One Brand Facial: Pixi | Fashioneyesta

One Brand Facial: Pixi | Fashioneyesta

Hi Guys and welcome back to my channel.
so today I thought I would do something a bit different and I’m going to be kick
starting a new series on this channel and it’s going to be called the One
Brand Facial Series. I’ve really been getting into skincare lately
more so than makeup actually the idea behind the one brand facial series is
basically where I pick one brand and I feature lots of different skincare
products from that one said brand and today I’m going to be kick-starting this
series with one of my favorite brands which is Pixi. So if you would like to
see me do a full facial using just Pixi products then keep watching and also if
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below so that you don’t miss updates when I post new videos and especially if
you want to see more videos in this series because I’m definitely going to
be doing more. So without further ado I’ve got all this makeup on my face
where I’ve been filming all day and I want to take it off now. So let’s go!
First thing I’m going to be doing is taking off my makeup with a makeup wipe
and I have the Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths from Pixi. Which are
made with chamomile and rose and oh boy oh boy oh boy they smell amazing! Oh I
could just smell this all day…bit weird wanting to smell makeup wipes all day. Just gonna
first of all take off my makeup. I usually don’t use makeup wipes to be
honest because I want to be more environmentally friendly. So I tend to
just use a cleansing oil and a cleansing balms to take my makeup off with and
cleanse my skin and I would use these when I’m going away on my travels and
it’s just not easy to take things like flannels and big bottles of cleansing
balm and that sort of thing. So I would definitely use these when I don’t feel
like I can take lots of things with me on the go. Now to cleanse my skin I’m
gonna be using this Rose Cream Cleanser. Now this is made with chamomile flower and
rose. It’s also got aloe gel in there, it’s very soothing for the redness and
it’s a mud cleanser which also has oats in it as well
and it’s just really nice kind of mud based cleanser. It doesn’t foam up to
be honest but it does feel really nice and soothing on the skin.
It’s quite thick as well I really like anything with rose in it for my skin
type. Just because I think rose with my combination skin really works well for
like redness. But also if I get blemishes. It melts into your skin really well.
Then I’m just gonna remove that with a flannel. Now to tone my skin I’m going to
be using the Rose Tonic toner from Pixi. Now I have always been a massive fan of
the Glow Tonic for years as you guys know. But I really like this one.
I got sent another one of these a few months ago. I really liked how it made my
skin feel it’s also made with elderflower in there as well. But I like
it because it just feels very soothing. It’s like nice to use in the evening because
I feel like it helps with the redness a little bit after I’ve cleanse my skin
and it has a lovely scent to it. All of the Rose products from Pixi have the most
amazing scent to them and people ask me why you should use a toner and the
reason is because it helps to balance the pH levels of your skin and it also
helps to remove any excess sebum or like poor filaments like any excess makeup or
anything, any debris that’s got stuck in the pores that your cleansing
routine hasn’t got rid of yet. So that’s why people use toner because it
basically just helps to balance everything out and it also helps the pores to
constrict to prevent you from getting blocked pores. So that’s why you should
use a toner. It’s so shocking when you see how much stuff comes off your skin
even after you cleanse when you use a toner. “oh gosh that was still on my skin!”
Now moving on to the more specialized treatments. So I guess the things I
personally wouldn’t do everyday. II have some eye pads from Pixi and these are the
DetoxifEye…get it? I thought that was great what I saw that. But I mean, I love
anything like that with the word play on eye, because I am Fashioneyesta after all.
Right so these are some eye pads, you get 30 in this pot. So they are made with
cucumber to help soothe the eyes, you’ve also got caffeine to help reduce
puffiness and hyaluronic acid which helps to hydrate them. But you get this
little spatula to get it out… How’d you get- Oh wait…Oh my god! I don’t
even know how many I’ve got. I can’t even get them
out! How do you do this? Wait wait yes I see now I’ve put the spatula in there
it makes sense now. Because otherwise you’re trying to pick them out and
that’s really difficult. Will they go this way? That makes sense, place them
under my eye. Although they are quite slidy so I don’t know how they’re gonna
stay with me sitting up like this. We’ll just have to see. Now I’ve got to try and get
the second one on. Come on get out get out get out get. But you’re going on my face
whether you like it or not. Okay so it says on here you’re supposed to leave
them on for 10 minutes. So I guess I’m leaving them on for 10 minutes the. The
texture of these it’s like a gel patch. They’re like a hydrogel patch they kind
of feel very slimy. But I’m surprised because I thought they’d stop sliding down
my face by now. But they seem to be staying on. Next I’m gonna try my
luck and see if these will stay on underneath a sheet mask. I’ve got this
Pixi Glow Glycolic Boost Sheet Mask that they recently came out with… I think it
was last month. so this has got the glycolic acid in there obviously,
glycolic acid is the main ingredient of all the glow range. You’ve also got ginseng
in there which is softening and witch hazel which is good for blemishes it’s a
natural astringent as well and its really good if you get any breakouts, anything
like that. So it says that you’re supposed to leave them on for about 10
minutes. So I could be sitting here with my eye patches on and also this sheet
mask as well. You’re probably all gonna laugh your frickin heads off of it let
me now. Because I’m gonna look like bloody Michael Myers from Halloween!
These are the things we have to do for beauty. So we just have to live with it.
So there we go just stick that on your face like so and then you just sit there
looking amazing and gorgeous and wonderful with your sheet mask.
Why do you never see this on the cover of Vogue eh?
I mean it’s so attractive isn’t it? So yeah I guess I’m going to just sit with
ten minutes and just do nothing so let me turn the timer on. I feel like I
should face time my friends and ask them “what you think of my new look guys?” I mean my
mates pretty much used to my antics right now so probably wouldn’t really
give it damn. I will be back with you in ten minutes. [Clock ticking sound] Take it off and then it says you
basically just pat the serum into your skin before you do like moisturizer
and stuff. It’s just nice to do that it’s nice to sort of sit here and actually take
time on your skin and just do all these lovely extra steps. Actually now that
I’ve pressed it in my skin feels really nice.
That actually feels so good and I feel like with a witch hazel it’s really
toned down the redness I had from what I can see. But that feels so good that feels
really really nice, really happy with that. Actually I’d say with the eye pads
they definitely look a bit more smoother, they feel very soft underneath my eyes
like my under eye area feels really smooth. But I don’t know in terms of
puffiness, I mean I don’t really get a puffiness anyway. So I can’t really say
for that but it definitely did feel really soothing on the eyes and very
cooling. So I think that was a really interesting product and my under-eye
area does feel quite soft and it does get quite dry in the colder weather. So
yeah I think in terms of that I’m really happy the sheet mask I’m really really
impressed with really liked that. The next thing I’m going to be using today
is the Rose Caviar Essence from Pixi. Now I’ve had a love affair with this
product for ages now. I’ve gone for about three of these in the past and I was so
happy when there was one in the press release that they sent me. This is made
with compressed flower oil and it’s basically just like a pre-moisturising
essence. so the idea of in essence is that it preps your skin for your actual
moisturiser and things. So the way that I use this is I get a little bit of this
in my hands and then just sort of press it into my skin and it literally just
feels like your skin’s been given a drink. On top of the face mask it
feels so nice! I absolutely love this product, it’s really soothing it’s good
if you get dryness and it’s just a nice extra thing to do underneath a
moisturiser and that literally just made my skin feel so smooth. It’s got these
little pearls of like rose essence that when you put it on the skin they kind of
bust and the Rose goodness, all the actual
ingredients sort of seep into your skin. It’s just so satisfying, it’s just such a
good product! Just try it okay, if you’ve never tried anything from Pixi try this.
Because it’s actually like my favorite thing from Pixi ever I love it. I
absolutely love it! Next thing I’m going to be using is the Rose Ceramic Cream. I
never know if I’m pronouncing that right. It’s basically like a really rich
intense moisturiser. So it’s like skin food for really dry skin. My skin’s not
that dry, but I like using this sort of stuff in the evening. Just because it
gives my skin a little bit longer to enjoy the moisture. Apply that onto my
skin and because I’ve used the Rose Essence it’s nice because its prepped it. it smells gorgeous. Oh it smells so good! But it’s a really good intensive
moisturiser if you get dry skin or you just really want to give your skin a
really good pamper. Next thing I’m going to use is a little bit of this Rose
Oil blend this of course has rose in it. But it also has Vitamin E which is
really good to help give your skin a lot of elasticity and it’s just good to
hydrate your skin. I only use like a little bit like two drops. Just because I have
got a lot of product on and I don’t want to overload my skin and what I like to
do is to just sort of pat it into my skin over the top of my moisturiser. It’s
just like a little extra. I mean my skin is looking very shiny now. I just have to
press it in just to really sink it into the skin. This is a product that I would
probably just save for nighttime or in the evening because it’s quite rich
takes a bit longer to sink in so it’s more suited to nighttime use to be
honest and then lastly before this One Brand Facial because I’m so extra I have
this Rose Glow mist from Pixi. Which is made with seven different flower oils
and I’m just gonna be misting my face with a little bit of this just to keep
that little luxurious feel going this is just a little extra thing to do before I
finish my facial. I love using these for not only before I
put my makeup on or when I’ve done my skincare but also over the top of makeup.
I think it kind of gives it a little bit more a dewy look when it’s going a
little bit crepey throughout the day and it’s just a nice product it was really
really soothing, it’s got a nice scent to it. It’s always good if you’re going
walking and you get a bit flustered so it’s just a nice multitask product really. That was my One Brand Facial video. I really hope you enjoyed it and you
found it interesting. Do let me know in the comments what
brands you would like me to do next. So some other brands I’m gonna be doing… my
next one I’m going to be doing is Fresh Beauty. But I could do Lumene, I could do
like some other more affordable brands and I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so
much for watching this video. Be sure to like, comment and subscribe and I’ll see
you guys in my next one. Bye guys!

9 thoughts on “One Brand Facial: Pixi | Fashioneyesta

  1. I loved this! Skin care sometimes feels overwhelming to me, but this makes me want to try more. I usually just wash my face with a cleanser and then moisturize but I’d love to try more masks

  2. Nice video and it's a treat to see you without your makeup on
    Not that it's not an absolute treat to see you with it on
    But that mask and the eyestar patches 😆😆 I was thinking about robbing a bank and could use a partner in crime what do you say

    We could be the fairy and troll gang

  3. I bought 3 items from Pixi's Rose-Infused line a few weeks ago: Rose Cream Cleanser, Rose Caviar Essence, Rose Ceramide Cream. I'm really impressed with the line so far in that it has greatly reduced my redness. My future purchases would probably be the Rose Flash Balm, since it can be used as a moisturizer/primer, as well as the Sun Mist for sun protection. PS – I also bought a mini version of the Peel & Polish as well as the Glow Tonic, which I use for a weekend or mid-week facial, and I absolutely love those. Thanks for doing this video.

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