100 thoughts on “‘My Brother Is Addicted To the ‘Bad And Boujee’ Lifestyle,’ Says Woman

  1. What’s up with everyone wanting to be insta famous these days??? They’re not being realistic, not everyone gets that opportunity. To make matters worse, all these parents are enabling their kids addictions yet turn around and throw pity parties for themselves. If I were her his dumbass would’ve been kicked to the curb a long time ago. Not worth losing my house/sleep over! I’ll be damned if I let my son take advantage of me like that.

  2. wow Why everybody hating on him he shouldn't be respectful or good even toward his family this is America full freedom of choice shouldn't be questioned no body should gets questioned for what he is doing stop the hate all kids of America and free country should act what they want you shouldn't tell him what to do from the day you gave birth for them they are free to do what they want they are not your slaves you should feed them and give them money but you shouldn't tell them what to do stop the hate and freedom hating in your hearts I imagrat to the US to have my freedom not gets questioned and everybody in the US have the same rights kids or adults you shouldn't interfere with there lifes you should give them money and provide for them because you are the ones who brought them to this world I imagrat here to escape the few freedom I was having in my country we aren't allowed to touch women there sexually if we aren't married to them we shouldn't drink or buy girls what you call them prostitutes here we aren't allowed to do whatever we want in the streets there we should praise the freedom we having here in the US not condemned it you should be grateful

  3. Why are we even acknowledging these freaking twats?! Your giving them what they want by putting them on tv. Bad press is better than no press? I think ole Dr Phil needs to be checked for enabling…..

  4. What is with people tattooing their faces? I’m all for tattoos but I don’t get the appeal of facial tattoos? And why does he expect his mom to support him still? Wtf?

  5. My clothes are worth less then 1/3 of his but I have my own home (own it) along with my car (own it) and the numbers in my bank acct will make happy for a verry long time!!!!! The only thing I'm missing is the laugh I'll soon get when I see him in a orange suite…I know someone just like him!!!! Jason Dale Thompson is his name…a con artist who screwed me as well….both of them are the same type of people! Leches ! And In the end will wind up where they belong
    …prison for life. Gay or not this bad boys deserve life in prison

  6. Dude the clothes don't make the man , the man makes the clothes. .if you're in good shape you look good in cheap jeans and a t shirt .. designer clothes can't hide the gut …wearing a girdle, yes sir a shaper is a man girdle…you should be emabarrased looking like that and wearing a girdle… please don't be gay we have enough fat doughy gays..

  7. Keep promoting these people and help the drug users and alcoholics. They saw Danielle Bregoli get famous off clout chasing and has started a new wave of weirdos.

  8. He's clearly a sociopath and narcissistic but there's something else… he really is delusional he doesn't understand reality.

  9. My children all are hard working young adults my youngest is 21 and in the Navy he is a IT going for Officer rating (I have 6, 3 girls n 3 boys) Proud single mother 🦇🖤❤

  10. See
    This is why you dont give a lord of the underworld (king of thought so his get handed to him by all) access to a super computer. Now that it's on the internet I'm going to excel. Talk about schizo XD. This is fun america. I'm a douche bag with this much knowledge. Alpha omega perhaps?… to my own judgement..

  11. hello. my name is Jesse. two days ago my baby godson jameson died of an unknown illness as of right now, and after losing our grandmother in march and having to afford her funeral, cremation, and the financial mess she has left us in with our house, we don’t have any funds to provide a funeral or creamation if my cousin choses to do so. this was very unexpected, and tragic. Jameson was the love of our lives, and i’m reaching out for help. i started a go fund me page and if you or anyone on your team could look at it and maybe share it, that would be amazing, and mean so much to my family. the link to his go fund me is in my bio. thank you so much, and god bless.

  12. I have come to confirm the teachings of jesus christ. I'm his brother hades. I mean…gabriel? Endless cycle really he created me so I could create myself. Direct blood line to apollo you know? Ra? Ring a bell? Huh… ok well he said I'm learning how to walk on water so I'll prove it by 35 hopefully. The muscles of bounancy take long durations of muscle memorization… you wouldnt know anything about thar… that's ancient chinese… anyways..

  13. Wow I'm super jealous of his looks. I am from Europe & have a few disabilities. I get picked on for that. He looks so good.

  14. y’all low for attacking his appearance. i don’t like him either, but for his entitled attitude.
    making things about physical attributes drops you down to their level.

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