ModulesGarden Multibrand For WHMCS 1.5.0

ModulesGarden Multibrand For WHMCS 1.5.0

Hello! Would you like to manage multiple brands on
multiple websites using just a single WHMCS installation? Nothing easier! Multibrand For
WHMCS module is the solution you are looking for! For those of you, who are handling at least
two separate brands on two different websites, or are planing to do so in the near future,
this module will definitely turn out to be a great convenience. Instead of having separate
WHMCS for each service, you will keep all data in one place. Clients, products, billings,
incomes, support tickets… Everything managed from one system. Moreover, you will be able to edit your brands
with just a few clicks. Change the client area templates, logo, company name, language
and a lot more. All the modifications are carried out instantly so you will be able
to see them on the run, or preview them directly from the admin area.
As a result, depending on the products or services bought, as well as visited websites,
the client area will be automatically adjusted to a corresponding brand. One of the most important functionalities
of the module is flexible and intuitive tool for assigning and migrating your customers.
You can freely assign your clients to any brand and unassign them at any moment. What
is more, you can migrate currently assigned customers between your existing brands along
with all their details like products, orders or invoices. Multibrand For WHMCS not only enables you
to easily manage your brands and clients, but also payment gateways. The module has
been integrated with PayPal and 2CheckOut, allowing you to use separate payment gateways
for each brand. Worth mentioning is also the possibility of
assigning products groups and even individual products to your brands. You can either decide
to offer the same product for all your brands or completely different one for each brand. That is still not over. Multibrand For WHMCS
has an impressive built in report system that will let you track clients, orders, invoices
and much more. This amazing module will not only raise new possibilities but also let
you save countless hours of your valuable time, not to mention money. Our module will once and for all change the
way you perceive your work. Reduce the management procedures to just a few clicks and observe
how easy your work is becoming. If that is not convincing enough, then think about reducing
maintenance cost of your business! Order Multibrand For WHMCS today and change your
business, for the better!

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  1. Aaaaaargh! that is not a good comment!.. Im an AVID supporter of MG's products and have had multiple ones made for our company and currently have 1 being redone with extra configuration, I am lookin at the MultiBrand exactly and I am sort of cautious now.. I did leave MG a ticket asking for a free trial can't see it on the page unless I am to put $149 in the hands of MG first. I will wait on the ticket reply.

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