My style tips to dress a big bust | Bras, Tops, Dresses… | Justine Leconte

My style tips to dress a big bust | Bras, Tops, Dresses… | Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. How to dress when you have a generous bust, as we say in French. If you’re new on this channel, one quick note before we start. No, I don’t have a large bust. I think we all agree, but I’m a designer, so I work with proportions and with silhouettes, so I looked for examples of garments that I think will suit you if you have a larger bust, larger breasts and I will show you now the list of suggestions that I gathered. It’s up to you to see what you want to keep, and what not. It’s the same principle as my previous video on how to hide the tummy – how to conceal a tummy – with clothe and not with shapewear. I linked that video here in the corner and in the description below, if you’ve missed it, but today is not about the tummy, it’s about the bust, so we’ll stay up here. Before you even choose clothes, having a good bra is essential in your case. This one is a great example for several reasons. First, it really wraps well, covers the entire breasts and ends up high enough. That’s extremely important for support. You want your breasts to be covered, so-to-speak. Then the straps here on the shoulders are wider, which helps carry the weight without hurting the shoulders. Also very important. You have proper boning under the breasts, and underneath the bones you see an extra band of fabric, of elastic? That really adds comfort, so a bra like this (this brand is especially good for curvy ladies, by the way), a bra like this gives you support and comfort. That’s something I would look for. I will link the pictures I am showing – all of them in this video – in the description below. Then let’s talk about shirts. If you have a large bust, you probably have the feeling that shirts, for some reason, never fit right. There’s a reason for that and there’s a solution. Here you see a negative example, how it should not look like. It’s not working, it’s not fitting, even on her, and even though she actually doesn’t have a large bust at all. See how it’s pulling here on the sides between the breasts and the armpits? That’s not good, and if I saw her from the front, I could probably also tell that between the breasts here it’s pulling so you see the bra. You know what I mean? If you have a large bust, you know what I mean. Now, the solution – for you – is to look for shirts that have darts, like this one, and this one is a good example. See how fabric is taken in on each side under the breasts down to the hem level? Those two lines are called “the princess lines.” It’s not your center. It’s not your sides, where you have seams, too – side seams. It’s exactly in-between. You have the same space to the center and to the side. Shirts that are taken in exactly there give you more space for the bust and are better fitted at the waist level, because you have this whole line to play with the fit. So, shirts like that are much more likely to fit you and your curves. An alternative to that could be a dart placed on the side besides the breast, here. You see that? Here, from the breast to the side. It would give you a bit less curve, but that can work, too. It really depends on the size and on the shape of your breast. Technically, darts can be placed anywhere. You can put them like this, like this, like this, on the princess line. You can do whatever you want. You can even combine them. You can have a side dart and the princess darts. The more darts you have, the better fitted the shirt is likely to be, really. This dart thing is true not just for shirts but for any kind of top or dress that’s in a woven fabric. It means that it doesn’t stretch. You need to make it fit yourself and darts are the solution for that. Moving on to dresses. A shift dress is a smart shape for you, I think. Here, you can barely see it, but she actually does have darts on the side, as I’ve just shown you on my sweater. It’s slightly A-shaped, not too much. It’s not perfectly fitted at the waist level, but this way it’s very harmonious, as it seems between the bust, the waist and the hips. The length could be longer or shorter. Here, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about that upper torso part. What you could change here is that you could go sleeveless, and in the case, I like a slightly high-going collar. I think this one is very elegant. Beware, though, because here we’re missing the darts, So, that particular design might not work for all of you. It depends on your breasts. If you’re shopping for tops now, I’d focus on basically two things. First thing, you want the part that sits on the shoulder here to be rather wider than having a thin strap like a tank top. This one is a good example. If this part is wider, your breasts are going to appear smaller in comparison, so it’s really an optical effect and that’s a smart trick. And then the texture can also help distract the eye away from the breasts, so-to-speak. Lace works really nicely, or mini embroidered flowers. I wouldn’t go for big flowers, for size proportions reasons. I would stick to small prints, repeated prints. Then this is a mesh fabric. It’s a complex one, and it’s quite an expensive top, but to give you an example. And embroidery, of course, or appliqués work really nicely, too. I’d like to add one type of dress that I think is perfect for curvy figures and that’s a wrap dress, typically V-shape. It’s not tight anywhere. It’s slightly loose and it’s tied on one side asymmetrically with the length that you can make vary from super-mini to floor-length. The brand specializing in wrap dresses – the designer who invented them, basically – is Diane von Fürstenberg (DVF, if you want to look it up). A very smart lady from Belgium. She married a prince, moved to the U.S. and became extremely successful, so it’s even a nice success story. I like her. I’ve met her when I was in university and she’s really a nice, friendly and smart lady. So, her dresses are even knitted, which adds comfort compared to woven fabrics. Talking about knitwear, when you choose a sweater, I would look rather for finer knits because chunky knits, big sweaters with cable knits and stuff like that, might leave you under the impression that you are hiding bulk at the level of your bust and if you have a larger chest already, I’m guessing (but it’s really up to you) I’m guessing that you want to try to stay away from that. So, finer knits over chunky knits. Thumbs up of you found those tips useful and/or inspiring. Thank you, very much, and for more fashion style and practical tips, do subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell so you’ll be informed when I upload a new video. New videos every Wednesday and Sunday. See you soon, and until next time, take care. ‘Bye!

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  1. Thank you for good advices , dear! Most women with large breast dress tight clothes thinking that they look smaller than. This is rather cheap look, large breast are already very present , we must not point them on the top. Wrap dress is very good idea, I wear it gladly and I am bearing bra size 80 H ( Germany) .

  2. Though I agree about the darts, I take issue with most of the suggestions in this video. For instance, it may seem counterintuitive, but any woman who has a large bust and is trying to minimize the appearance of one will tell you that wearing any top, dress or turtleneck that has a high neckline will actually MAGNIFY the size of ones bust and ones upper body size in general. Through my own experience, a wide V, square or scoop neck top is much more flattering than opting for a crew neck or halter. Also opting for tops that emphasize the shoulder area with lapels, puffs or light padding will draw the eye away from the bust, along with large necklaces, earrings, and tops with sleeves that end far above or below the bust line. I think that most women with larger busts would agree that fitted, structured (see blazers and scratch soggy cardigans, billowy or boxy tops with excess drapey fabric, from your search for instance), well tailored garments (like those with darts) are your friend. However, these garments usually do not come cheap, nor do they give the appearance of looking "casual'.

    Although I have transitioned into purchasing most of my clothes secondhand based on these reasons to suit my shape, my clothes often look very "formal" from a U.S. cultural standpoint, and friends who have stayed and snooped in my closet have made offhand comments about what "fancy" clothes I have, when in reality, these are the clothes that fit me the best, make me look my best, feel my best, and are in fact, of good quality, but purchased at a very reasonable price point because they are secondhand. If anyone is reading this and is currently struggling or searching for some brands that cater to women with larger busts, I feel compelled to volunteer the solutions I have found that may suit you as they have for me.

    Firstly, I would suggest others check out insideoutstyleblog and identify your body shape there if you want more clothing suggestions (with images!) for your shape. Not every hourglass is created equal, and she makes that distinction clear with images (see her posts on X & 8 shapes)!

    For bras – Barenecessities and Figleaves are sites where you can order bras with band sizes as small as a 28 to a J cup (I believe), for free or discounted shipping, and often free returns. Investing in a good bra is a deal breaker. Protect yourself from back problems and poor posture and find something from Chantelle, Simone Perele, Freya, etc. They are beautifully made and designed to support – you should not have to sacrifice style and beauty just because you have a large bust!

    Next – go to a mall or department store that features multiple brands and look for those with classic lines, good tailoring (darts galore), and structural elements that emphasize your shoulders and nip at your waist, for instance, recording your size in these brands as you try things on. Nanette Lepore, Ellie Tahari, and Ralph Lauren are just some that I trust and will look out for (I also try to find items made of natural fabrics for durability and practicality but not always necessary).

    Then go on Poshmark, Ebay, or better yet, a consignment or secondhand store (best to frequent those in an area with affluent residents) and either search or look for staple items from the brands that fit you best, noting your size but also being mindful of asking the seller to provide measurements to compare with your own before ordering to be sure of the right size.
    Yes it's time consuming, but just laying down a foundation of knowing your size, measurements, and what criteria to look out for in a few select brands that you know fit your shape and can be trusted can go a long way. Now that I know these things, I often go online and know exactly what to look for to replace an item that has worn out without ever trying it on. Good luck to everyone with this predicament and I hope some of these suggestions might prove helpful to someone.

  3. It's a cultural thing to presume busty women want to hide their breasts. France is the only country in the world with more breast reductions than breast enlargements. We can just point out to Justine how happy and proud we are to have notable breasts. Maybe she'll do a "how to make the most of your breasts" video 🙂

  4. For the folks wheo don't understand darts, large bust women woudl look more flattering with a shirt or dress with bust darts and waist darts stopping about 2 inches from the apex (nipple or most protruding part of the breast). I sew for plus size friends, an this is the most flattering dart placement. I also don't recommend shift dresses – go with a sheath dess with bust AND waist darts. Most large breasted and large tummy women are surprised at how flattering a sheath dress can be to their full figures. I make all the fitted blouses for one friend of mine, the waist darts are as important as the bust darts.

  5. When shopping for tops, it helps if you wear the actual bra that you plan to wear under that top in future. That way, you don't get disappointed at home because your purchase doesn't fit the way it did at the store.

  6. I agree very much with the part about the right bra. In 2017 I went to a shop known for the one-on-one costumer service and the effort in finding the perfect size and model for you (based, for example, on the clothes that you regularly use) (Dama de Copas in Portugal). I bought one regular bra and a sports one and never look back.
    Since they can be pricey i have investigated and found the site Bravissimo from UK who its like the Dama de Copas from the UK but are slightly cheaper for the same products.
    Right now i only use 4 bras (1 sports, 1 normal nude, 1 normal black and 1 normal coral) and every top that i buy must work well with them, otherwise, i won't buy it.

  7. This must be the first time I felt disappointed in your video. My biggest problem is a jacket that would fit. Everything I have tried seems stiff on me and boxes me in. If I try to wear it open, it splays to the sides, and looks the most unchic possible. I was hoping maybe you would have a good tip, but there was no mention of a jacket at all.

  8. Sorry, I don’t need a bra which looks like a tank cover. Big breast doesn’t mean a overweight or a low breast of an old woman. I have more then 50 sexy bras for my 75E-F. Which are more comfortable then tank covers for grannies.

  9. Big breasted woman and I completely disagree on the shift dress. These often boxy and high neckline dresses tend to look awfully matronly on women with a large bust and make the bust look even bigger. Crew and high neck sweaters have the same bust magnifying effect.

  10. Never found wrap dresses very flattering or comfortable, never ever fit properly, always gaping
    end up placing an inside stitch to stop it opening up! so I AVOID like the plague!

  11. The big busted curvey body is a nightmare to dress, even if you happen to be a very petite slim size 8 one, like I was. I finally gave up trying to find ready made clothes that fitted and solved the problem by making my own either drafting special patterns from scratch or radically altering paper purchased ones. Darts are a must and if there are none, insert them. Anything with a yoke or falling straight down from the bust will be a disaster ie make you look fat, even if you have no belly at all, like me, so avoid yokes and insert darts to give shape around waist area as most busty curvy ladies will have a reasonable waistline, though possibly a hips and thighs problem, too, if x shaped. I avoid clutter eg ruffles, texture eg laces etc and shine anywhere around the bust and just keep it simple eg no pockets with flaps etc or anything that adds extra bulk where there is already too much from big bust. Correctly fitting bra is essential and you simply have to accept that certain looks you love are not for you eg spaghetti strap evening dresses, bikini tops etc. If they don't snap fron weight of heavy breasts, they look painful as they cut into your shoulders skin. I tried plastic see through, invisible bra straps but they look just as bad, as you can see where they are digging I to your shoulders skin. Best forget such looks. Even if you have good arms, neck and shoulders you like to show off. Big bust needs to be accommodated first, with wide solid shouldered tops, but bare arms and scooped necklines with these look OK.

  12. Shift dresses and large boobs result in a unflattering tent. I like your videos but this one and the prior curvy one showed me you are still a designer who thinks skinny and straight because the content of both was pretty lame. I mean go recommends a curvy person wear a stiff fabric? You become a box with kegs.

  13. Not good examples, would be better if you used models who actually have big breasts to make your points clear

  14. I wish your examples had been on big busts. I struggle as I have always been big (since 10). Now that I have had 5 kids my belly is bigger. But I got a large in women's everywhere but the bust which is 2xl at least. It's so frustrating. Shopping makes me cry more times than not.

  15. I sew my button up shirts together at the buttons,so no gaps. I pull it on over my head. It is better than pins. Making my own clothes works too.

  16. Also I dislike the bras that put my breasts so far to the sides that they get in the way of my arms moving forward so I overlay the wires in my bra and sew it together so my breasts point forward. I think it makes them appear smaller. At least from the front. Big flowing scarves help in my case.

  17. Someone asked about sewing in darts. I often take a boxy shirt that fits across the bust and put it on inside out then I pin in darts up and down. (Putting them on the side would make the front much shorter than the back though it works sometimes.)
    I make sure that they are the same on both sides and sew them in.
    It usually works. You will get better with practice. Quite fun to find a pretty shirt at thrift store and turn it into a one of a kind.

  18. As someone who has 36 DDD bust and 27" waist I can say good luck finding something with enough seams/darts to alter that is made of material easy to work with and doesn't cost a fortune. I spend as much in alterations as on garments and shifts make me look like a land wale and wraps are as bad or worse…no real help here.

  19. i love your brand tests and your quality control guide but this one…. i feel like its a big miss. the styles your suggesting are very mature and classic i guess but just cos i have big tits that doesnt mean thats the style i want… and shift dresses? no no no. shapeless straight up-and-down stuff without belts are just gonna make us look like were trying to hide a pregnancy :/ and wrap dresses? i had to chuckle at that one. if i wear a wrap dress my bra shows, because a good supportive big-boob bra reaches up far in the middle and wrap dresses usually dip too low where the fronts meet. 
    honestly your style recommendations took me back to the days when i used to watch "what not to wear" before i realised that it was a rubbish show that took the personality out of peoples style for the sake of making them adhere to a soul draining average…..

  20. You tube is really good… I was just thinking about this today. Wondering if Justin's had a video about this. Thanks

  21. Okay, very disappointing. I am a 44i, yes, a 44i. Almost impossible to dress, let alone find a bra that fits!!! A large bust does not work with a shift dress or a wrap dress. Either the dress hangs from the bust, making me look HUGE, or is gaping and not covering anything. I’m so frustrated! If we all refused to wear clothes until designers took us seriously I think the problem would be solved overnight. Signed “so frustrated I’m ready to cut them off myself”

  22. I stay away from high necklines. They can create a uniboob situation. It might help if you break that silhouette with a long necklace, patterns or having more than one piece of clothing but alone… no way.

  23. Hola , me encantan tus vídeos pero las letras en español son demasiado grandes y no dejan ver las fotos que muestras .

  24. Hi, I had this situation, where my bust is on the way I use clothes, thanks for recommendations, however the sample model that you use for this video, they don’t show that Brest situation, actually they look small, even are you are explaining, it makes me feel “ if you weight this, it fit you”, I love QueenLatifa for the body shape, how she wears her clothes and how empower she is… i would you let me see samples of with women that reflect big sizes. Thanks

  25. I am a bit of all this:
    Petite (short)
    (1,52 m & 52 kg)

    I have to choose very carefully and it is very hard to find perfect fitting clothes

  26. Disappointed in this video: I'm not trying to HIDE my voluptuous bust: fashion should be about accentuating your beauty. The wrap dress and darted shirt are nice… but everything else is OUT. especially high neck lines and that shift dress – those just hang off your breasts and make you look like a big potato sack. Im surprised the bra you recommended wasnt one of those modesty "flattening" bras. This video is disgraceful to womanhood

  27. It would be so much more helpful to see these styles modelled by genuinely large-busted women. From these pics, I can get no idea at all what any of these garments might look like on me (36DD)

  28. um, I don't want to "hide" my breasts & dont want to downplay my curves… please realize curvy women can be just as comfortable in their skin as models & OK with how much chest they have. I wouldn't wear any of your dress choices bc
    1) your examples would make me feel like I was trying to look like Twiggy but got Divine instead.,
    2) I don't want to draw the eye away from my chest just not have it be the only focus. so I'd suggest a cross cut shelf top with a tie under bust to back with the top ending below the hip & having the hemline at bottom being in the shape of 2 points, 2 in front & 2 on the back

  29. Not feeling this one Justine. Apart from the wide-strap top, most of these styles are actually rather unflattering. A high neck is out. A wrap dress will gape. Some shift dresses are ok but others just make you look like a big square wall of boob. I also disagree about larger patterns as these can draw the eye more to the garment and look as a whole and less to just the breasts. It would be great if you applied a bit more thought to this and made another video.

  30. I'm an E or F cup size (not sure what my underbust is, it measures about 35 inches all around and I have quite a wide back) and a EUR dress size 44 or US 12. I wear a sports or a lace bralet. I don't buy them expensive, I just go to any store and buy it in an L or XL. I often get mine from Terranova for about €10. I avoid the ones with the cups and just go for bralet style. I tuck my boobs into the bralet so they are high in it and it also binds them slightly and gives me cleavage (I usually don't show a lot of cleavage but if that's the look you are going for). A lot of them have attractive straps or backs also that look nice peaking through my outfit and are way more young and trendy than a big granny bra. They are way more comfortable, cheap and convenient than standard bras that are made for women my size. They also make me look slightly smaller and more in proportion. They suck in my back fat also. I recommend that big busted women give up on bras all together when it comes to most of their outfits. I do have some underwire bras but I don't wear them often. I focus on my ability to fit into the cups, I skip the band and just use bra extenders when it's too small. Having a band that is slightly too big feels a lot more comfortable for me, personally. I am very droopy and am nursing a baby and these tips I suggested still work for me.

  31. Justine, You forgot a large bust’s best friend – dolman sleeves. I generally have to wear a large due to my bust, but wear a size 4 pant. All the tops are huge. With a dolman sleeve I am able to wear a medium or sometimes a small. The generous area in the sleeves/top fit in all the right places. Fine knits or softer textiles like chiffon work great. Thanks, I love your videos.

  32. What advice would you have for wedding dresses for busty ladies? I want the attention away from my bust and to be noticed wholisticly as the bride. I do not even want any cleavage showing and I am short statured in height. I also want to add height to me.

  33. I would have liked to see examples of women with actually large breasts, because none of your examples really show what you claim to be trying to show!

    I feel that there are many misconceptions about shapes and fit in clothes, and using the "wrong" example isn't helping that.

    As a woman with a large bust, I also feel like the approach "try to hide it" is a bit unfitting. Of course I don't want to present my breasts on a platter, if you will, but I don't want to hide them either. I want my body to appear well balanced, that is an important distinction, I think.

    I do like your usual style of explanations, but this video wasn't as informative as I would have liked it.

  34. When it comes to tops, sweaters etc I found that I have to wear tapered clothes because otherwise the fabric just protrudes from my body with my big breasts.

  35. Shift dresses are terrible for big boobs!! Unless you are a square shape I guess. The fabric hands off your boobs like a tent. You need fitted clothing.

  36. The problem with wrap dresses is that they show too much cleavage for work or family events. Otherwise the shape is nice. And getting them to stay closed is another challenge.

  37. Thank you! This was very useful. As a skinny person with natural big breasts I learned to absolutely hate shopping for clothes. But even with the tips it’s still hard. So many clothes at the moment are just shapeless and we need fitted lines. Anything shapeless just makes us look huge. I hear regularly 'Oh my god you’ve lost weight' when in fact I’ve simply changed top! 🙈😂😂

  38. I have been loving your videos, but unfortunately this one gets almost everything wrong. I won’t reiterate why because other commentors have already done a fantastic job at that, but all of the styles you suggest here would make me look like a fat old nun. 😔

  39. I'm an inverted triangle(tends to be apple when I gain weight) with large bust(32DDD/F) quite skinny elsewhere, and these are what I've learned so far for drawing attention away from the chest based on research and personal experience(at least what works for my particular shape):
    > Basically the goal is to draw attention on other parts of your body instead of your chest. So draw attention to your wrists/hands, legs, hips, waist and/or feet. This will really lengthen and elongate you.

    >>For tops:
    1. it's best to stick with either darker or more muted colors with minimal, understated designs for tops. Avoid bold prints, big logos, big bows, ruffle and too much textures up top. Reserve that for the bottoms.
    2. Form/well fitting and/or stretchy fabrics are best. For this you really need to be friends with a good tailor. Find tops that fits your breast and then have everywhere else altered accordingly so as to avoid looking like a sack of potatoes. It's inevitable to have almost majority of your tops altered regardless of their price point, cut, or material.
    3. Except for boat neck or off shoulder tops, any neckline should work especially v necks(not too low that shows too much cleavage), scoop necks, square necks, haltered etc.
    4. The smaller the collar the better. Collarless are flattering as well
    5. I find creating a v neckline is super flattering, e.g: using v shaped necklace or opening the first two buttons of shirts.
    6. Avoid puffy sleeves or shoulders, and sleeves that ends mid chest(i.e. short sleeves), go for other sleeve lengths instead(e.g.: mid length, cap, 3/4, etc.). If you want any designs on the sleeves, it's best to keep it on the wrist area (e.g. bell sleeves)
    7. Go for vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones

    >>For bottoms:
    1. Go as crazy as you want with your skirts and trousers. Go for lighter and/or brighter colored bottoms, bold patterns, frills, horizontal stripes, big pockets, big hardware, colorful and voluminous maxi skirts, etc
    2. I find mid/high waisted bottoms to be most flattering.
    3. A line or straight skirts at any length looks best(I'm really in to ankle/floor length maxi skirts right now). Avoid pencil skirts unless they are white, have bold prints, or if you're wearing either a top that is going below or accentuating your hips or if you are wearing a statement/chunkier pair of shoes.
    4. For trousers, go as crazy as you want. Bell bottoms, straight, slim, cigarette, relaxed, flowy, basically any cut of jean or trouser except for skinny jeans or leggings unless they're white, have bold/bright color/print and/or if you're wearing knee high boots.
    5. Go as crazy as you want with shoes. Chunky, bright/bold colors, prints, etc. Since majority of inverted triangles have shapely long legs anyways, you can definitely get away with ankle straps and booties. Heels will really display your legs.

    >>For jewelries/accessories:
    1. Be careful with necklaces and earrings. Avoid bold necklaces and go for v-shaped delicate necklaces instead. Still experimenting on the right length. Depending on the length of your neck, I would stay away from statement earrings that goes near your shoulders instead wear it as close to your ears as possible(if that makes sense). For statement accessory, I prefer to go for either an oversized watch, belts and/or rings and I mostly wear simpler earrings and necklaces.

    I'm still experimenting to find a good layering/outerwear tops that suits my body though. I'm trying to find one that suits my lifestyle especially since I live in a tropical country, and sometimes examples online are only good for . But from majority of my research, anything with waist definition works best, i.e. structured blazer/suits, long cardigans with waist belt etc.. Straight vertical lines or v neck on the inside and preferably and very narrow lapels or collars, no crazy collars/lapels. Leaving the outerwear opened looks better from what I've seen so far.

  40. I don't feel that this video addressed the main issues with finding clothing when you have larger breasts. First of all the main problem we have is NOT that we want to make the breasts appear smaller but that when a top or dress fits around the shoulders/chest, it's huge on the waist and that just makes us appear like barrels instead of highlighting the nice curves. A shift dress is one of the worst offenders in this case. Sheath dresses that are fitted are much better. The second biggest problem is that the majority of tops and dresses are made with either an open back or other random cutouts that don't allow for wearing a bra. The two good suggestions in this video however were wrap dresses and shirt with darts. As far as button down shirts with darts, they may help as long as the dart doesn't end at a point on the breast, but the better solution is not to buy stiff button down shirts, but instead from more of a silky/relaxed material that will adhere to your shape.

  41. Interesting. Mainly the same advice. I am hour glass, so the breasts can look large. Frustrating that all of the models are flat chested in the examples. I have no idea where to find photos to better illustrate her suggestions. Wrap dresses that fit my bust usually end up too low as I move throughout the day, even when pinned.
    The first dress shape suggested, even when darted, for me is nothing but a bag and makes me feel old and matronly. Normally I go to a pencil dress (Calvin Klein or Anne Klein). Fits beautifully, not tight, preserves the shape while balancing.

  42. On warp dresses or any dresses or tops the seam under the bust is usually to high and cut at the biggest part of the breasts or an awkward level. Choise one where the seam is lower (waist level on non busty person) so "everything fits"…

  43. I have a large bust, and COWL NECK work wonders on me. '(now I understand why, the extra fabric and keeping the silhouette small and neat)
    You may like to add that in your list.

  44. It seems like Justine's definition of large breast and mine are different. The models weren't all flat but did have modest busts. I have a 36 DDD. My hips are 29, waist 24, so there is no chance of even proportions. I am extremely top heavy. Sadly the items suggested, while probably great fit for a C cup, wouldn't work on me. Dresses without belts become maternity wear, shirts look like tents. Only the most highly structured clothing works at all. I'm dreaming of the day I can get a breast reduction (age 17, no parental support) but until then would love advice for dressing a truly large bust.

  45. Shift dress doesn't work – it makes you look pregnant if you are large breasted. Empire waist is usually better, depending on your figure shape.

  46. One more thing – you are adorable, Justine. Sweet and down to earth – it is a pleasure to watch your videos. I appreciate you making this video very much.

  47. No…. I already have a short neck and wide shoulders, so v neck looks best on me. I find defining my waist, actually makes me look slimmer. The wrap dress is too low. The V is too deep. So I always need a modesty shirt underneath, which loses the benefit of the dress.

  48. I usually like your videos, but this tips are not to dress a big bust, but to conceal a big bust. I personally like my big boobs and with the proper clothing and find them very flattering… the clothes that you suggested would make me look like a whale, concealing my waist along with my breasts and ruining my hourglass figure…

  49. Bravissimo have a range of clothes called “Pepperberry” to suit different waist/bust ratios. That’s probably the only place I would buy a shift dress from. Thumbs up about the princess seams – I just bought a dress with them the other day…still had to add some stitches to take them in just Under the bust though.
    Halter styles of dress and empire line dresses I find the most flattering and yes wrap dresses can work very well too but most high street ones won’t cover enough (not enough fabric on the bust) and leave you with a lot of cleavage (not always classy). I think buying a bigger size and getting clothes altered is often the best way to do it – alterations can be quite reasonably priced when bought in bulk. Also – I find wearing a high necked dress that shows the back a little adds sophistication and elegance for me – as well as showing off delicate proportions of the neck. Overall the fashion industry doesn’t cater to us much at all and it’s very challenging to shop elegantly on a budget. Justine maybe you can help? 😁

  50. ‘Freya’ does a great range of sports bras for people who want support (I go running in them and there is some movement but no vertical bounce). For bras in general I personally prefer a dress that has a lined bust so that I don’t have to necessarily wear one. This is a lot more comfortable and a lot more healthy (lots of research has been done about negative health effects of bras). And I’m currently looking into bralettes. I feel like just because I have a big bust doesn’t mean I have to be uncomfortable and itchy under layers of wires and digging straps!

  51. See and that is the difference between talking about big bust and having one.
    Maybe you mean big as a C cup, that might work. But most clothes fit up to D cup quite ok. Problems start at G +.
    First of all, the bra has no wire. Person without big bust might not realize it, but real big breasts dont stay up, only plastic ones you see on TV do that. They are heavy and heaviest at the bottom. Especially after children, big breasts are like half filles socks, not ballones. The weight stretches the skin over the years. Wires and cups purpose is to hold the breast im shape of smaller breast. Bra without wire is imossible to wear for G+ cup. Your boobs will be flat and hang out with your bellybutton right away and your darts will be useless since breasts will be nowhere near the boob space.
    You cannot go high neck. You cannot wear boxy dress. You cannot have anything that opens infront without stiching it up at first unless you wanna show the world your non wired bra.

    The word is stretch, elastan, V neck, clothes cutted under the breasts with shaped upper part and many many more.

  52. Justine I love your channel and your clothes (trousers in particular are fantastic for me!)

    Unfortunately as a person with a large bust and narrow waist, this video is awful. High necks, shift dresses (even with darts) and the top you suggested are completely wrong for the well endowed lady. Makes you look more top heavy and doesn’t accentuate your narrowest feature which is often the waist. I’m from the UK and am aware that the European notion of a larger bust is fairly small in my experience living and working that side of the channel.

    I’m also highly amused about the importance of darts in clothing – I’ve only ever managed to find 1 fitted shirt that fit and that was from a specialist “curvy” retailer. Have had some minor success with wrap dresses but only when I sew in an extra panel so I’m not slipping out. Typically, clothing that fits my waist and hip is never big enough for my bust and tailoring clothes is a constant necessity if buying from the majority of outlets.

    Freya bras are the best thing ever

    Completely love your channel, and the similar video on stomached was great, just not sure you got this one right.

  53. Sorry Justine but if you had big breast you would know that much of what you said its just theory, well known but not useful. Ask a big brested friend, with taste of course. Example : shift dress = no no nop

  54. The older I get, the more I hate having big breasts. Smaller breast cause clothing to drape so much nicer too…

  55. I hate shift dresses on me. I've got a big bust and am more thick through the middle when my hips are combined wiht my stomach, so the overall look is one box on top of another. The top of the dress always hangs from my boobs and then stretches out over my hips to complete the box look. I try to stick to fit and flare dresses.

  56. I must say I'm really enjoying all the tips in this comment section.

    The video, though well intentioned, might be slightly off the mark. But the comment section more than makes up for it!

  57. Women will always have this problem. Designers are not making good use of embroidery and beads work on the neck/upper body area. They are making plain dresses. Looks good on models not on average women.

  58. I would say that when you are showing the example pictures, actually use women who have bigger pictures than these skinny models. so whatever you say would make more sense. Right now, the pictures you put in the video didnt help me visualise any of the tricks you told me. Thanks for making the video though.

  59. Thank you so much for this; it was so informative. I do have a question though. For the tailored button down shirt – the darts provide a bit of focus on the waist below the bust which is nice. However, do you recommend going "up a size" in these shirts to accommodate the larger bust? It would seem to be the necessary adjustment to make, but I realize that it probably depends on the brand.

  60. Really great video and adds a lot to the knowledge I have already! Small details, like darts, embroidery and lace can help when you want to add fun to your wardobe that is always in trend, classic. Alot if trends I like but aren't working with my big and floppy boobs!! I love them but OMG

  61. There are some women who have a more narrow frame but large breasts. So that type of bra only pushes the breasts together. For ladies like that they need a bra that has one tiny hook in the front because that is the only way that the breast will be separated.

  62. I am so tired of hearing that wrap dresses are the best for large bust It’s completely false your boobs hang out of it it makes no sense yes a V-neck does look better on a large chest but not a wrap dress open V

  63. You should’ve included A-line dresses and skirts They give a more fitted appearance at the top which does not add bulk and then the way the skirt or dress flows out will balance you up top while giving your waist definition

  64. You should’ve included A-line dresses and skirts They give you a more fitted appearance up top as to not add bulk they give your Waist definition Then the Outward lines of the A-line will balance you out

  65. I’m busty and the ideas were so obviously made by a non busty female. High necklines, wrap dresses and shift dresses? All wrong. Disappointing because I”be loved all the other videos I’ve seen so far. This one is really off the mark.

  66. I have a 65F and it’s very hard to find a proper top in order not to look like a large village woman. Your video unfortunately didn’t help

  67. I looked at the bras that you recommend but unfortunately they’re all too big I need 32 and they start from 36!!

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