Photography School: Video Color Workflow

Photography School: Video Color Workflow

Hi, I’m Dennis O’Clare – photographer, film
maker and video instructor at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. One of the key things that I stress in my
DSLR video workshop is to get it right, in the camera. When we’re talking about color, you do that
by using proper white balance and by manipulating our picture styles. Then, I Iike to take it one step further to
ensure that I have an accurate color reference point. To do that, you simply use your Color Checker,
one that you probably already own, the Mini or Passport, the classic, or my favorite for
video, the X-rite grayscale. So now, when I get to the editing process,
it’s really easy to do any tweaking or color correction. I simply pull up the clip that contains the
color checker or gray scale. I open up the three-way color correcter, set
the black point, the highlights, and the mid-tones. I can then save that custom color correction
and apply it to each clip that was taken under those same lighting conditions. Including a color checker or grayscale in
your video workflow is a really simple way to get consistent and accurate color in all
of your projects.

4 thoughts on “Photography School: Video Color Workflow

  1. sir i have a xrite color checker passport. im wondering how can i use this to correct white color balance using FCPX just like in PS or LR that has eye dropper to chose the neutra gray.. thanks in advance

  2. I have the same doubt and I'm afraid FCPX doesn't have the 3 way color corrector. I'm tottaly lost about that because I've shoot with black/white/grey cards and, now, I can't correct the color inside the software. Could you know how can I do that in the FCPX ?

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