Motivation Monday with Guest: Aaron Linsdau, Polar Explorer – Healthy Lifestyle Show

Motivation Monday with Guest: Aaron Linsdau, Polar Explorer – Healthy Lifestyle Show

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happy trails hiking calm slash store good morning to everyone in the chat
it’s good to see you Gary from life on the trail is here as well as Marty’s for
our family adventures Laurie bright and the outdoor Nomad today um we have a
great guest for you Matt and I met him by happenstance at a trailhead in Grand
Teton National Park and I am so glad that we did Aaron Linsdau is a polar
explorer and author he skied 720 miles alone in Antarctica walked across
Yellowstone National Park in the winter crossed the Greenland tundra alone has
slept in the Sahara Desert accepted attempted took
I’m Denali solo and successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus he
still has all of his fingers and toes quite an accomplishment another
accomplishment Aaron is an Eagle Scout and has received the outstanding Eagle
Scout award he’s using the strategies that he shares during his motivational
talks at conferences and conferences and meetings to increase resilience and
overcome adversity aaron has was able to set the world record for surviving the
longest expedition to the South Pole in history he was 82 days all alone on the
ice welcome Aaron it is good to see you today thanks for coming thanks for
having me on Appy trails hiking well it’s good to have you I’m glad that
you’re here hey guys if you all can share this out I
would love for more folks to meet Aaron today and he does have a YouTube channel
and that is down in the description and I’ve got some other links that I’ll
share with you throughout the show um I have to ask for some background here for
our audience what made you decide that you wanted to take a journey like this
across Antarctica oh we’re already getting into that why question those
more complex things the simple answer is that I wanted to get away from the work
that I was doing and it was a midlife crisis moment really where oh okay I’m
in midlife do I shave my head go bald to get a beard cut and buy the Corvette or
do I do something completely different and I’ve been training and working
towards going to Antarctica for years the timing was right the money was right
and I said you know what I need to leave the work place I’m in and let’s go do it
that the longer more complex stories as a kid I had always wanted to go to an
alien planet to go somewhere completely different and that’s exactly what I did
it was it was really a dream one of those childhood hey I love Star Wars and
Star Trek wouldn’t it be cool to be on some other
planet and after I saw pictures and National Geographic I think it was
around two thousand two or three of what the interior of Antarctica actually
looks like I got the thing in my head I just couldn’t get it out and it just I
would say slowly consume me but just became more and more in the forethought
of my mind of hey this is something I want to do and so I originally thought
oh I just want to go there take a cruise and then hey can you camp and then oh
can you ski there and this is begin if you’ll excuse the expression snowballing
into the most grandest expedition I could possibly conceive of until I ended
up doing what I did wow that’s that’s just amazing to me um
yeah we went through a midlife crisis a bit we did buy a Corvette I did not
shave my head but the bald fat guy thing that’s the way that goes a lot of time
he lives we have a splash raid today thank you for coming over timing this is
Erin Lynn Stone he is a friend of mine and well friend acquaintance we met on a
trail it’s all good but thanks ray haha it’s it’s a trail friend yes um anyway
and he is here to share his experiences about solo hiking across Antarctica
today um so he has a film on Amazon which is really really very good and you
all should um you all should go watch that um and Laurie Bryant is here she’s
my sister by the way Lauren by accident yes he she there is a bit of a delay so
we talk and then they get the talking here in a little in a little while about
45 seconds after we say something so um and Marty’s crew says we’re all friends
on the trail and that is true and that that’s one of the things that I’ve
learned to love about hiking is I can talk to just about anybody on the trail
and they’re gonna have something friendly to say most of the time um so
number two we always get around to food on this channel so um in your film you
show the food that you’re taking and how you
ship it all in its original containers and all that stuff but you also talk
about your breakfasts with breakfast dusts and butter we love talking about
food and it is a huge motivation for us so um would you like to talk about a
little bit more about the calories you consumed on your trek butter mm-hmm during the day you as a polar explorer
you have to drag a sled it’s usually around 300 to 330 pounds it’s roughly
equivalent to taking your refrigerator out knocking it down and dragging it for
hundreds and hundreds of miles and as you can imagine the workload is extreme
on that so you need a lot of food but also it’s super cold – 30 to minus 50
degrees which of course also requires a lot of food so most of the time you’re
burning anywhere from seven to ten thousand calories a minute it’s super
intense and the thing is you can humans can only normally consume about 6,000
calories before you just you just get sick so one of the things that I did was
I supplemented my food with butter and that was about 1/3 of my calories
because fat has roughly twice the caloric content compared to carbs and
proteins so even though I would have loved to have a steak or something one I
wouldn’t been able to keep it from spoiling – that’s a lot of food to carry
three you can’t bring up the chili straight out right and four there’s no
way to cook it that’s not possible so multiple aspects to why hey I would love
quote-unquote healthy food and I know your channel has healthy food on there
but this is purely a get the vitamins and minerals and as many calories as you
consume because one of the things the old saying is that in polar exploration
hunger and cold are your constant companions and that is utterly true now
as far as you were talking about breakfast
normally a breakfast was a cup of granola a cup of whole powdered milk
three heaping tablespoons of cane sugar sounds like your great breakfast and
stick a butter like this so Land O’Lakes right so I would normally what I would
do is I take the whole stick I would chop it up put it into my cereal cup and
then stir it up I would pour water in there and literally just put my titanium
spoon in there get a glop put it in my mouth and start chewing but one of the
problems is when you put your tongue on the flagpole at minus 30 degrees what
happens and kind of disintegrates and sticks glad it freezes so every morning
I’ve got this spoon that’s minus 40 degrees and I would have to put it on my
tongue I mean just like this endless series of minor annoyances that you have
to deal with so versatile like that is just simply are you willing to put up
with these things and not let them emotionally wear you down now as a
motivational speaker I talk about these things but I actually show people that
yes people talk about oh I do this that I will now put my butter where my mouth
is I would literally just unwrap a stick of butter like this and you do that
normally and in the morning I would just chop up the butter in the cereal and put
it in there but I would carry two sticks of butter a day so the second stick I
would eat my Laura bars or granola or our almonds and then with a stick of
butter I literally had to chew on that butter that’s part of my food now of
course you think I’m rude talking with my mouth full but literally that is what
you have to do to have enough calories to be able to do this sort of expedition
so in the realm of healthy eating and everything 6,000 calories a day probably
would kill you I’m not a doctor yeah yeah you wouldn’t be so slim fin fit and
trim that’s for sure yeah probably not butter or coconut oil or something is
key to success just because it’s all about calories because I would ski for
seventy-five man said time and rest for 15 minutes and no matter what I was
thinking well how thirsty I was and how hungry I was all the time it just
becomes an absolute obsession we have several questions about food and I knew
we would I do want to say hello to a few new people who have come in
while panic D paranormal history is here as well as Matt cook Oregon
Pam’s great after adventures within hiking distance and the video calling
show came in that’s awesome um so thank you Paul for being here this is Aaron
Lynch down he’s a polar explorer and motivational speaker and he hiked across
Antarctica to the South Pole and so I’m excited to have him here and yeah people
are saying healthy and things like that maybe they didn’t get the beginning
where they knew what was going on but oh one question
yeah healthy healthy when you’re you’re skiing that far and you’re all by
yourself and um what was Aaron’s favorite snack
during his adventure do you do you have a favorite snack the funny button thing
about the food is you actually have to eat the same thing every day because you
don’t want to have anything that bothers your stomach or weird you out because it
yeah I mean you’re thousands of miles from help so you the option of bringing
pepto-bismol it would freeze or tums if you have to do that constantly you’re in
real trouble but the food that I would eat would be mostly sweet and creamy up
to the afternoon and I would get sick of it so the salty almonds of Blue Diamond
smokehouse or the wasabi that was huge that was like a thank goodness give me
some salt give me some other food so that would really be the yay and also
brought shot blocks they’re little gummy sand that in little sleeve and grated
they would take a long time to eat I mean they felt like they’re gonna rip
out filling yeah that break from the constant sweet creamy and granola I mean
every day I would eat a full bar of lenss dark chocolate for 82 days every
day same thing the only real variety has maybe the flavor of Larabar crowbar and
then for dinner my freeze-dried food I had five
different variants but all the same sort of mountain house thing I learned the
hard way that lasagna is not a good choice because that cheese just
solidifies on the spoon it’s a major production to scrape that off with your
teeth so favorite snack was the near end of the day salty savory sort of thing to
get away sweets of the day um there was a suggestion that maybe a wooden spoon
would have been helpful I don’t know but they also are nomads it’s interested in
knowing how did you keep your food from freezing everything is a popsicle out
there ah okay absolutely so the butter being oil it never turned solid it was
it was like eating a bar of pretty solid sharp cheddar cheese the lower bars and
pro bars yeah they turn rock solid so at night what I would do is I would take
those bars put them in my jacket in my armpits or a thing very well put it’s
great place to put your food warm it up then take the bar and in the
back munch it until it was little chunks in that bag
and then during the day I would crack it open toss one in my mouth wait till it’s
softened up a bit and sure because people have broken teeth so all the
foods you have to bring you had to think if I threw this in the freezer for three
days and got it out could I eat it completely in ten minutes
the dark chocolate melts the cereal it’s all dried but you put the water in you
stir it up if that temperature it starts freezing pretty fast you have a slushy
for breakfast okay the almonds no problem freeze-dried of course you’ve
got the hot water but all the food is designed so it can be hard flash frozen
and still be eaten awesome okay well um we have a few new folks in the room Arta
morbid who’s from Chicago and you mentioned to me before the show that we
are gonna be in Chicago here soon yeah and Mama for is here and I think those
are all of our new folks so welcome to everybody here in the chat and my next
question for you is to prepare for the physical part of your
addition um to physically prepare you hiked in Greenland and you hiked in
Yellowstone in the winter yes how did you mentally and emotionally prepare for
being alone for so long eighty-two days that’s a long time to not see another
living being or tree or anything yeah it’s a essentially you end up in what’s
called solitary confinement probably the most effective punishment for humans
ever is you’re out there by yourself and so my objective knowing that I was going
to do this was that I would go backpacking the Sears I lived in
Southern California at that time so I could drive up but the whole idea was to
go out and just experience these things and do the challenges of backpacking I
would do up to 40 miles and a weekend simply to see okay how far can i push
myself knowing that I’m extremely fatigued I’m gonna have to drive home
six hours and I could get it home till 2:00 a.m. or something so I knew that
eventually I was going to do this I had to get out there and put myself in
tougher and tougher circumstances knowing that I had to build that up so
it wasn’t just out of the blue work hey I’m gonna go do this by myself I mean
there were only three Americans who have ever succeeded in skiing solo to the
South Pole I’m number two so it it’s one of those challenges I’ve had other
people call and ask hey I wanna do this expedition there was a lawyer from
Colorado a couple years ago tried it and he said I’m looking to say expedition I
have lots of experience rolling across the Atlantic in the Indian Ocean with
teams and all that and I said oh wait a minute have you ever done an expedition
by yourself an extreme cold for say ten days he said no no I’ll be fine I said
okay don’t take this wrong but you’ve got a wife and kids right yes the
justification system in your mind will kick in and what I mean by that is that
your brain is going to start giving you excuses to say I’m gonna quit because my
my legs itch or my hair hurts I mean my hair would literally start to hurt it
the weirdest thing ever but my body would start giving me any excuse and
reason to quit and so in knowing that that would likely happen I would do
these longer and longer tricks by myself to prepare for the experience but really
I loved it simply because it was me and me alone that when things went wrong
that was my fault when things went great I would say that’s homas more luck and
blessing than anything else but going and doing these solo tricks by myself in
the years leading up to this made it so that I was relatively capable I mean my
mind still weirded out from the lack of environmental feedback since I had white
and maybe a blue sky I started seeing color blobs in the snow I would see
Ravens in the sky in my peripheral vision I mean your brain just goes weird
and mine is no exception so that’s just a thing of being a humanist you have to
know that those experiences are out there you’re going to get a flood of
emotions especially when things go wrong and yes all right this has gone bad but
that’s okay I’m still alive I’m uninjured is it possible to keep going
and it is you’d be amazed what you can do given the right motivation so is that
how you got this was a little further down but is that how you got past your
own negative self-talk because I know you had monster with you I have Trekker
I’m not alone all the time but but I know you had monster with you and
monster who was was he like your Wilson and so is that how you kind of got
through your negative self-talk because in the movie there are some times when
you’re like oh I’m an idiot and you know I just I could feel that for you I was
like oh my gosh so yeah you can really take you over in it I struggle with that
a lot because you begin the the tuna death spiral where you just start going
deeper and deeper and I started thinking like won’t wait hang on back up because
what happens when you’re outside skiing and this happens from me and everybody
else is that the weather it’s tough that the loads wind all these things but as
soon as I would be done with my day I would set up the tent and jump
side it was the calming effect because around day 50 the tint actually became
my psychological home where everything had its place I felt comfortable I’d hop
in it oh it’s not so bad and so I knew that that at the end of the day I had
that place where I could pop in the stress of work if you will would go away
even though I had a lot more work to do but knowing that I had someplace to
escape in granted it was a tent in the middle of Antarctica was everything a
place where I could hang my troubles and that that really helped me out sure
question from within hiking distance who is watching that they’ve done a lot of
hiking around in the western US but they’re wondering how long you trained
before you in total uh ten years of prison training okay I had from
Greenland Antarctica was four years so I had that that expedition across the
Greenland and Tundra by myself which was probably not that intelligent and then I
had a couple different expeditions in Yellowstone either crossing the park
going in looping out just constantly doing those things but the final
physical push one towing tires for eight hours a day that was about six months I
started in there maybe five months started in June and kicked off the
expedition in November so it takes a long time to build up not only the
strengthen your muscles but also in your tendons and ligaments because and with
that kind of load it’s relatively easy if you’re not trained to tear and
Achilles or something catastrophic so building up your connective tissue
strength was key well I mean just on the death canyon trail hike that I met you
on we did three and a half miles up and three and a half miles down and we well
we hadn’t been hiking long distances or you know any elevation at all and so
yeah my knees are all wobbly so I can’t even imagine um Laurie Bryant wants to
know what’s the name of his movie and that’s Antarctica tears and I also
dropped the link to his books in the chat
and that is his website as well there so guys if you want to hit that link it
will take you to all of Aaron’s stuff um if there are any other questions please
make sure you put at happy trails hiking that’ll allow me to see them people have
been doing that pretty well though so um for those you might be new in the chat
this is Aaron Lewis now polar explorer motivational speaker and hiked across
Antarctica to the South Pole now um I noticed that in your movie
you came sort of home agai ver um well because you can’t carry a toolbox with
you obviously but everything quote unquote and I don’t that might be my
quote but you feel like everything was breaking at some point do you want to UM
well talk about how many times you thought okay that’s it this thing broke
I’m done I’m gonna die out here interestingly enough I mean I will
honestly say I never had the thought of it’s over I’m throwing in the towel it
was a I saved and planned and trained for this for so long I I mean I would
say bankrupted myself but all of my cash was into this expedition as well north
of six figures I mean it’s ridiculous but I am when my my first set of skis
broke on my sleds I just got super upset more of how could this happen to me why
didn’t I see this coming once that happen I knew that eventually
the second set would fail so I had that the shovel breaking was pretty severe
but I knew I can get through that because I could still kneel down and
just use the blade of the shovel my ski boots even though they’re $2,000 special
custom order from Norway that was like oh my gosh you freaking kidding me
the sleds runners braking was salvation because that allowed me to create this
clamp to glue my boots back together so even though you might have these
tragedies you know after all this horrible maybe just maybe that is
something preparing you or giving you a tool that
in the future will enable you to do something that you couldn’t have done
otherwise I mean if those sled runners and brackets didn’t break I don’t no
idea how it would have fixed my boots the see that broke I started getting a
little bit of mildew in the tent because even though it’s minus 40 degrees the
solar radiation is so intense that any moisture on the tent would actually
start to grow a life I mean I’m a fanatic about keeping things clean
though it’s just super hard to do the one where I knew I was like oh I’m in
trouble is when I coughed up blood that was the this isn’t good and I didn’t
tell anyone because if I did I don’t know that you mentioned that in the
movies yeah that’s in the book oh it’s in a book yeah blood was I would say
near catastrophic because if I would have told the company that was
maintaining me and watching me they would have evacuated me Wow and so it’s
one of those well kicking the antibiotics start cranking on this
knowing that this is and that was early on day 12 or 16 because I had bronchitis
I mean the worst possible setup so it was an ultimate are you willing to take
this pile of junk and keep moving forward
simply question of life really okay um sorry I’m reading and trying to talk the
same time life on the trail has a question that says what was the legal
authorization or permit process like to get permission to do an excursion across
Antarctica oh that’s that’s a good one so as an American citizen traveling with
Antarctic logistics and expeditions alae I was able to go under their banner and
flag and I didn’t I didn’t have to do any paperwork they do have to file all
sorts of things but that’s why you pay a fortune to deal with that you could if
you decided you had the chutzpah and the boat to do it you could sail to
Antarctica cruise around and come back there’s no one to stop you Antarctica’s
under a treaty of 50 or 56 countries whatever it is now but there there’s no
police force there’s no hey you can’t come here do not enter if you can
somehow to get to Antarctica and cruise around technically you’re supposed to
have a permit but yeah good luck yeah for me I didn’t have to do anything but
other people from other countries you do have to do that based on your status in
the treater it’s really it’s really quite a thing and it’s a process gotcha
gotcha yeah um so I guess I have two questions left and we have about four
minutes left the half a pie really fast so um this is motivation Monday and you
motivated me to work harder and drive more and watching your movie is one of
the things you know a lot of people work out to music and things but I’m like if
Aaron can do that I can do one more set of or one more rep of whatever so and as
a matter of fact the day I met you on the trail
I made that made the plan for this for the healthy lifestyle show now so as a
motivational speaker who motivates you hmm who benefits you Darth Vader I’ll
show you so in order to be Lori you have to be
able to do this and this is literally the look you have to do right so who
overweights me is the people in my life and then my family where I say hey you
know what then you have to look like a crazy bad guy from space and you got to
do some pretty wacky things so my grandfather was huge and instrumental
and me going on this expedition almost everybody else was pooh-poohing it but
he was the huge motivator when you hear a crazy idea and I have a lot of them I
fish it out knowing that most people say hey that’s that’s nuts but I find the
one person whoever it is in my world that says hey
sounds fun and I live off that so usually my grandfather will do that he’s
93 but it when you have wacky wacky ideas it’s actually hard to find people
to go rah-rah for you yeah awesome well that’s great it’s it’s great that
people that you have a person in your life that will do that I I think that
everybody needs that and that’s kind of the place where I come every day is that
you know bringing people here or motivational under names who try to be
the rah-rah person for them so this is awesome Wow
thank you um our team urban whose name’s Frank um says Erin looks like an awesome
and fun guy props to this amazing person I just met him today but it’s great it’s
great and it’s got some great stories on his channel by the way I’m gonna buy
this book this afternoon because obviously the movie doesn’t tell all of
it um but speaking of your book and film what
is the one takeaway that you want people to get from your story
the biggest takeaway is that your your background your financial history I your
gender your height your strength doesn’t matter because if you look at me I mean
this jackets all bulky I’m just trained that it’s the skinny computer engineer
met another Explorer and Antarctica she’s five foot four from Greenland if
she’s 110 pounds she dragged her sled across the continent to so the biggest
takeaways wherever you came from wherever you grew up however you came to
be where you are that absolutely does not determine your future my parents
work minimum-wage jobs and the 70s through the 80s and so they they came up
a bit so I didn’t come from money I didn’t come from some Harvard education
the key thing is to think oh I don’t have this or that that’s bull you can do
the craziest things in your life because it takes no more energy to have a grand
dream than it does a small dream awesome I agree completely and I’ve been
watching Aaron since we got back from Grand Tetons and it’s when July so about
two months now and Aaron does go home again and you can
see the trailer park that Aaron grew up in on his channel which I found very
very interesting and bedroom yeah it was it was just a it was a wonderful video
just watching Aaron explore his old stomping ground yeah thank you so much
for being with us today Aaron it’s been awesome having you thank you
if y’all hang out for just a second I’ll finish out the show be right back – yeah
okay okay all right guys um if you’ve enjoyed this interview if
there were there are three things I need you to do one share this video to give
others a little bit of motivation to subscribe to Aaron’s YouTube channel buy
his books watch his movie visit us website let him know that you met him
here and three this one’s kind of important and I’m learning about all the
time three come back and leave a comment on this video
once it processes just to say hey I really enjoyed this live because it will
help the YouTube SEO find it better because the more comments it gets after
the fact the more it lets YouTube know that people actually want to see it so
those are my three requests for you today if you enjoyed this video my
request for you every day is to go out and live the life you love today thank
you so much for being here today and remember you are not replaceable have a
great day guys

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  1. This was a great show Kay! Aaron's story was very interesting and definitely motivating. What a down to earth man! I think this interview made Evan want to ski across Yellowstone in winter 😉

  2. During the 82 day trek Aaron made, in support as his aunt, I made at least 2 laps around the town park near my house. I counted steps. When it was done and we received the satellite phone call, “I’m at the South Pole”, I totaled up those steps and I was blown away at how many steps I had traveled. Snow, ice sub-zero, I did not kiss a day. I could only imagine the steps he had taken. I am very proud of this and all his accomplishments. I cried at the end of this interview. He is and always be my hero.

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