100 thoughts on “Matt LeBlanc Has Embraced the Silver Fox Lifestyle

  1. Men, in general, don't seem to fight the aging process like women do, we dye our hair, wear trendy clothes, have facelifts, collagen injections, etc etc Men don't do shit to look younger..I see couples all the time..Older couples where the woman still looks good and the man have hair that's white, hair out there nose and ears, polyester pants..Men just do not give a shit.

  2. And didn’t he say: why God why are you doing this to us?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ gray Black whatever he is a dream 😍😍😍β™₯️

  3. My hubby and I are watching friends through (again 😍) and it’s so weird seeing him here so much older. Beautiful yet almost sad in a way.

  4. Oh come on Corden. You praise his dicision o look how he is supposed to look. " The man is getting grair hair….let make a big show abou it". entertainment industry is really brainwashing us all. We will soon like enjoy and laugh when we see someone touching a nose with a finger

  5. Corden you LARD, you should've told ' How you doin' ? ' LeBlanc that he brings nothing to Top Gear…it's embarrassing to watch.

  6. I mean, coming from a hetero dude, it's a good look. Sadly, I'll just be bald when I'm older. Already seeing the line receeding. :/

  7. I never thought he was attractive and I never understood why all my friends swooned over him/Joey. But then a few years ago I saw him again in Episodes and now I'm on board 😍

  8. Once to die then comes the Judgment. Repent. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that everyone believing in Him should not PERISH but have Everlasting life.

  9. I'm 24 with a ton of long hair and I've been getting bits as white as fishing line for 3 years already. I can already tell it's gonna look so good.

  10. Well it took him long enough. Remember that tweet where the person said that he looks old and he responded β€œgo f*ck yourself”.

  11. I think Leblanc is the one person on friends whose character is really different from themselves
    He is so laid back 😁

  12. I think he looks,great with the salt and pepper hair! I am an avid "Friends" fan and I would have to say that my favorite character was Joey. I mean I loved them all but Joey just seemed like a real "genuine" guy. Love you Matt and thanks for giving us 10 seasons of Joey!

  13. I saw him recently on top gear I don't see joey anymore joey is all gone if joey was here he would continue dying his hair.

  14. Black, brown, blond, salt and pepper or silver…I’ll take him any way I can get him!!! A fox in any color is still a fox!! I love you Matt!!!

  15. Well, I've been to supermarkets all over and i saw a lot of silver haired men and women, none of them were silver foxes.

  16. rewatching the series again and started to notice midway through that his hair turns from "kinda" black, to really black, haha!

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