Nordstrom Try On Haul 2019 – Fall Fashion Haul 2019

Nordstrom Try On Haul 2019 – Fall Fashion Haul 2019

hey girls I am coming at you today with
a Nordstrom Try on I’ve been wanting to do this for you for so long and I’m
gonna start with a holiday outfit tis the season because I love love love this
fancy skirt so cute for any holiday party and there are different shapes to
it I’m gonna link one here but I’m just wearing it with my strappy nude heels
you know what I always love this sweater is actually not from Nordstrom but I
will show you one from Nordstrom in a second I just love the sleeve detail and
it’s a very soft very classy very easy to tuck in to your skirt type of like
dressy look but not overdone so you can kind of you know show the Flair on the
bottom and have the style in the clasp on the top and just feel good at your
party and be comfortable here is a Nordstrom sweater option to go with this
skirt this sweater is so cozy it does not shed I wore on Thanksgiving with
some high rise flare jeans I size down to a small but I think I still could
have gotten a medium the arms are nice and long you just kind of front tuck it
make sure that you roll the edges and it is really cute with the skirt okay so I
just found this shirt actually wasn’t going to try it on for you girls but I
just saw that it was marked down under 25 and there’s multiple colors even like
a really pretty cranberry color but it’s long enough to wear with your Spanx and
look at the booty so if you just need like a cute little easy to throw on work
shirt party shirt this is the one comes in like a really pretty purple II blush
color as well wanted to show you though so my Spanx
look at how high they are so they come up so high which is awesome because if
you want to go eat nachos with your girlfriend’s for happy hour this is the
outfit to wear I always wear a medium in Spanx I really can’t size down love
these booties I did size up a half a size in these but just a super simple
fun little outfit to wear out to do anything really I’ve been on the lookout
for either real jacket or a vegan one for a couple
months now and this one is so nice this is a real one
and it has a beautiful lapel it zips up the front and the sleeves are nice and
long and I like the little zipper detail on it the large I think I could have
done a medium but I have it over that lush top with just ripped jeans and then
my booties and I feel like it is the perfect little where your favorite
handbag outfit alright so here is a vegan leather jacket under a hundred
it’s by the Levi’s has silver Hardware definitely more of like a motorcycle
style I’m wearing a large which I maybe could have gotten away with a medium I
don’t know but the detailing on the arm is so great fits well and I like the way
that it you know zips up the front it’s got a good and I’m just wearing it with
my ripped jeans and my booties again so had to show you this one alright so this
is the final leather jacket and wanted to show you again it’s vegan it’s under
a hundred and it has gold hardware which I love I think this may be my favorite
one I’m wearing a medium it’s a bit snug I think that I could have done a large
but it’s so fun over any shirt and then this skirt is a favorite one of my
friends already bought one because she saw me in it actually wore this outfit
to church yesterday my booties are on sale right now actually and they are i
sized up a half a size and so yeah this is just kind of a fun casual throw on
but look dressy outfit that I think you could love just like I do
alright this jacket is surprisingly one of my favorite buys of the year it is
buy made well and it fits true to size this is a medium and when I first got it
I thought it was a tiny bit tight but as I’ve worn it one to two times it is the
perfect size so I’m just wearing it with a basic white v-neck this khaki belt and
then my Madewell jeans just ironic that I found these jeans this year as well
and they are just a classic high rise love the way that they fit and they’re
not $200 which and I just get like Alleluia
for that because jeans can be super expensive but this jacket hands down is
one of my favorite purchases oh my this coat is so fluffy and warm it is like
the like I don’t even know the fluff is crazy soft it’s rare that I feel
something this soft and downy for under $100 and how cute is the fur color love
love love love it it just zips right on up the front this is a medium so it’s
definitely roomy enough to wear a sweatshirt or a sweater under but it’s
not too oversized my boots are on sale as well so I just wanted to show you
what I would usually wear out to like flag football or soccer but yes this
coat for the price definitely a must-have if you’re looking for one talk
about fluff this coat you guys I’d been eyeballing it for over a year it’s by
alo yoga but I found it on sale for you here and there is a hood and there’s a
snap so if you’re like running out to yoga class in the cold you can really
bundle up I am a sucker for a high color hence the reason why I love them made
well jacket so much because you can zip it all the way up and just be cozy cozy
cozy warm so I’m wearing a small medium the medium large size is definitely too
big comes in two different colors and again just pairing it with my hunter
boots because this is what I would wear just on like a cold brisk day running
errands or doing stuff with the kids this sweater dress girls comes in four
different colors and look at the detailing on it look at the lines it is
so roomy and so cozy and it’s got the perfect
stiff neck I’m wearing it with my boots that you can also get at Nordstrom with
my link I sized up a half a size just like in my booties cuz they’re the same
brand and they are all time favorite I love them so much so yeah this is
perfect for just a hundreds even or you could wear it with tights and heels I’m
wearing a medium so it does run big size down a little bit
but it’s just perfect it’s the best one for sure all right and before I change
can we just talk about these slippers for just a minute they come in pink
they come in cream I’m wearing a large because I’m a size 9 I’m sorry these are
like the cutest things I’ve ever seen I adore them so great gift idea for any
girl that you know including yourself all right I wanted to talk just for a
second about my Sorel boots these boots girls have been tried and true it took
me about two years to finally bite the bullet and invest in them but they are
completely waterproof they are I wear them in the snow wear them in the rain
they keep my feet really warm I feel like they’re really stylish and again go
well with Spanx and sweatshirt and puffer jacket and just all the mom gear
alright so you girls hopefully know by now by looking at my channel that I love
helping women find their healthy and happy something they can do from home
quickly and get great results so of course I have to talk about Nikes
because you know this is like a super easy I don’t know if I would pair the
tank I actually I don’t know if this matches but anyway I wanted to show you
these shoes because they are a size 9 I think I probably need a 9 and a half I
was just testing them today how cute are these they have the air pockets they
have the turquoise on the back they have the cute little tongue in the front and
I love that they’re the cream color so had to show you these guys I will link
them up for you and then I will be doing a Amazon legging Tryon so look for that
soon don’t forget to subscribe to my channel don’t forget to follow me on
Instagram don’t forget to be awesome because you are amazing and remember to
just speak nicely to yourself today because we have a lot of negative voices
in our head and they’re usually ours so anyhow hope you’re having a great day
and I hope this Tryon helped you let me know if you have any questions on sizing
or pricing or just anything that you need or something else you’d like to see
from me I would love to help ok see ya show you how pretty these were up close
I love the tongue and the detailing I would say go up a half a size but these
are really cute really awesome around for the perfect holiday earrings and I
found these they are under 40 the pave detail is beautiful and they’re not too
big but they’re a great shape that will kind of fill up the space on your neck
but not look you know a little oversized which I don’t always like so I had to
share love these

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