30 thoughts on “Nia Jax and Paige walk in the Birdiebee fashion show: Total Divas, Nov. 6, 2019

  1. to the people that are being keyboard warriors and picking on nia jacks you are what is wrong with this world… why put effort in bullying people? why not put effort into something else thats more productive than putting on a mask and being a keyboard warrior
    shame on you.

  2. So we’re just going to ignore the fact she’s 300 pounds and act like her doing a runway model thing is so awesome just stop it already

  3. These people in tge comment section only notices Nia being fat. Don't look at the physical appearance of a person rather look ar the heart of the person. She only did that to Carmella because IT'S SCRIPTED. Is it hard to understand that?

  4. Hey, we have so many superstars and they do not care about it, no wonder everybody is working and I like to see EC3 more often and he has so much potential

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