MAKT – Wheelchair Fashion

MAKT – Wheelchair Fashion

hi! my name is Steven and I’m here to talk about… my bum! you know I sit around all day and when I wear normal trousers I get pressure sores and my bum starts to hurt… like really… hurt! and what’s even worse when I wear them I look like a sad little guy in a wheelchair but don’t worry I found a way to fix my bum problem and I found a way to look cool and fashionable too. together with a couple of fashion designers I created the perfect pair of pants for people in a wheelchair. Just like me… Look, there are no seams at the back. There’s a higher back panel so my bum crack doesn’t show. A lower front waist with elastic sides for a more comfortable fit. Pullers so I can put on the trousers by myself as a quadriplegic. An easy magnetic button. A tailored crotch panel with a perfect fit between the legs. Raised side seams to relieve pressure. Extended trouser legs so my socks don’t show and an angled pocket for convenient use. And when I wear them, I look super cool! So I thought, if I can look this good, so can everyone else in a wheelchair. I decided I wanted to sell these pants, and that is how MAKT was born. But you know, selling a pair of pants is one thing but selling the best pants in the world is another. And that is why I need your help. With your input, your enthusiasm and your support, we can create a community of people who work together to improve my design and get it out there! For example, somebody told me about this fabric, it stretches and it breathes and I don’t have to iron it. It’s totally amazing and I would never have found it on my own. The annoying thing is I can’t just buy a couple of meters, I need to buy at least a thousand. That’s a kilometer fabric! So yeah, I need your help. If you donate 10 euro’s today, I can already buy one meter of this fabulous fabric. Or you can always donate more and be one of the first receive one of these MAKT trousers all for yourself! Or for somebody you know. You can also help me by joining my community, giving feedback and support and getting my message out there. So what do you say, want to help some poor Wheelies out?

1 thought on “MAKT – Wheelchair Fashion

  1. why are all you designers of trousers for wheelchair users charging so much money? F***K YOU ALL. I'm so tired of disabled ppl ripping off other disabled ppl! wtf!?
    Wanna know what would be really amazing and innovative blahblahblah, A good pair of jeans for 20 bucks… then we really would be 'just like anyone else'. Instead this is yet another rip off.

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