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  1. few days ago I saw a Christian woman with scarf all around her head in the church….but guess what her shirt was so short as almost see her bikini…another example of hypocrisy

  2. The hypocrisy of it all so when smelly jews do it it's ''Fashion'' and ''beautiful'' and when muslims do it it's repressive go figure

  3. I love this soo much, and as a Muslim woman I can relate a lot defo would be a customer in their clothesline

  4. This is very interesting, I'm just confused by how they said cover knees, elbows, and collar bone but both of them had their elbows out in almost every outfit.

  5. I wish they would do something similar highlighting some Muslim designers re-styling and changing the attitudes towards hijabs and niqabs!!


  7. My daughter is a conservative Christian, and I'm not. When she decided to dress more modestly I thought she was going to look like a sister wife. But she actually always looks very cute. Kudos to these ladies who help people keep their faith and be beautiful at the same time.

  8. Lol Kate Middleton is not modest by their standards she shows her elbows collars bones and knees at the Same thing sure she has wore some modest looks but i don’t understand

  9. Thank you for being so open to learning about this orthodox section of Judaism. Thank you for not speaking down to the women. Thank you for making this a piece of celebration and not painting Hasidism as only repressive. Thank you for allowing these women to speak, instead of speaking over them.

  10. Really intrigued/ confused by the wig thing. What difference does it make in covering your natural hair with other hair?

  11. I'm a designer myself and I don't see what the big deal is. There are clothes out there that will cover any parts. I just don't get it.

  12. I loved seeing all these women support and empower each other. Building a comunity through fashion and being respectful and inclusive with each other's religion. Amazing queens.

  13. I just have to say: i 💘 how supportive and understanding their husbands are. Amd how they dont sabotage or make it about themselves

  14. I wouldn’t actually call them “trendy “ by any means…more like frompy. I have Christian and Muslim friends who are modest and actually dress very chic. They would never wear those oversized robes..gross

  15. Sorry but after watching what emotional and psychological abuse goes in on this community, I don’t care what fashion they are wearing. Women are enslaved in this community and sociopaths abound here.

  16. I love these fashions but this video confused me a bit because at the beginning you were talking about Hasidic Jews but they are aren’t Hasidic they are orthodox which is a large difference because Hasidic Jews are supposed to be of the world but not in the secular world where as orthodox can be in the world.

  17. America thinks that fashion is all about being sexy, but let's unpack that concept. The concept of beauty and sexy are two separate concepts. A person can be healthy, happy, confidant in who they are regardless of how much skin they show. I think the secular fashion world has linked sexy to beauty for too long, and have told women they have to be sexy in order to be beautiful. This isn't true. So, I completely applaud these women for what they are doing.

  18. Early in the vid they say covering the collarbone is required for modesty then show supposedly "modest" photos of Kate Middleton showing her collarbone in two of them.

  19. Whose hair was it originally! In India, poor women will often let monks at a temple cut it all off as a religious offering. They have no idea that it's going to be sold and resold to foreigners who visit India every year, multiple times until it is an expensive product made into a wig here. The women get paid nothing. Does anyone look into,the origins of the wig hair, in this community? What if it is come by, because of suffering, just like fur?

  20. I'm a Christian. As much as it sounds funny, I actually loved the wig part. You know, we cover our hair from scathing heat, pollution and might as well have different hair do's which we may not try them with our real hair otherwise!
    Anyway, I pray that everyone reading this message be blessed by YESHUA HA MASHIACH, the Son of GOD ! Amen ! HalleluYah 😃 😃
    HE is coming soon for His FAITHFUL. To take them to His heaven n leave every Unbelieving behind to the most troublesome times this world has ever seen !
    Have gotten ready for His Coming,with all Your SINS washed in His mighty blood that He shed on the Cross when He died ??
    Have you all gotten ready with all Your SINS confessed to HIM and REPENTED of them In HIS mighty Name??
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    I pray that you all SEE that TRUTH before it's too late !
    In mighty JESUS name, AMEN!!

  21. Reason is when a woman gets married her hair becomes considered a “private part” of her body , and now can only be revealed to her husband in privacy so a “wig” or any type covering conceals that and adds to her modesty . This is Jewish kabbalah law and the source for woman hair covering which in modern times allows then to feel and look beautiful at the same time fulfilling the covering of her natural hair. It’s not about the beauty part but concealing the natural parts for her husband

  22. So basically these women try to show that all these restrictions connected with the female body are not bad and this is not an oppression but liberation and empowerment. The same arguments which use Muslims who advocate a necessity of hijab.

  23. Why not just admit that "modesty dressing" and "covering a matron's hair" IS ABOUT REPRESSION.  No one argues the rules which describe repressing men aren't repression – why make believe the restrictions on women aren't restrictions? Just admit it. It'll feel good to be truthful. Then you can defend it in honesty by explaining your reasons for believing repression has upsides as well.

  24. I wouldn't have known they were wearing wigs! They look a lot better than the wigs our moms used to wear back in the day. But the clothing makes them look like they're wearing 2 sizes too large. It doesn't have to be tight fitting, but it needs to be less like a potato sack with a belt.

  25. I appreciate their desire for modesty, but honestly hearing them and their husbands talk, along with the women of other faiths at the pop up, they don’t strike me as particularly deep, any of them, and there’s an air of snootiness. And ya, being a rabbi or a pastor has NEVER meant you are necessarily deep

  26. This may be my 1st comment, ever. And I cannot believe I'm just seeing this 5 years later, but I HAVE to say, BRAVO!!! Thank you for presenting this in such a beautiful, cool, informative, respectful way. I have seen so many docs that judge beliefs, standards, traditions that they don't believe in or understand & present things as if the people need to be saved or freed from them. You gave it the respect it deserves & presented it as the beautiful thing that it really is. Kudos @Refinery29!! You guys are the coolest!!!

  27. Someone please to teach these Jews how to bath with soap and occasionally wash their hair. ESPECIALLY when they travel by plane!

  28. judasim/ Christianity
    We dont allow to wear jeans and leggings because it not modest why because it show you curves and (our religion don't teach our to wrap but cover with dress and skirts) it attractive the boys or the same geneder as you and they imagining doing (sex ,dirty ways)with you god actually see them (in judasim imagining /imaginations consider as rape and you become sinner )that why men and women should down their gaze down and pray for that person (dress in the immodest ways) and the sin go to that person too (men or women dress in that ways) that person because they dress in immodest ways because they let this imaginations to be created (some people doing their imaginations by physically rape , some people let this imaginations go) because that person didn't dress in immodest ways it doesnt mean that you can rape her or him no it thier body don't touch girl or men without thier permissions it doesn't matter if they naked or not , people (men or women dress in immodest ways because they want attention they want to be accepted so they prefer this ways (to dress in immodest ways) but everyone inside want to be accepted the way they are without showing your body money …without changing themselves and accept them with thier appearance . Shabbat shalom

  29. Jewish women running their own business?? Who would have known??😱

    Lol Shalom to you guys
    Proverbs 31

  30. Quite ugly and unflattering sacks of fabric. The hair thing is gross why would you wear someone else's hair. is your husband so jealous and possessive that you cant show your own hair??? its not to do with god or spirituality, its oppression and manipulation of the mind.

  31. I believe that you can be fashionable and or sexy without showing any skin its how you carry yourself

  32. i appreciate all cultures and religions. that's free will. but, love isn't biased. we can add veganism to the mix, for a start. one thing we all know is that all sentient beings desire safety, security, and love. we could have been bugs. why are we superior? because religious relics tell us so? aren't we here to evolve?

  33. Are muslimas here to answer me a question I am curious of? Would it be allowed for you to wear a wig (synthetic though) instead of a hijab? Or not at all? And if not, may I ask why? Thank you for your answers! 🤗

  34. Wearing a wig — isn't that following the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law? Especially when you can look more alluring and sexy with a beautiful wig on as on these women.

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  36. This how ALMIGHTY GOD meant for women to be!!! I’m a man an I’m attracted to a real woman not disreputable ones who dress like prostitutes

  37. I appreciate the dress code and the modesty… But, Honestly, why wear ANOTHER PERSONS HAIR on top of your own hair.. What kind of market and business is that. The only people whom should wear wigs are self conscience people whom are bald or balding; Do not wear other people hair over your perfectly fine hair, that is weird and kind of gross.

  38. Wearing other people's hair over top of your perfectly fine hair is kind of cannibal-esk .. it is like the Texas chain saw massacre guy making masks out of other people skin and faces; It's gross and weird.

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