President Rosenbaum on Coronavirus and the Caltech Community

President Rosenbaum on Coronavirus and the Caltech Community

It’s hard to believe,
but less than two weeks ago Millikan Pond was stormed by amphibious
robots as we had the annual ME 72 competition. How things have changed
in a short time. Right now, this campus is almost empty. We’re working in a way that
requires many of us to distance ourselves from Caltech,
and from our friends and our neighbors because of our responsibility to the community – the Caltech community and the community at large. This is a challenge for all of us
but one that I know Caltech individuals will rise to. This is not the first time people
have been faced with these situations. In 1665, with the bubonic plague
moving through Europe, Isaac Newton was forced off
the Cambridge University campus. He went home and worked there
to develop the underpinnings of the theory of gravity and of calculus. That’s a pretty high standard;
I don’t expect that all of us will be able to do that. But the characteristics that have seen
Caltech through the years as a leading research and educational institution
are particularly important in these days: Fearlessness, ambition,
the ability to challenge big problems We can marshal our resources
to make contributions for the long term and
the creation of knowledge, but also to help in terms of forming the
scientific and technological bases that will address some of the challenges
presented by the coronavirus. Our thoughts are with all members
of the campus community. We hope that you and your families
will be safe at this time, and stay connected to each other and to us.

4 thoughts on “President Rosenbaum on Coronavirus and the Caltech Community

  1. Thanks so much President Rosenbaum. Always interesting and uplifting messages. We need them now more than ever.

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