33 thoughts on “Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III or Mark II?

  1. Thanks Peter. I appreciate your honest evaluation of both cameras’ capabilities. I always learn a lot from your presentations.

  2. I had paid in advance for a lens replacement (dead shutter) on my SH-2 pocket zoom. But that spare is no longer available, and I was given an E-M10 Mark II for the pre-paid repair price. The SH-2 was factory-programmed in anticipation of what I would attempt to do with it, The E-M10 II is intended for photographers who want control over every setting. This caused me some trip-ups. For video, the volume setting is manual, and for me, the default volume is too high. It makes even the highest wind noise reduction useless. Recording volume at -2 emulates what my SH-2 (and SH-1 still working) do with their automatic volume control. My laptop video editors monitor HD1080p with some stuttering. 4k video is therefoer impractical for me. I turned down the bit rate, so my hard drive space would not disappear so quickly. I use mostly the manual 40-150mm kit lens. Thanks for telling me how to operate the motor-driven zoom on the 14-42 lens from the camera (no zoom lever on the E-M10 II). The E-M10 II is a great camera – but I cannot use it when working with Sandra. She was a photo model getting the blame for photographers getting stuck with their camera settings, and she still has anxieties about this.

  3. It's a good body, but that motorized kit lens breaks down a lot. Mine broke then I saw about 10 posts in one year in the Olympus FB group in my country asking why the lens doesn't work any more. Get the body only and pair it with a premium or pro lens.

  4. First of all thank you for your review. I am interested in photography and video. I thought starting with omd em10 Mark 3 would be better for both photos and videos. After that I've found em5 and em1. Is it better to go with bigger body like em1 or em5?

  5. Not completely true.. on the mark III you can choose in M LiveBulb and LiveComposite by going over 60" shutter speed. There you can control exposure as you want.. RC Flash is also available.. the only thing which is may a problem: the stabilisation is jut on and off available.. for me no problem.. don't know when I need a defined stabilisation. all in one.. still a good camera.

  6. Thanks for the explanation Peter.

    I am a little bit confused. Why are these cameras considered "entry level" ? If these 2 models are entry level which model from Olympus is pro level or mid level? Is that the E-M5? Just so its clear I am just getting into Olympus. I have an old pen model and looking to buy either Mark 2 or Mark 3 second hand.

  7. HI Peter, quick question. Between the olympus EM-10 Mark 2/3 and the EM-5 Mark 2, which would be a better choice? I have the older EM-10 and looking at a second camera which is a bit newer and a bit better than what I currently have. LeRoy

  8. Hello made, I have the E-M10 II and I'm considering to by ether the M.Zuiko 40-150mm f2.8 PRO or the M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO lens for it, do you thing it would be a good idea for this kind of camera, or is it stupid?

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you ! This video is great and I like the "breezy" way in which you speak; makes learning fun. Any additional information at the basic or intermediate level (in my case for the Mark III ) is most appreciated. Thank you again.

  10. it is worth to buy the Mark II in 2019 or do you think it is better waiting the next model ( mark IV) ?? ( i am only interested in photography)

  11. Hi Peter,
    I am a beginner in Photography and currently using point and shoot cameras,
    Is Olympus OM-D EM10 Mark 2 better for me for taking composition photos and videos, or the Mark 3 is better overall? Currently Mark 2 is much cheaper brand new than mark 3. Thank you

  12. Hi Peter! For a difference of 90 € (76 £) would you buy the mark III? I have found both new or mostly new for that difference and I don't know if I should save that money or it's a good opportunity.
    Please help me! 🙂

  13. Thank you for your work regarding our working tools.

    However, with respect, your comment about the panorama mode "only…overlapping images" on Olympus cameras is not entirely accurate.

    All Olympus cameras with this mode record the overlap information with the images and stitching is automatic in Olympus Workspace or Olympus Viewer 3 software (and earlier versions of Viewer as well…)

    If you open the images in Olympus Viewer 3 or Olympus workspace the images shot in panorama mode are shown with an easy to see tag. Look for the same Panorama symbol/tag seen on the camera mode screen on the software menu options (Fifth from left in Viewer 3 or Workspace) and click.

    Now you will be shown only the images captured in panorama mode which are on the card or in the folder you have active in the library pane. Now you can simply drop the panorama photos onto the working canvas of the software in the correct order and they will be automatically stitched for you when you click "Stitch".

  14. Yes! I chose the Mark ii for better photo options and am happy after 2 months of use. I never use video. $200 cheaper also!

  15. Hello Peter, I discovered your channel only a few days ago. Its very interesting. Could you be so kind and tell us the difference between "Olympus Viewer 2" and "Olympus Workplace". Thanks from Barcelona, Spain.

  16. Hi Peter pls mec ….on video extrnal mic Olympus om d e 10 mark !!! … With connect camera tutorials voice clearly details with mic price in the market

  17. Thank you for your detailed reviews, it has really helped me to narrow my choices. Just a quick question: I was initially thinking of buying the m10 Mark3 because there was very little difference in price, but hearing from this video that I cannot be able to adjust the exposure/whitebalance kind of put me back in confusion. This is my first camera, and as I'm interested in black and white photography as well, I was wondering if the auto whitebalance may be a setback to black and white photography. I'm not planning on taking much videos, and it would be preferable to have better quality photos overall. Which one should I buy?

  18. Hi Peter, one quick question I had was related to Timelapse videos, I know mark 2 also does timelapse but because of the default frame rate it's not smooth like you find in newer cameras.. is there a work around to make time lapse smoother on mark 2?

  19. Hi, Peter! Would you pick the Panasonic GX85/80 over any of the EM10s? This is really the last question I need answered before I commit to a camera. Thanks!

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