If your that worried about people contacts invest in some FFP3 masks. They work and used by NHS when they have them , only Boris and co say wash hands with an airborne virus which is pointless with this thing if you breathing it in.

  5. Was interested in the Willington Power Station has I used to worked as a power plant process engineer and discovered that the location isn't too far from the town of Leamington Spa and Birmingham where I have visited many times for work. Small world.

  6. Hi Tim, I take your point about the value for getting out, last week I sold my Osmo Pocket as having limited use in my left arm I found it a challenge when it came to handling it, so I have got myself a DJI action camera which i also went out with yesterday in the pouring rain, its so much easier for me to handle although I haven't viewed the footage yet, my local patch is Sandwell Valley close to Jnc 1 of the M5 near West Bromwich, varied habitat and views, always a challenge to gleam anything, your video is good, it shows that although your landscape is different to your usual it does show what you can achieve in your local area, anyway stay safe and…….wash your hands, Mike

  7. Challenging indeed Tim, did the same yesterday near my home and not that easy to find meaningful compositions, the colour one at the end is stunning, good job.

  8. While I enjoy videos of adventures to exotic locations, it's inspiring to see you having success in your home area. Helps me to appreciate what I have nearby. And glad to support your channel!

  9. As a family snap-shooter trying to learn more about photography during my forced leisure, I really appreciate your demonstrating how you come to see your photographs. I have also had the good fortune to visit the Grasmere area of the Lake District a few times and love your landscapes. Thanks.

  10. Well done again Tim for another insightful and interesting video. You really nailed that last shot, perfect. Just shows what can be done near home and that you don’t have to travel to exotic locations for enjoyable photography.

  11. Always find it hard to shoot locally as you say it just doesnt inspire me , but in the current climate, its a sensible option, liked the image at the end and look forward to seeing it change with the seasons

  12. Interesting video Tim. I think you have done very well with the images you took. Regarding your stuck filter wipe abit of WD 40 around it that could free it. Keep safe.

  13. Tim, excellent video, as they always are whether or not you think so. Also, I imagine you're aware of this product but in case you're not. I bought these from Amazon (USA) and they "unstick" stuck lenses. They work very well but you'll also have to adjust for the lens size.https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00009R8I4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  14. great vlog tim, well done for getting out and about in your local area, a real morale booster, loved the last set of images of the tree especially the colour version

  15. Tip to keep lens polarizers and filters from sticking … before screwing the filter on, run a regular pencil tip around the edge of the filter on the screw-thread, thus coating the thread with a thin layer of carbon… carbon acts as a lubricant

  16. Hi Tim, small world…my father-in-law was one of the engineers that built the Willington Power Station :-O
    Love the last shot. The track leading to the smaller tree in the background makes it – well done! Cheers from Aus – Ian

  17. Hi Tim love your videos very educational . Inspiring and helpful . Please if even indoors at present keep them coming to help us through these times . Thanks

  18. Good day my friend. Love your enthusiasm in getting out there and making photography happen despite all that is going on during this time. Gives me NO excuse for getting my camera out and doing what I love to do. My camera bag is in my car, so I really have no reason not to do this. I love that tree, the B&W speaks to me. 2 trunks so close together, limbs intermingling…. alone and yet together. I sit here at work listening/watching your videos. Thank-you for telling us where you were for the Willington Power Station photo, I like to look at maps, so thank-you to Google Maps…. I tried to see just where you were taking the photos.

  19. The tree shots were nice Tim. I think I preferred the Black and White version. I am also staying close. I have switched over to macro and abstract photography while staying close. Spring flowers and insects are available subjects and I am working on an abstract project with both natural abstract and ICM images. Actually, I'm enjoying the different focus for awhile. The different shots are also challenging my processing so I'm learning a bit there.

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