Stock Photography Trends For 2018

let’s have a look at stock photography
trends for 2018 Shutterstock went to nine of the top photographers and asked
their opinion I think that they’ve actually given quite different opinions
but it’s good to get ideas and some ways that you can go in 2018 I still believe
in my acronym which is CIA and that is to have color something interesting and
also take lots of angles and then choose the best angles from those you can also
add effect so that you could take several images of the same thing and
then add effects afterwards to multiply them out let’s look at the first
photographer and his opinion is that we’ll be looking more at the new world
which is technology mobile and freedom here you’ve got a picture of someone using
their computer outside and in the other sample he’s given someone’s got more
leisure time now so they’re watching TV while having a cup of coffee in bed so
these are kind of the new life where you got more time the second person is going
towards more hard light and more color he’s using plain backgrounds then having
contrasting color and having interest in there but abstract interest with the
other images he’s got here also hard light on plain background colors and
then something in the image that makes it interesting the third person is going
for authentic creative fresh and fun ideas this is someone at work but
they’ve got this sticker on their head be happy so he’s using a normal
situation but having fun with it same thing here it’s a fairly normal
situation with business people but he’s having fun and adding color by adding
these bubbles here these speech bubbles the next person is looking at virtual reality
and augmented reality augmented reality is mixing virtual reality with real-life
and you can see that down here they’re touching somewhere in space which they
can see as an object and the same thing here he’s mixing this real life with an
abstract concept the fifth person they asked here concentrates on concept homes
so I don’t think this is for everyone but he also likes to look at health
efficiency and ecology which are new things and you could concentrate on
those this sixth photographer is concentrating on real and spontaneous
images he’s gone out with the model into the city and just taking pictures that
look more natural and the kind of real life he’s also looking at new gadgets
travel and healthy lifestyle but trying to keep it real same with the one here
it’s just a real situation the seventh person is looking at still life simple
and colorful so here’s a couple of examples this still life here for
someone’s birthday maybe it’s an eleventh birthday and this one here I
think this is an added effect and probably this Brown has been added as
well so you can always do that to multiply out your images this 8th
photographer is saying that the such a glut of images were always a demand for
current events like political events and rallies things like that or new science
so that’s what he’s covering this year and the last one is concentrating on
more original natural and emotional images and using vivid light but trying
to keep it natural these colors are not real they’ve been emphasized quite a lot
but they still look fairly natural and the same here the color has been
exaggerated but it still looks like a natural image so that was nine different
photographers giving their opinion of what’s going to happen in 2018 and I
think that there are quite a variety of opinions but there are some things in
common the things in common are that you should keep the images authentic not too
abstract and keep them on current events so new technology and new lifestyle like
mobile lifestyle and more leisure time

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