Hi everyone , nomoshkar and welcome to Curries
With Bumbi. Today I will be making a spicy tofu recipe. You can call it spicy braised
tofu or chili tofu, whatever it is, believe me it is very very delicious. You can follow
this same recipe using paneer as well if you do not like tofu. So let’s get started .
As I said in my earlier tofu recipes that tofu always needs a little help as it is bland
in nature. Here I have taken warm water , I added a teaspoon of salt to it . You do not
need to follow this step at all if you are using paneer but that salt really does a great
job seasoning the tofu. Let the tofu sit in this saline water while you do your other
prep work. Chop 4 to 5 cloves of garlic . Chop 1 medium
onion. Then I grated some ginger. Here I am using 1 green chili and 1 large red chili.
Please don’t get alarmed by seeing the size of this red chili as this one is not at all
spicy. Believe me ,I can munch on it just like a cucumber ,it is that bland, seriously.
Cut 1 large green bell pepper into about ¾ inch squares. Finally I used only the green
parts of green onions. You can even use coriander leaves . We just need that fresh flavor to
finish off this dish so use whatever is convenient for you.
Here in a pan I have taken 1 teaspoon of whole coriander seeds and 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds.
Just dry roast it for a few seconds , then take it off heat and grind them. You can even
use store bought ground cumin and coriander powder. I prefer grinding my own spices to
get that maximum flavor. My tofu has got enough of that salt bath.
After taking out from the salt water soak that moisture by wrapping it in paper towels.
Cut the tofu into fairly large cubes. Sprinkle just a tablespoon of flour, ¼ th of a teaspoon
of paprika. You can kashmiri red chili powder instead and freshly ground black pepper. Then
gently toss the bowl so that all the tofu get well coated with the flour. Do not use
a spoon to do this as the pieces may break and always add the flour just before frying
or else the flour turns gluey . Here I have taken about 4 tablespoons of oil
in my pan. Usually most chili paneer recipes call for first dipping the paneer in a thick
coating of batter and deep frying them. I have found that frying in this way make them
taste even better and it is healthy as well. Place them in a single layer and fry on medium
high heat till they turn golden brown on both sides. Always use a non stick pan for frying
the tofu and If you are using a small pan then fry the tofu in batches. Take them out
once they are golden brown on all the sides. I added another tablespoon of oil to that
same pan on medium high heat. Add the green bell peppers, sprinkle little salt and stir
fry for about a minute till they get these slightly browned edges. Then take them out
with a slotted spoon. As you can see there is still some oil left
in the pan. To this I added cumin seeds. Let them sizzle for a few seconds, then add the
chopped onions add little salt and fry them for a few minutes till they turn bit glossy.
For these kind of recipes I always add salt little at a time but layer by layer so that
all the components get well seasoned and nothing tastes bland.
Next goes the chopped garlic , the grated ginger and the chilies. Fry for about a minute
till the raw smell of the ginger and garlic goes away. Then add the ground coriander and
cumin powder and paprika. As I always tell you can even use kashmiri red chili powder
or normal chili powder according to your convenience. Stir the spices for a second. Next comes the
liquid ingredients , the tomato puree and soy sauce. Add some sugar to brighten up the
flavor and little salt. Mix for a few seconds then I added about ½ a cup of hot water.
Once the sauce starts to bubble add the fried tofu and the green bell peppers.
Stir everything very gently so that all the tofu pieces get well coated with that gorgeous
sauce. Then add the green onions. If you feel the sauce is getting bit dry then add a few
more tablespoon of hot water but do not add too much as that will dilute the flavor.
At this point do a taste taste and adjust the seasonings to your desired level. I felt
it needed a little bit of sweetness so I added a little bit of sugar.
This goes very well with rice or even noodles. Please try this recipe and send me your feedback.
I would love to hear from you and if you are new to my channel then please consider subscribing.
Eat healthy and stay healthy. Bye bye.


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  2. Liked, I have never known what to do with tofu, this looks like a very nice recipe to prepare for lunch box with rice πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‹ thanks for sharing…

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