100 thoughts on “Pop art Girl with a Hat Fashion Acrylic Painting tutorial for Beginners

  1. Thank you cinnamon! I have been watching for only about 4 months and painting for a about a year. You are so much more than a teacher. You are an insparation. Thank you for sharing and being such a beautiful being! Your positive energy rocks! Love you guys! 😺

  2. Loved this painting! Your lessons really give me inspiration and motivation to paint more and grow as an artist. I'd love more pop art tutorials, they are really fun to do!

  3. LOVE THIS ONE…Sketched her while you painted her! Can't wait to get her on canvas and paint. You always inspire me to do something different .Thank  you

  4. Wonderful New year Cinnamon and to your sweet loving husband. May the good Lord will keep you healthy and full of life with His mighty blessing. you are both blessed with love. Thanks for sharing us your talent and your effort. i know both of you are busy but we are lucky that you shared us your love and time. Thank you a lot.
    hugss Teresa. PS. We love all your works and thanks for your sweet loving husband who always help you to make this happened. All videos are blessings to us.

  5. Thank you for saying everyone has the right to tell their story in their art and teaching people how to use their own skin tones. The tutorial was great!

  6. i am just amazed by your teachings ….thank you so much ,your work is just beautiful and you are great teacher….May God bless you…i will do this paint ….i love it….💖

  7. OMGEEEEEEZ!!! New subbie! You just made my day on so many levels. I can't draw worth a darn, but I've always wanted to experience the tranquility of painting. You have opened my world to so many possibilities. I know this may be long winded and possibly a bit corny, but I just wanted you to know you made a difference today when it was really needed. Thank you!

  8. This one was so fun to do! I forgot to print the traceable at the office so had to freehand it and the face is a little wonky, but that makes her perfectly imperfect….just like me! 🙂

  9. I will be doing this painting tonight. So excited! I had to struggle with "drawing," I'm not the best at it. I understood how the printable with transfer paper works, but how do you do that when the printable prints out smaller than my canvas size??
    It's not so bad I suppose as it forces me to practice drawing

  10. Mind blowing art and artist,I like portrait painting,which you draw on canvas board.you tell everything and the beginners can understand easily ,your reply for my comments is valuable for me, I am great full to you and your team ." God brings happiness and prosperity in our lives." Aameen .

  11. I am almost finished with this painting…would I be allowed to sell this? My family keeps telling me I should but being that it's not my original idea, that it's yours, but i did draw and paint it, I want to make absolute sure that i can legally sell this painting (and any others I've done)…THANKS!! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

  12. I love this painting! In this painting you have so many opportunyties to make it our own! Thanx Cinnamon! I will do this painting! I love you teaching us! God may bless you and John for everything you are doing for us! Luv you ♡♥♡♥

  13. Hi Sherpa … I am loving ur classes… I have a question….. when I paint it looks like spots everywhere why is that?? And is it important to use medium???

  14. Cinnamon. THANK YOU! I bought that tracing paper and tried it with chalk and it didn't work! What a swell idea to make it work! I am going to trace the girl and follow along. Can't wait to try this. xoxoxoxox

  15. hi there so ive just started this painting but i messed up. what happens when your drawing on the canvas and you mess up so theres a lot of lines on the canvas. ive painted over them but the red wasnt dark enough.do i just keep adding more coats when it dries? ive tried making the red darker but its still showing. i probably should have just painted it another color . but my lines are kind of dark even with the darker red. by the way thank you for being you. every time i watch your videos i feel inspired. you just have that gift that lifts people up so thank you for that!!!

  16. Wowww, this is beautiful. Your artwork and tutorials are amazing! I'm so happy I found your channel I've always wanted to learn how to paint and draw.  I can't wait to try this. I looked on your website but I couldn't locate the traceable​ for this.

  17. I saw this picture while surfing the net and thought it was cool. Being a beginner I was nervous about doing it, but seeing this video has given me courage to try it.

  18. @theartsherpa is there a video anywhere that can show my hot to draw this free handed ?? i don't like to trace would love to paint this picture. Please let me know. Thanks

  19. thank you for narrating through the painting. Speed painting is not good for beginners. You narrating thru tips and goofs are so helpful w the close up. I can pause and play as you take us thru the video.

  20. I’m an one stroke painter. I have learned that the stroke you’re makingfor the rose is called a comma stroke and an angle brush works well.

  21. I will definitely try this painting ..hope it will look like yours .!!! It's amazing !!! 👌👌👌 Which color are those ?? Water color or ??

  22. Gonna try that tis evening… couldn't find the tracebles so I freelancer it and took other colours… when finished I put it up on fb. Thank you for the tutorial. 💗💗💗💗💗

  23. Ну о чем можно так много и долго говорить? Веселая девушка! ( Без обиды). Смотреть за ее работой приятно и писать вслед за ней вполне доступно.

  24. My goal for this year is to learn how to paint. I was so proud of myself after I did this painting. Thank you!😄

  25. Hi, thanks for sharing this lovely painting 🌹🌹i tried this with my daughters & made a little video of our experience, we’re totally beginners and this is our second experience.. you’re welcome to watch it enjoy & leave comments to improve our skills 😍😍 this is the link: https://youtu.be/mg7ro0Nf3Ws

  26. .•°“°•.¸.•°“°•.

    ( You have a beautiful life in your channel

    `•.¸ ¸.•`


    Thank you very much for your tutorial. You are gorgeous. Your graphics are beautiful, and your video is top. You have this ability to explain what you do. The amazing work is all the ways

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