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  1. They are playful about a chicken’s tail… I mean “butt” as if this animal never went through pain and suffering to be put on that plate. Disgusting.

  2. Instead on lending a hand to all of those that are secluded to improve a poor situation. You give the worst example possible. Such a poor executive choice. Unsubscribing.

  3. Honey should be taken separately. … two spoons a day morning and evening. … or you can take it in cold beverages. ..milk ; juices etc… or with cold milk …. even that should not be taken to your stomach in hot food or hot beverages. ….

  4. good to know they're keeping limits on how many people are there…..the RIGHT amount of people…….


  5. Love y’all but why couldn’t you adjust Olive Oil to 1/3cup when you kud specify “micro plain” haha. How many test runs are ran through?

  6. Thank you Molly fof being honest with us. ❤
    May God bless you and keep you in the name of His beloved son Yeshua ❤ that you may keep growing in Him and know what is to sing a song of joy for mourning. That in death we can see His salvation, the blood of His son for our death and eternal life in the resurrection with Him.

  7. Did the other chicken even go in the oven? Cause it kind looks like it's sitting on the stovetop at 8:02.

    Don't lie to use Molly.

  8. So, in so many cooking shows, the chef touches raw meat, and then grabs oil bottles, sauce tubs, and pepper mills–are they washing their hands in between? It's against everything food safety rules I had to learn for a food handling license.

  9. Can we get an episode where we go on location and learn how raw animal meat is sterile these days? Chefs handling raw meat and then touching anything without health concern goes against all my training and how I was raised, so I'm wondering if tech has evolved us past all that, or if was I told a bunch of false beliefs about it. Yay, Science!

  10. my danish grandma calles the "pope nose" præstens næse which…means the priests nose……but still, fun to see that its a thing so far away too!!

  11. Anyone else cringing b/c she touched raw chicken, then touched the counter and multiple cooking utensils….or just me

  12. I tried this, it was so good! But cooked half a chicken in a turbo broiler for 1 hr in the same temp. Turned out a bit dry

  13. Love this ! I would absolutely love to see a video or article on how to pair side dishes to mains (flavour pairing) 🙂

  14. "Put it in the oven at 300 degrees" and "depending on how hot your oven is" made me stop and take a double take

  15. Nice….handle a raw chicken with your bare hands, and touch everything in sight…oil dispenser butter container….without washing your hands, or having ingredients prepared. Interesting

  16. I made this for dinner tonight and it’s so good except I couldn’t be wandering the town looking for gojugaru so I had to use sciracha mixed with some honey instead… when this is all over though… when I’m allowed go to more than one shop….

  17. I like all the comments on Molly not washing her hands right after touching raw chicken. I don't think people would have even registered it normally, if we weren't all hyper-aware about handwashing right this moment.

  18. Did she touch her hair @1.30 . Handling or touching raw poultry . Just not on . Comment please. Noel Rooney.

  19. Thank you, Molly. Was about twenty minutes into watching the President's covid briefing and was scrolling down the youtube feed and saw you and a chicken. Much rather watch you!

  20. Sohla liking chicken butt is everything i love BECAUSE I ENJOY FRIED CHICKEN BUTT SKEWER AND NOBODY UNDERSTANDS

  21. Hey Molly, you need to do something about your hair. It doesn’t look too appetizing when you first touch the chicken and then your hair. Especially in these virus times!

  22. This popped up in my subscription feed the other day there, as I had a full chicken in the fridge and was interested to see what BA did with theirs.

    I just happened to have the same gochujang paste in my cupboard (I don't usually have the same ingredients in my house and would go out to get them when I need them, so was pleasantly surprised that I had everything for a change! ), so that made my dinner plans easy! Turned out super nice actually and now using the leftovers for a soup today! 😀

  23. I made this a couple of weeks ago. It was so good despite that I used a gochujang sauce, rather than paste. Now I am stocked up on the real gochujang paste and can't wait to make it again. Thank you for this easy, comforting and exciting recipe. <3

  24. Pat's chicken dry immediately runs finger thru hair. Seasoned chicken wipes hands on chicken blotted paper towel.

  25. This was D E L I C I O U S ! Going to remake this for sure. I used purely bone-in skin-on chicken thighs. Dark meat for the win.

  26. Molly, remove your ring before cooking please. You squeezed the lemon and the juice washed all the germs under your ring on to the food. Not clever!

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