33 thoughts on “Olympus 12-100mm f4 Review

  1. Hu Peter, if you own the 12-40 2.8 and the 40-150 2.8, does this lens have a use for me or should i go for the 45 1.2 for portraits??

  2. Another informative video Peter, looking forward to the next one. If I didn’t already have this lens you would’ve convinced me to get it 🙂

  3. Great series of videos. I bought this used from Map Camera when I was in Tokyo and it is truly outstanding. I am coupling it with the 100-400 Leica/Panasonic for travelling, with the EM-D EM1 MK I and an EPL 6 as backup body. The two bodies and two lenses can handle virtually anything…

  4. I have been debating whether to get this lens or not
    I already have the 7-14mm pro, 12-40mm pro, and the 40-150mm pro
    But sometimes i don't like taking all my lenses with me so I thought I would buy this lens for travel and quick stuff
    I think i will pull the trigger
    Thanks for your review
    and thats for the out-takes …..made me laugh………great job

  5. It’s a great lens and Sync-Is is just great. I had an opportunity to try the combination on a boat riding on Gulf of Finland a few weeks ago.

  6. Not sure whether it really helped me. I have got a trip to northern India planned. I do have the 40-150 Pro but I am going to leave it behind. Instead I will take the 14-150 on one camera body for those instant all purpose shots and then a second camera body when I have the time to set up a wide angle or a prime lens portrait shot. I was thinking whether I should just get the 12-100 Pro as an alternative to the 14-150 but really the 14-150 is so under-rated and takes great images. The other alternative is to buy the 12-40 Pro and take my 40-150 Pro but becomes a heavy kit and I still need my wide angle and primes for those cool portrait shots. What do you think?

  7. Am I the only one who loves the traditional greeting with the hand gesture? Great videos, Peter. This natural attitude is a breath of fresh air among so many phoney personalities in YT photo channels.

  8. I tend to shoot primes, but I feel like this would be the way to go for the ultimate zoom experience without feeling a sense of compromise. A good counter-technique to primes by basing the expedition on range itself.

  9. Peter, another great review. There is a lens which hardly covered, but I think many are interested in. This is the Olympus 14-150 or the Tamron 14-150. Both are much lighter, cheaper and hardly reviewed on Youtube. It would be great if you will review them!

  10. Peter if you should take only one lens on a trip would it be this one or the new 12 – 200 mm ? Thanks

  11. Did you have the two portraits at the end the wrong way around? The 45mm looks more like the 70mm and vice versa???

  12. Turn of the other lens is taken away. That's all-around and excellent coming out and closeup can be done. Keeping putting on is being enjoyed by the good meaning recently.

  13. A great lens and now 7.5 stops stabilisation with EM1X and Sync IS (up from 6.5 stops). If subject is not moving, you really don't need a tripod and ISO will probably be low enough as well.

  14. I mostly use it at f4. However if you want optimal sharpness for high res shots, it is a LOT sharper at 5.6-8. Just put it at a tripod, and shoot something with fine detail at various apertures. I was pretty surprised at the difference between 4 & 5.6. But then again this is more going from really good to extremely good, so in most situations it wouldn’t matter much.

  15. Nice video! But why the heck did you take your backpack along after saying that the 12-100mm is a great travel lens when I don't want to carry many lenses?

  16. winter already…January…Finland, yep, not realizing the date on this and sitting in 45C Phoenix in August at first I thought "already, dang". I think all things given this is impressive lens but this is still where crop sensor gets me, that means equivalent you are an f8 lens which means you have to really push ISO more than I would prefer though Olympus stabilization is awesome – I have never been the most stable and that is one thing from my rental trial trip was my images were sharp, going back to my aps-c nikon I see a difference. But for Olympus I still prefer the 12-40 f2.8 you gain a stop and in most cases, I can move closer – that is one thing I still remember from my film days and instruction. Still if you want to limit your spend and want a huge range and constant app, it is pretty dang awesome. PS, I love that you left the outtake in.

  17. It is heavier and generally larger than the 12-40 pro, and it does seem big for my camera: OM D E M5 Mark 2, and it is too big to fit the Olympus case cover — but I took it out to the railroad yards, where the extra zoom was very useful, and I had to stand most of the way on the hour long train ride there (Tokyo in the morning) and did not feel it was a burden (and I'm 64). It will be my standard lens from now on for situations where a zoom would be handy. I'll use a 25mm or 35mm prime for just-walking-around photographing. It feels solid and is easy to use.

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