My Everyday Natural Makeup Routine | Lucie Fink

My Everyday Natural Makeup Routine | Lucie Fink

Hey guys! My hair’s dirty. Woo! Today I’m gonna do a very highly requested
video and I’m gonna show you my everyday makeup
routine. I’m not a big makeup person. I don’t know that much about makeup, so I would never consider myself a beauty
guru or someone who can give you that many details
about makeup. But, I do like wearing makeup! So I just washed my whole face and I’m starting
out with a fresh, clean base. And I’m gonna get started! So this is the foundation I’ve been using
recently, it’s Maybelline Matte+Poreless. 125. I normally use a beauty blender but my beauty
blender broke in half – how did that even happen? So for the past few days I’ve been
applying this foundation with my fingers. Very clean and washed fingers! Remember, don’t put dirty fingers on your
face. So I sort of just put it all around my face, and then I just blend it in. Oh yeah! I make sure that there are no harsh lines
on my jaw, and then…it’s done! Ok. Next, I focus on my eyebrows and I use this
Brow Power brow stick. On one end it’s one of these guys, and on
the other end, if you twist it, it’s a brow stick. I usually just put this end on my brows first
and I just sort of fill them in. Especially towards this middle section where
I feel like it’s the most gappy. And then I take this end and I just sort of
brush them up, and then kind of on a diagonal – off to
the side. And just like that, brows are done. We’re moving fast! Next, I look at my face, and I’m like, “Wow! Lucie,
you’re so pale, you need some color!” This is the bronzing brush I’ve been using. I got it from Package Free, which is Lauren
Singer’s Zero Waste shop in Brooklyn, and it’s completely compostable, so you
can actually take this top piece off when you’re
done with it and replace it with a new one, and that way
you never need to get rid of the bottom. Physician’s Formula Pearls of Perfection
Multi-Colored Bronzing Pearls. Oops! I just dropped them all over my floor. They’re actually really cool; they’re
all different sizes and colors, and they’re a little bit
shiny. And I go on my cheekbones. And then up around my forehead. And my chin. This is an everyday makeup look so I’m not
doing any sort of contouring, but usually when I go out at night on the
weekends I do some sort of contouring because I think
it’s really fun to contour, but I just don’t
have time for it every day. Next, I’ve been using this Rimmel London
highlighter and bronzing palette. And it has a highlighter, a bronzer and a
blush. I don’t usually use the highlighter unless
I’m doing some sort of contouring, so I usually just
use the bottom two. And I mix them together. And then…give myself some color. I’m finally not The Ghost of Christmas Past,
so it’s time to put on my eyeliner. I don’t know where I picked up this technique
or why I started doing it, but I actually don’t
usually use regular eyeliner, I use brow powder
as my eyeliner. This is a black brow powder that I got in
Blink Brow Bar. I open it up, I run the tip under water for
a split second, and then I just paint a line on my eyes. And it’s usually very messy, so I usually
get it on the top and bottom, and then – OW – and then,
once I’m done, I take a Q-Tip and I clean it off. Recently I’ve been using these colored liquid
liners on top of the black to just add a little cool
pop. I’m gonna do the green. Alright! My eyeliner is done, and now it’s time for
mascara. This Mac Instacurl Lash! And I really love this, too, because look
how cool it is. You pull it out, and then this top part twists,
and it changes the shape. So if you twist it this way, it sort of straightens
out, and if you twist it this way, it curls up. And I like to use it curled because then it
fits the curve of my eyes. And my sister told me that Coco Chanel said
never to put mascara on your bottom lashes, but I do it anyway. Oops. I have some breakouts on my nose and my forehead
that I want to cover up, so I use this L’Oreal Bare Naturale Powder. Pretty good! An the last thing I have to do before I walk
out the door is put a lip on. And if I’m going for a natural look, I usually
go for this Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick in Candy
K because it’s very neutral colored. And I usually go a little outside the lines. And that’s it! That is my natural everyday makeup routine. When I’m not talking through the routine,
that usually takes me about 2-5 minutes total, so it’s very fast, very efficient, and I
think it comes out pretty natural. Thank you so much for coming back to my channel. I promise more videos are on the way. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please click
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80 thoughts on “My Everyday Natural Makeup Routine | Lucie Fink

  1. Thanks for watching my everyday makeup look video! Let me know what other videos you wanna see me make!!! Thanks for being the best fans ever 🙂

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  5. Love it! I always struggle so hard when it comes to eyeliner. There always has to be an eye that looks perfect and the other looks sloppy, I just cannot figure it out 🤣

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    I️ was wondering if you could do an tutorial on your short wavy hair that you wear a lot. I️ just recently gotten a lob and I️ need some help styling it

  10. I just subscribed cuz I really like you're personality also I have a question … why do people who do makeup for a video pretend to laugh because I find it weird/hilarious

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  14. I really like the face I might do that from now on daily and do more extreme at night. Then just do fun eyes with it. But my face is so dry latley and breaks out. So maybe less product would help. And this looks so cute!!!!

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