33 thoughts on “Make It Wearable | Solar-Powered Fashion That Charges Your Phone

  1. The dress looks sooo bad!!!!!!

  2. Good idea for backpacks and other type of bags but clothes? Let's be realistic here no one would where any of that stuff unless it's not uncomfortable and it looks like normal clothes and it doesn't in this case

  3. If you treat all the fabric with the NeverWet spray that is out on the market commercially you will not have to wash the garment as water sweat and dirt rolls right off of it

  4. It's only a prototype guys and it's also the beginning of an idea. It will look ridiculous right now but if you continue to support it then it might actually become the newest trend. If you were raised during the time when cars, computers or even phones were invented I'm sure you'd regret what you would have said about them.

  5. Im all for cool wearable tech, but these designs are god awful. The dress looks like some sort of formal Klingon getup. For the general public to actually take a tech like this seriously, it will definitely have to undergo some serious design overhalls to make it more appealing and also be available at prices that warrant widespread adoption.

    Basically there is a long way to go before this will be ready for the general consumer.

  6. Somehow these "wearable" tech designers are completely clueless to what sustainability really means. In most cases they throw around the term like a motif without actually considering the impact of what they are doing properly. Adding plastic wires, doped silicon, and sauder to a garment makes it less sustainable and more toxic. Not only that, but with the current solar technologies its totally impractical to incorporate it into garments. Not to mention that it is much more resource efficient to stick photovoltaics where there actually in the sun all day.

  7. I love her designs.. especially the coat. Experimental fashion design isn't as new, but some of the challenges still are the same.. such as wearability, washability etc. What is wrong with a "Klingon" look is a mystery to me, though. There are plenty of fashion designs available that "insult" my eyes a lot more than these.

  8. Solar panels are even worst then burning coal or oil because you need a very special type of glass for it to work which means you have to burn even more sand to create that type of glass and that creates more pollution then burning oil or coal, sand makes even more pollution

  9. ima wait 5 years for the spray able solar panel tech to be released to the public. then i will look normal and be an energy source 

  10. This is amazing, great idea can't wait to see this out would love to be involved and model for this

  11. Wearable technology is where it's at and it's great to see fashion designers taking on this challenge to harness renewable energy technology.

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