Not Just a Job…A Lifestyle

Not Just a Job…A Lifestyle

We… Are… YCC… YCC… YCC… YCC… This summer our Council YCC crew worked with
hydrology, archaeology, botany, range, wildlife and recreation. We started off vaguely knowing each other
but one of our greatest moments together was an overnight trip to Council Mountain with
hydrology. We formed genuine friendships, bonded with
new people, and always had a blast. This summer I discovered new places I didn’t
even know were in Idaho. During the archaeology week I saw more native
and cultural places that were so cool! With watershed I learned how to decommission
a road. We planted native species such as alder, dogwood,
and syringa. We were able to restore the area to a natural
state. One day with range we worked as an all women
crew and built a fence around a hot springs. By hiking and carrying fence posts I learned
how strong we all are together. During the Council Mountain project, I learned
how to build check dams in a gully to slow down runoff and keep sediment from flowing
downstream. One of our challenges this summer was breaking
the ice with other crews. But once we got to know each other we had
a blast. We also sometimes struggled seeing eye to
eye but we learned to communicate and see others perspectives. As a team we had many strengths. We learned that each of us valued efficiency-
we also have a cumulative work ethic and enjoy finishing a quality project. Each us also came into this job with valuable
knowledge that helped us in different projects. This summer one of my successes was overcoming
that I may not be able to do everything on my own. I can be strong and wake up with a ready to
go attitude. One of my greatest moments was working with
horses Lefty and Poncho and learning more about how to pack stock. My greatest moment was catching bees with
a net and identifying them for botany week. I had no idea there were 3,600 native bee
species. YCC taught me about having a strong work ethic. I could mentally push through tough jobs knowing
the reward of getting it done is awesome. YCC taught me to work with new people and
I discovered there are many more departments in the Forest Service I didn’t know existed. YCC taught me people have different perspectives,
and that’s okay! We can all work together and get the job done. I thought that everyone that worked for the
Forest Service was like a cliché old man and I found out that that wasn’t true. The Forest Service is more diverse and is
not just a job, it’s a lifestyle and people really enjoy what they do!

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