Over 50 Style Tips | Casual Sporty Style!

Over 50 Style Tips | Casual Sporty Style!

today’s video is all about casual style
for the woman over 50 I’m going to show you how to put together some outfits
based all around one piece of clothing it was around in the 80s it’s still
around today it’s comfortable it’s slimming it can be wore dressed up or
dress down and it’s the addidas 3 stripe sweat pants
you probably wore these to netball practice when you were young but today
I’m going to show you how to style these so that you look on-trend and they’re
perfectly suitable for our age group so if you’d like to know more please keep
watching everything about these pants is perfect they’re super comfy they’re
stretchy they’ve got an elastic waist which means they’re comfortable around
your tummy so if you’ve got a bit of tummy going on there it doesn’t matter
because it covers it and they come up high enough to not give you any muffin
top also they are very lengthening because the three stripes down the side
of the leg gives us length when you look at these pants from all different angles
it’s always long because of all those lines you can wear any white t-shirt
with these pants and you can tuck it in just a little bit on the side to give
you a more modern look and this is more slimming too than just wearing a big
t-shirt so tuck it in on the side and there you go you just look sporty and
casual and cool this zip at the bottom is perfect because you can wear them
skinny or you can open the zip and have them with a little bit of a flare which
kind of brings your leg out a bit if your hips are wider so that’s nice and
balancing and this is a perfect outfit for flying because you can literally
wear these pants for 24 hours and be comfortable the whole time this black
singlet has an asymmetric line on it so it’s giving me length and it’s adding a
little bit of detail to the eye you can wear a denim jacket over this look and
it’s perfect so it’s casual casual with a little bit
of an edge if you’re going out for the day and you think it might get cool you
can take a shawl or a throw along the cause how good does this look it brings
it up a notch and makes it a little bit more dressy any throw that you have will
work with this outfit I’m swapping over here to black shoes because black shoes
will give me more length so my top and my middle and my bottoms all black so
it’s making me look longer I like to wear a little bit of a heel a wedged
heel and my sneakers these are just converse with a wedge and they give you
a little bit more hide I’m short so yeah I really like those and with the zip
that’s open at the bottom of the leg this just works perfectly I absolutely
love that you can put a leather jacket with this outfit it dresses up the
casual nature of the pants and the sneakers but it just works it’s just
something that you can do sometimes you don’t feel like wearing jeans because
you don’t want to be all tight and pulled in and this works and of course
if you’re going out at night you can add heels to this you could wear this out to
a casual dinner and you could wear heels during the day as well I’ve worn black
high heels and it’s nice that the black matches the black and the look is
seamless but you can do whatever you like
this look was kind of trendy a couple of years back with Kim Kardashian and a lot
of the young celebrities but at our age we don’t need to follow all the trends
we just need to find styles that suit us that are comfortable and we can keep
wearing them over and over again so this video is inspired by that trend but it’s
just so doable for our age group it looks so great it’s a bit edgy and it’s
it’s still on trend it’s just a fun casual outfit idea and you can style
these pants in so many different ways so you only need to buy one thing and mix
it with what you’ve got it’s on-trend it looks cool it’s
comfortable you can do it we’re all around in the beginning when this was
just something that you’d wear to sports practice and now we can wear it in a
different way so have some fun experimenting and give this look at
please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it with any of your
girlfriends who love playing with fashion thank you so much for watching
and have a beautiful week

97 thoughts on “Over 50 Style Tips | Casual Sporty Style!

  1. Omg i do remember wearing them for netball. Sadly.. but i loved them. Flashback 80s. Who would od thought..im going to buy some. They are cheap here. I have a little bit of a tummy. Im not huge i only 59 kgs. But its bottom and tummy. I know to tuck in tshirts on the side peplum. But i do not like peplum. Im like boho dresses jeans denimn skurts. Any tips on how to hide a tummy. Manly lower. Like im 4 months pregnant. Ggrrr. Menapause is not fun. Plys u cant take hrt due to lupus and blood clotting. Your fashion tips are amazing. Have a great weekend 😊

  2. LOL I had to giggle. I am 6'1" and don't need any more length. Have you found Dressing your Truth on YouTube?

  3. I have the same rug but grey in my room. Kmart have some really nice home decor atm. As with target. 😁

  4. Such a cool idea. I never thought of wearing heels with them.
    Isn't it fun how fashion repeats itself?

  5. Hi i love black and white it makes me feel good and it looks good all the time have a great week 💕💕💕💕💖💖💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  6. Perfect! 55 and counting and these outfits suit us just fine! In fact, flying out in the morning to London and was struggling with what I want to wear on the 13 hour flight and wha la! You just solved my problem! Thanks!

  7. Love all these outfits and I need those pants !!!! You look great and do comfy !!! You look stunning today too !! Much love ❤️

  8. Fabulous recommendations sweetie. Stopped by a local Starbucks to check on my channel. Stay fabulous and enjoy your day 🙌🏼. Still on vacation. Aloha 🌺.

  9. Hi Beautiful Schellea…I loved this!..that look where you wear those nice black high heels and jacket is fantastic….I also liked the look of model at the end with high heels, black top and cream white coat over it..and I have just perfect coat for that one….Always something fun and new from you…thank you!…big hug…Jana x

  10. I had some leggings like this in high school. I use to wear them with heels . I love the black leather jacket too, what a fun trendy look. It would be comfortable for travel . Your hair is so pretty and the ring necklace also. Have a great weekend!

  11. YOU are so inspiring! Love these esp dressed up with heels…but love the tomboy look with sneakers and leather jacket! How tall are you, Schellea?
    I owe you a letter! SLOWLY getting back on track…. (I think? I hope!) Much love from me to you! Lydia XO (-;

  12. Hi Schellea. Thanks for the great idea – ALWAYS looking for comfy pants. Love them styled casually with the denim jacket and white sneakers. Tell me, do they go baggy at the knees like old trackies did or do they have some stretchy stuff in them these days?

  13. I never would have thought of wearing heels with these! I couldn't pull that off but I have most of the other items in my closet — just never thought I'd put them together! Great ideas! I love the styles you showed.

  14. I love these! I added them to my wish list on Amazon ❤

    I've never heard Adidas pronounced how you say it, I love it! 😉 I'm in the US.

    Back in the 80's people said Adidas meant "all day I dream about sex" (an acronym). Lol! 😂

  15. This is my first time to disagree with you. I didn’t think any of the examples made these pants look like a good choice for anything other than work out wear

  16. Love your videos. I've always struggled with styling casual looks will be adding a pair of similar track pants to my wish list for my current mid-life restyle project which I've christened my frjmp to frow makeover.

  17. Love these hints! You look fabulous and have such great ideas. Embracing this 50s thing and glad there are youtubers like you. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I LOVE these looks!!! I wear this type of looks here in the US…BUT I'm going to London to visit friends next month, so I just watched several videos last night about what to wear when visiting London and what NOT to wear and sweatpants (and trainers or sneakers) were on all the DO NOT WEAR lists! I was so disappointed because I feel like this type of casual clothing looks great (when it fits properly and looks good on you) and it's extremely comfortable. I am SOOO glad you made this video because I'm going to pack my Adidas track pants and sneakers regardless of what those other women said. YOU are much more fashionable (and beautiful) than they are any day of the week! THANK YOU!!! 🤗🤗🤗

  19. How fun are these options!! Thanks for expanding my horizons on Adidas pants. Oh and I had no idea that you were shorter. How tall are you?

  20. Love the options!! I’m always casual with my Adidas but the dressed up versions take it out of the park! That pop of red and green was adorable!

  21. Hi! You look great in everything. Does Night Kat have a special meaning? Or am I missing something? 😊. Love the track pants, I wonder if I can pull them off like you??! Great video as usual!! Xo

  22. Join your Facebook page today glad to see you there.❤️🦋 I have these and I truly wear them as you suggested when I’m on vacation multiple uses. TYFS

  23. Wow!!! Love , love, love!!!!!! Thank you so much for making us look cool yet age appropriate! Thank You!!!

  24. Hey, thanks, I never had a pair of these but I'm going to get them and I'm 54 years old. They really do look great. Thanks so much x

  25. Thank you from the FABULOUS 50 group !!! Please keep making these clothing vids they are right on for our age group.GREAT JOB !!!#

  26. Some great tips which I'm going to use, thanks! I'm 55 this year but still want to look stylish and I really enjoy putting outfits together.

  27. I got some! It’s really not me since I live on a Texas ranch, but I’m going to go for it!!!

  28. Hmmm, I get the idea and you can pull off this look, but I'll stick to my leggings! I got some great faux leather jeggings from Target that do all the things you describe – they're high waisted, really comfy and stylish. 🙂

  29. Hello! Newbie here from P.R.! Thanks for helping us in this new journey of our 50’s & counting! It makes me feel excited & blessed with all of your ideas! 😘

  30. I’m so excited to find your videos! You are beautiful! I am 51, 5’5” and athletic (power lifting) and wonder how these pants would fit on thicker thighs? I am a size small to med. Also that leather jacket is fantastic! What brand is it please? 💕

  31. Hi, from a previous video of yours you said Don't wear black because it makes you look harsh. In this video it's a contradiction. What am I missing?

  32. This is great, im in the UK, just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis so foot ware is essential I love this x

  33. Hi!

    Can you give me the model number or link to the black boot you showed?

    I can’t figure out which one it is.


    Model number, please.

    Thank so much!!

    Love your channel!!


  34. I absolutely love these pants! You can throw them on in all the ways you described. They look so stylish and it gives you that "younger" Look. While I like my leggings, I can't wear them all of the time and our bodies need to breathe a little. If you know what I mean 😉😊❤❤❤

  35. Hey schellea I was looking at buying a pair I am 161cm tall are they long in the leg? Thanks for the great video I just rewatched 😊💕

  36. Hi Schellea, Haven’t been able to find that type of adidas pants with zippers also so many of them have draw strings which I don’t want. Where can I purchase these cool pants? Thank you. Love your show very helpful!👍🏻

  37. I have these exact pants and yesssss I love them! I wear them as you show with a T-shirt and sneakers—also in summer with sandals, in cooler months—with a Chelsea boot. Denim jacket looks great too. I do a billowing black or white blouse with them-for a neat contrast as well. Very chic look! And I am 48 years old. Highly recommend!

  38. Totally agreed! This is how I dress myself almost everyday: sporty + fashion. It even works for formal occasions. By the way people look at me, I think it’s a successful mix. 🙂

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