16 thoughts on “Quarantine? Use It To Build Your Own Business (Here’s How!)

  1. I hope you're acting now and don't hesitate to make things happen.

    If you want to start your own freedom business but don't know where to start then book a free consultation call with me or an expert from my team HERE and we will help you out:

    Hopefully talk soon,

  2. Max can i afford your mentorship if i can only pay you 200 eur a month, (i am willing to sign any contract to pay you half of whatever you would help me make for the rest of my life, just to help me leave my warehouse toxic metals job)

    And i would be forever grateful to you, and repay you for the rest of my life. I would do whatever you ask and be your personal slave if necessary.

  3. Why would the market for online coaching grow? People will be more worried, ok. But why will they spend money on coaching if they are not working?

  4. Come to Mexico Max everything is fine here; the weather is awesome, we have delicious food and people is not scared of fictional flu!

  5. THANKS: Powerful content. Love the apt, stunning layout. Suggestion: Can you stay stationary? The moving around was a lil and taking away from the message you are delivering. I know you had your bullet points on your laptop. 👍🏾

  6. This man changed my life! This is an amazing channel.

    When I had a heart arythmia few years back, I lost all my confidence and I was broken deep inside, scared for my life…

    This man inspired me to take action and get out of my comfort zone. Now I study to become a cardiologist myself and I improved so much as a man.

    I even made this Youtube channel to talk about health and lifestyle topics. Would appreciate every bit of support! Feel free to check me out and even subscribe

  7. Entertainment can help you grow in some ways but it has to be quality entertainment. It is good for your mental health in moderate amounts… and of course entertainment has value in itself. And some people literally work with entertainment.

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