If you can see it from the front, wait till you see it from the back back back back back y’all my mom tried it hey guys welcome
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today I have an exciting video that I’ve been wanting to do for a little minute
my mom picked my Fashion Nova outfits and I am so excited cuz one I like
clothes – two I like fashion Nova and three I got faith in my mother woo! I literally haven’t tried anything yet I haven’t seen anything yet there was a
little misunderstanding why my mom accidentally ordered me a size pair zero
jeans so I did have to open the bag I gave those away to an old roommate,
she loved them we reordered them in my actual size so those are the only things
I’ve seen since this fall you know hot girl fall I told her to get like fall
theme so I’m gonna just stop talking now cuz I’m excited I’m ready to
put these clothes on with all that being said let’s get
right into the video I’m gonna call my mom because I realized
that I don’t really know what goes with what okay so she’s not answering the phone so
we’re gonna have to just guess I’m just gonna dump all these out oh she’s calling back hello yeah -she said anything we’ll go with
anything so I guess I’m gonna split the office together myself so this should be
interesting I’ll be right back okay so outfit number
one I’m wearing the the Leah lace-up back sweater and the color ivory and
these jeans are called the hug me so tight jeans and the sweaters in the size
of large my jeans are actually in a size 15/16 I really love this outfit I love
sweaters hoodies this material is like it’s not too uncomfortable I just feel
like fall it’s that season to wear sweaters for no reason what?!?
bro what are you talking about man? anyways the jeans- I love the jeans so
much the jeans have rips literally going all the
way like down, but you can’t really see them I might honestly cut these jeans a little
more cause I love ripped jeans so she got that down! There’s like this little lace-up in the back and I really like it the sweater itself is like hi-low I really love this outfit
like this is me I got my little layered necklace on with it I could see me
wearing this to class good job mom I wasn’t really that worried but good job
I will rate this outfit ten point five out of ten just because like I feel like
this is so me on to the next outfit BAM so this is the second outfit these jeans
this outfit is so cute I don’t normally buy shirts this shirt looks in the
mirror I’m not wearing the bra I know mind yo business I’m feeling this I really like this color on me, these jeans are called
the adrial distressed jeans in the color dark denim size 15 and the shirt is
Giving me the feels sweater and the colored mauve- is that what it’s called? It is called giving me the feels sweater and it’s giving me the feels for real oh I rate this outfit a 10 and
the thing is the jeans I actually have Jeans simil- I can’t speak english I’m sorry I’m a junior in
college I still can’t speak English anyways, I had jeans like this before they were not from fashion nova I don’t know where they’re from actually but literally like
I was having deja vu when I put these on so wait a minute wait a minute
wait a minute I could’ve sworn I had jeans like this before
I don’t know if ya’ll can tell, but I kind of think I’m the ish right
now so you can’t tell me nothing I’m done I’m done playing with y’all, next outfit.
Y’all, my mom tried it she tried it with this next one she knows how I feel about dresses
bruh she knows how I feel about fitted dresses sometimes I buy them and I
literally don’t wear them cuz I’m self-conscious… is that what it’s called self
conscious I’m outta breath cuz I’m self-conscious about my umm my little
belly you know as most girls are when they wear these dresses but yo I feel so
like not me Oh I don’t even wanna turn around honey,
zayum this is a sexy dress though not gonna lie. This is like, a dress to show out in lowkey, I think it’s cuz the red I like it though because
it’s like fitting around here so it makes me like you know… kind of look like I got
some type of little curves going on honestly I kind of like it like this
color lowkey looks good on my skin don’t mind my tan line guys I got like 10 shades blacker oh you know I kinda like this like this is a cute dress I would
have never like bought this for myself and it’s like a very like thick material
it’s super fitted so it kind of holds me and you feel me okay mom I see what
you’re doing, I like it, okay let me stop I rate this a 9.5, this is the type of
dress that takes confidence honey I gotta walk like POW buss down thotiana, I wanna see you buss down this dress is giving me Latina dance night it’s soft material
completely opposite from the dress I just took off that they can fit it this
is like then and flowy like this dress is called the shirley wrapped mini dress
in a size large color black obviously I really like this because it’s not
fitted but it’s like cinched up here so you can kind of see my waist but down
here it’s all flowy so you can’t really see my lil tummy I’m not pregnant by the way I don’t know why I be doing that. I’m sorry I was taking
thumbnails anyways so this is the last outfit and I rate this an 8.5 only
because I I don’t know where I’ll wear this like I really don’t I feel like
this is one of those dresses I might have but not really wear that often I actually think overall my mom’s
doing a pretty good job oh thank god and I’m glad everything fit so if you
like this video don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe to my channel baby
because it post every week twice a week I hope you all really enjoyed this video
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know my Instagram is Lort.pls and my Snapchat is mindless_galaxy with all
that being said


  1. Them blue jeans did it for me! You looked absolutely great in that 2nd outfit. Blue is my favorite color and them jeans were really cute. Great video!

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