Low Calorie Carrot Soup For Winters | Upasana Kamineni Konidela | Pinkvilla | South | Lifestyle

Low Calorie Carrot Soup For Winters | Upasana Kamineni Konidela | Pinkvilla | South | Lifestyle

hello everyone i am on Pinkvilla today and with me i have Aditi my childhood friend who is a super mom and super chef from Chennai and today we are going to make carrot soup together i am going to be her assistant and she is the head chef today and so lets see how it goes this is low in calories amazing taste of course and i think its one of the best dishes for winter its healthy and you can replace it for a meal if you want to keep those calories at bae before you hit the parties so lets start by making a stock Aditi so perfect we are gonna start with a couple of vegetables we gonna saute the vegetables first and then add in the water so i am going to put in just a tea spoon of olive oil and we gonna put in some carrots a little bit of pepper onion some celery and a little bit of garlic no salt? we’ll put that in the end okay perfect yeah so we just gonna saute that till you get a nice little bit of caramelization and that’s what gonna give your stock a lot of flavor and we can make this and put it in the fridge? yeah yeah so what i like to do is i like to actually put it in an ice trey put it in the freezer and when ever you want you can just pop out the one and oh that’s an amazing idea so will this give us a liter of stock ah this will give you a little i probably a little bit less than a liter probably half a liter so see you can see it turning a little bit brown so that’s what we want just can i add the water now yeah you can put in the water okay so here goes the water get ready for some sizzling yeah so perfect so once we put in the water we just gonna close the pressure cooker okay so how long does this have to steam pressure cook so wait for around 4 whistles remove it from the heat let the pressure release and then at the end just add a little bit of salt and your stock is ready oh perfect so we have some pre made stock that we just made today and this is a broth so people you know can drink it any time right we can use it as a base for any soup any sort of vegetable soup you know you can use it in a base for gravies ah if you’re sauteing some vegetables and you just want sauce for it at the end just put little bit of stock and it will be perfect i think that’s amazing so if your vegetables are getting rotten before they got rotten i think you can just use them for a stock exactly so you you have a little bit of each vegetable you don’t know what to dot with them instead of throwing it away just make some stock yeah its healthy as well and you’re reducing waste right being kind to the planet of course that as well now that we have have finished the stock its time to get to this soup its gonna take us 10 mins the stock will last to a year and this is 10 mins bound over soup and not junk and this is just the best for your family Aditi and her boys do this pretty often yeah we cook a lot together and its really great to put ginger in your food because its good for colds so lets start with the butter we are adding just one table spoon of butter that’s a lot of butter no no little goes a long way you’re sure its low cal its a low cal so don’t worry yeah we are adding some onion a little bit of ginger and we just gonna saute that then we gonna add the carrots i mean it is a carrot i mean it is a carrot ingredient soup after all yeah oh my god it smells yum we just gonna saute the carrots for a little bit till it just softens a little you don’t wanna brown anything in a soup you just wanna soften it yeah and now we gonna add a cup of the vegetable stock we just made perfect thank you so some of water yeah and another cup of just regular water and we just gonna put in two peels orange just make sure you don’t get the white pit inside just the orange outer now we just cover it with a lit and let it simmer for a good 10 minutes there you go thank you okay 10 minutes up its boiling yes smells amazing yeah really smells good steam so we just gonna remove it from the steam okay let it cool for another 5 minutes just so that its not piping hot and then we are going to blend it with the immersion blender how about some salt we will add the salt and the orange juice and pepper okay toh another important thing is please remove the orange strip because otherwise its gonna get really bitter when you blend it so here you go Aditi this is for you this is for you to disrupt destruct your food yeah really looks pretty hard core oh wow and yes we are finally set Aditi the soup is ready yes our delicious soup is now ready 6 o clock is when i have hunger pangs so i hope this soup actually helps with that yes for sure our delicious soup is now ready nice you know when i look at healthy food i feel so good you know my body feels so good yeah and this is definitely going to take all the boxes its delicious healthy and you saw how quickly we made it yeah but you put butter but its still low cal right it is low cal i promise you that and for people who are vegan what do you do for them what can they substitute butter with so just put a little bit of olive oil one table spoon of olive oil is the perfect substitution you are set to go perfect so no like pumpkin seeds or almond on top don’t i mean it looks amazing but it also adds to the calories you can garnish it with some coriander or some parsley or whatever you have in your kitchen it will be perfect yeah and definitely no cream so its time to taste Aditi fingers crossed its amazing truly amazing i get that a bit of orange there its so nice normally people add cream to this soup but i don’t think we need it at all no nuts no garnish and still amazing yeah you just add a little bit of coriander and parsley at the end for garnish and other than that the soup is just perfect as it is enjoy it with your children and i am sure you guys are gonna love it he guys i hope you liked this video don’t forget to stay tuned to Pinkvilla

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  1. Recipe is very bakwas….she put 1 table spoon of butter….for one bow Soup wow what a health no calories soup…..πŸ€”πŸ˜’

  2. You could have addressed the issue of Priyanka Reddy being a celebrity and powerful business women. You tweeted about south stars not being invited to Narendra modis celebrity meeting and now u r not bothered about this issue and call yourself a motivator and making these food videos

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