QUICK, TASTY, HEALTHY MEAL PREPS | 5 Meal Ideas for Busy People | Doctor Mike

QUICK, TASTY, HEALTHY MEAL PREPS | 5 Meal Ideas for Busy People | Doctor Mike

– Hey guys. I’m no master chef, but I’m
in a rush in my daily life, so I need quick, healthy,
easy meal options to make during the day. So let’s get some ingredients. I got my new school
shopping list right here. No more pen and paper. (upbeat music) (grocery bags rustling) (door slamming shut) (grocery bags rustling) I’m no Gordon Ramsay when it
comes to being in the kitchen, but I do know a thing
or two about nutrition. These are five quick,
easy, and nutritious meals that you can make at home
when you’re on the go. Enter Chef Dr. Mik. (upbeat music) (hitting sound effect) (bell dinging) (upbeat music) Let’s start with my favorite dish. I like to call this bad boy The Underdog, ’cause most people think sardines, ew, no. First of all, sardines are delicious. Second of all, they’re an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. That’s the stuff that you need to develop a healthy brain, healthy eyes. We’ve seen a lot of studies show that people who consume
fish on a regular basis not only are smarter, but
they also sleep better. Below that, you have guacamole
that has hass avocados in it. It has tomatoes, it has
onions, rich in vegetables. All on tip of this crisp bread which has sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, it’s rich in whole grains, has three grams of fiber,
three grams of protein. This is a killer nutritious snack that you can really eat on the go. Don’t mind a sardine. (upbeat music) (hitting sound effect) (bell dinging) (upbeat music) Up next we have something
that I munched on all the time in college. The Dorm Room Special. It’s really simple. It’s not elegant. But it really does the trick. Oven roasted turkey breast
followed by my favorite cheese, muenster cheese, and then you
have two slices of cucumbers. A lot of nutrition packed
into this little bad boy here. You have proteins from
the cheese and the turkey and then you have antioxidants and polyphenols from the cucumbers. Cucumbers contain lichenins
and they have a strong history of research in connection with reduced risk of
cardiovascular disease as well as some cancers even. And who doesn’t like themselves
a little extra crunch? (Mikhail popping mouth) (upbeat music) (hitting sound effect) (bell dinging) (upbeat music) The Antioxidant 1-2 Punch. That’s right. The reason why I call
this Antioxidant 1-2 Punch is because green apples,
my favorite kind of apples, yes, Granny Smith, have
a ton of antioxidants as well as polyphenols, so the saying an apple a day keeps your
doctor away is partially true, because they do have a
host of health benefits. They also are rich in fiber
which keeps you fuller longer. It also helps with sugar management. Then you have on the side
as a little dipping portion of cottage cheese, rich
in protein, calcium, B12, all essential nutrients
to keep your body going. And you finally top it off with
a little bit of extra flavor from cinnamon, which is zero calories. That’s right, zero calories. And cinnamon also loaded in antioxidants. That’s the two in the 1-2 Punch. Cinnamon has shown promise in preventing issues with your heart. It’s also shown to help
better manage sugar within your body, whether
you’re diabetic of not diabetic. Antioxidant 1-2 Punch tastes
great and low calorie. (upbeat music) (hitting sound effect) (bell dinging) (upbeat music) The Bear Pleaser. Yup, I named this after my puppy Bear. And what this is is
just basic Greek yogurt mixed with some multigrain,
gluten free granola. I added a couple walnuts for myself, because I love walnuts,
and then finish off with a little drizzle of honey. Greek yogurt, rich in protein and a great source of probiotics. Yeah, probiotics is all
that bacteria that lives within inside your gut that helps you to have healthy digestion,
helps you to go to the bathroom more regularly, normal stools. We’ve seen a lot of benefits
from people eating yogurt. The multigrain granola is great, because the one I buy has actually nine different seeds and nuts in it. You’re getting a lot of of fiber. You’re getting a lot
of nutrients packed in and that crunch is unbelievable. I think that yogurt on its own, especially plain yogurt and granola, is kind of tasteless. So what I do is I take my favorite, I guess food topping you could call it, and I drizzle a little
bit of honey on top, give it a ton of flavor, because honey is rich in sugar. But honey is also rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, and we’ve
seen some promising studies talking about the favorable
effect on cholesterol. So this is a meal that
I love and Bear loves. (upbeat music) (hitting sound effect) (bell dinging) (upbeat music) Last and least. It may not be the most
adult one of these five, but it’s certainly a favorite
of mine in childhood. Peanut butter and jelly. Peanut butter really gets a bad rap because it’s high in fat. It has some saturated
fats and in small amounts saturated fats are not bad for you. And it’s rich in unsaturated fats which are also good for you. Peanut butter is also a great way for people who are vegetarian or vegan to get their protein up. When selecting the bread for your PB & J, make sure it’s one that has
whole grain and whole wheat in the first two ingredients to make sure it’s the healthiest type
of bread that you can get. Rich in fiber. If you’re gonna choose a jam, make sure it’s a high quality jam, not just jam that’s packed
with a ton of sugar. Make sure it’s made with real fruit. Clearly you don’t need
to put in a lot of effort to make really quick and nutritious foods. I mean, most of these here
have three or four ingredients at most and maybe they took
me five minutes to make. As always guys, stay happy and healthy. (static) Look, I am no Bobby Flay.
(laughing) (static) Look, I am no Gordon Ramsay
when it comes to cooking, but I do know a little
thing about nutrition. A little thing about nutrition? (static)
Let’s break down each one. (Mikhail popping mouth) How does that become my thing? (Mikhail popping mouth)
(static) If you like this nutrition video, please give it a like and a share. You wanna see what I eat
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  1. Because I'm an interpreter I don't have much time for making meals. I rather buy a burger and stuff for my meals. I mean this video is amazing. I could make it for my breakfast. Thanks for sharing your cool tips doctor mike :). God bless you.

  2. It bothers me how many comments Doctor Mike gets that are sexualising him in a way that is highly inappropriate for any human being, whether that's a man or a woman.

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  6. Honey also has anti inflammatory, antibacterial, anti fungal and anti microbial properties in addition to antioxidants.

  7. Aren't cold cuts really unhealthy? Also I noticed you are eating low fat yogurt which I believe is a lot worse than full fat yogurt cause of added sugars… pls lmk!

  8. Ur great♥️ I love ur work and really appreciate the msg ur delivering🙌🤗
    Plz let know some veg healthy recipes as I am vegetarian and struggle what to eat to have a proper meal.

  9. You just need reduced the calories each dish actually offers… Why on the earth your mathematics is so poor????

  10. I'm no Gordon Ramsey when it comes to being in the kitchen, but i know a thing or two about nutrition


  11. When the doctor says how good cucumbers are for preventing cancer while wrapping processed meat and cheese around cucumber slices ? U.S.A doctors have on average less than 20 hours of nutrition education across 4 years of medical school. Plus, it has long been proven that process meats, dairy products and animal protein in general significantly increase the risk of getting cancer, diabetes and other deadly diseases. I see nothing healthy in these meals.
    I enjoy your enthusiasm, Dr. Mike, but I have to disagree with the information offered in this video .

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