my sister styles me!! (bilingual hihi)

my sister styles me!! (bilingual hihi)

i’m always eating in your videos yup with your mouth open too we can’t forget that that’s the way to savour your food i have to tell you something how do we say i can’t wait in english i took out a bunch of things you didn’t even take off the tag i know do i do i pick out a coat too? no coat oh no no no did you hear that fanon does that 24/7 it’s so annoying what are you talking about no but because this and this mila is it these you’re talking about i almost fell um wait no because you know what i saw an outfit but maybe not all blues are ugly with jeans okay can you put on the pants so i can see if it goes well together you have to make up the outfit and after well how am i supposed to know if it goes well together can i try it on i don’t fit into your pants you have to imagine it in your head a lil song? a lil tik tok dance? go for it okay i’ve haven’t seen you wear this shirt once in your life do your boobs fit? no but this is kinda big we have no boobs what? why? so this shirt doesn’t fit? no but oh yeah this is a going out shirt this could be nice with a — no you’re the one who bought the shirt can i have it? but you haven’t worn it.. if it fits me can i just try it on k i’m putting it aside you have to tell me what you’re doing ok so right now i’m trying to find this shirt i like i don’t know how you attach this piece of fabric this covers nothing this is too pale but i want to find a shirt for these pants it’s going to be annoying for you to translate everything yeah it’s going to be annoying i like it too do we see your bra with this shirt? okay it think i’m just going to go for it because i like how these colours can you say “coordinate” the light brown so we’re going in with a first outfit just kidding it caught my earring oh this is my favourite shirt who is he talking to? poor azza we’re sending our prayers where are your low rise jeans? the ones you always steal from me? i don’t know they’re probably dirty well it’s like the only pants i’ve tried in my life that fit me nicely and after you tell me brandy jeans don’t fit you you’re lying all my brandy jeans you steal 24/7 what was that k mila step on it is this high waisted yeah and its short on the ankles no what am i doing this is the second outfit do i pick out jewelry too no but no that’s not going to do it so first we’re taking out this shirt we have one pair of pants here what are those pants? it’s THE ones my faves low rise we have one two this is two pairs of jeans 2 pants what an outfit because this shirt.. no this shirt it can’t be a boring outfit no i agree it’s good but it has to be paired with pants that’ll compliment it i think i’d go with the low rise because it gives a hippie vibe a bit no comment i can’t judge all i can say is we’ve been filming for 11 minutes and you have two jeans and a shirt it’s all good step on it love that’s the libra in me so indecisive why am i stressing there’s no need for stress no but i feel i have a bad style nooo you can’t have a bad style with my clothes yeah okay this will be the other shirt i like green. same let’s go with pants that are more extra with what top? yeah exactly these two together wait eva now you’re making me doubt mila there’s no commentary from me i’m neutral we will revisit everything at the end so this is one shirt to go with wait this is shit we should be able to see you you have so many clothes i think i have one pair of jeans in my closet okay wait you know what kay these are my “i’m sure” those are my “i’m not sure” go ahead your nose is bleeding mila let’s film tik toks after omg did i say “who asked” that”s so ugly next shirt could we maybe? no omg i almost said let’s put a shirt under this oh wait if this was white it would go well together but not this colour actually you know what i’m shutting up i’m letting you well it’s already been said okay no this is hideous btw mila let’s go run tonight yup cool i’m gonna do a workout routing video of us jogging my laugh is so ugly what’s going on it’s this! this with a blue like this i find horrible. i agree it’s illegal this is so short i know but in the summer it’s not a big deal so this with this because i like it when it’s okay– on my face oh sorry it’s not even on your face how did you know it wasn’t on your face my position is so weird your asset is jewelry or even makeup okay but the colours also have to complement each other that’s it but i find these colours go well together because it’s a relaxed pale colour with a burning dark colour you’re on crack no but i’m so indecisive imagine being a physician i’m gonna shoot myself so here we have these two colours together is a garage vibe these two it’s fine kay what goes with what you’re just making a huge mess this is going to be ugly this is the type of thing you have to try on so i can know that’s the fun of it too the surprise is it just me or the camera is sideways stop moving the — so now you have how many outfits it looks like it’s all the same thing do you have belts i have well you know what i have can you wear skirts? it’s for school if you make me wear a skirt to school i will shoot myself i can’t even wear a tank top to school i can’t go to school without my polo use my gia pants you know things that are out there a bit okay no this i’m gonna change the pants we’re going with these so now we have this pass me the pants go ahead with a throw you maybe want to move the camera that’s pretty much the vibe that’s cute i refuse to react too pale eva when you say that you–wait what you make me rethink well that wasn’t the intention i like it when it’s funky me too that’s the point the more funky it is the more i like it give me the shirt the neon one give me the jeans please you’re aggressive yes very with this one mila take the funky gia pants the black ones with the line i wanna see how you’re gonna style them i’m gonna kill my hair we can agree that black goes well with everything but now there’s a white line so we have to work with the white line not only that the black is particular it’s a bit matte i don’t know what it looks like it’s flat like a sheet of paper it’s just like a tight pair of pants what is it so here we have different textures but the blacks are different so do i have to use these pants well i’m curious to see how you’re gonna style them because i’ve never worn them did you find an outfit for these yeah it’s with the white shirt it’s not that tight it is i’m telling you they’re weird i don’t vibe them that much don’t break them i see these with a black the pink shirt please that? mila those are my pyjamas oh well why not the piece of fabric? we forgot about her this would be the most funky outfit but it would still be swag you’re sure you don’t want to revisit a more recent outfit?

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  1. Je suis française et je comprends mieux quand tu parle en anglais que quand tu parle en français avec l'accent 😅

  2. ahh jaime tlm tes videos :,) d’ordinaire j’aime pas les youtubers québécois/es pck ils exagèrent leur personalité, mais vous êtes tellement true to yourselves et down to earth que j’ai l’impression qu’on est amies xd

  3. sa m fais trop rire le mélange anglais français ahaha j adore reagarder tes vidéos continue comme ça 😍

  4. ma famille parle français mais malheureusement pas. I can only say a few words but for some reason I can understand ur sister speaking 💓💓

  5. J’aime beaucoup ta vidéo je t’ai découvert il y a pas longtemps, j’étais tellement stressé par cette vidéo car me reconnaissant en ta sœur m’a propre indécision c’est réveiller je me disais comme oh my god c’est stressant bref 😩😂👍🏼

  6. there's a tik Tok hack for the jeans, if its slipping down then, don't you see the nearest loops on your jeans? bring those near your button and then put the button in the loop and then done! if you don't understand then go on tik Tok and press the search button and go on the column 'hashtags' and search ' jeans hack' .. thank me later and love ya! one day I spent the whole night on tik Tok and slept 7:00 am and I woke up at 4;00 pm and my mom said ' why'd you wake up so late?" and then i said I couldn't sleep!!! plot twist: I couldn't sleep because of my ADDICTION OF TIK TOK!

  7. hiya i love this video it’s so cute! where are the jeans u are wearing in it from? they fit so perfectly!!

  8. im so happy that your not afraid to do things we all do on camera, like you know what I mean right? I'm a virgo ……. and my birthday is on 23rd august…. when's yours ??? you know what, if your really into horoscopes then there's a lot of zodiac sign facts and fun stuff regarding to your sign on tik Tok…. go look em up! I hope your not supa mad at me for writing so many comments… I hope you reply! love you! im half French and half Canadian and Scottish….. Canada and French are mains ……. im very fluent in French so feel free to answer my comments in French.
    im from ottowa, and its five hours away from Montreal … is there a chance I could meet you? it would be so much fun to hang out and you know chill with you .. I wish we could be friends.. I love matcha too, and please don't think Im agreeing to your opinions just cuz I like you…. by the way tik Tok can spoil you and there's weird kinds of people on tik Tok and I had a favorite YouTube and then she became or tik tok-y and not fun anymore until I found you… so please don't be a person like tik tok addicts, not that tik tok addicts are bad but I love you the way you are… by the way there's a tik tok hack for jeans, if their slipping down then find the nearest belt loops on your jeans and then hold you jeans tight and bring the loop close to your button and put the button inside the loop and done! their tighter and they can't slip down… if you don't get me then go on tik tok , next to the '
    "yourself profile button' go on the search button and go on the column' hashtags' and then search' jeans hack' and keep scrolling baby!thank me later… one day I was up the whole night watching tik tok and then I slept that late I slept at 8;00am in the morning! and then I woke up 4;00 pm and mom asked me, why'd you wake up so late? then I told her I couldn't sleep… but then, plot twist:i couldn't sleep because of my TIK TOK ADDICTION! but don't worry, I dint say that. love you so much Eva! bye!
    lots of love from five hours away
    your biggest fan
    Kate(I use that fake username just to be safe)

  9. was so excited about you posting today! this video was so fun to watch, and i love when you guys talk in french (i think bilingual people are so cool ;))

  10. im learning french in school (5ans) mais avec online school, a lot of the opportunities for practice are limited so i love the bilingual videos, especially since this is the kind of content i watch normally.

  11. My half french and British ass laughing at how I mix English and french while speaking with my sister like you guys lmao 😂

  12. As an American I wish I knew what you guys were saying!🥺 you guys are so pretty and entertaining so I watch through the video anyway!😂 much love from Los Angeles

  13. Loving all these bilingual and French videos, super useful for not forgetting french since I’m stuck at home 🙁

  14. c'est le fun de voir des vidéos comme ça en français, je sais pas mais y'a pas beaucoup de youtubeuses québécoises que j'aime donc j'apprécies vraiment ces vidéos!! 🙂

  15. i actually speak un petit peu french in school and you literally help me w/ learning bc you give me motivation to learn it to understand everything in your vids haha<3

  16. I took French for like 5 years and I didn't learn a single thing😭😭. I wish I could speak it fluently 😔 it sounds so beautiful

  17. it confuses the fuck out of me everytime they switch from french to english bc i forget that they can both speak perfect english 😋😋

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