Styling Ah-ma Fashion | ZULA Altered | EP 3

Styling Ah-ma Fashion | ZULA Altered | EP 3

Excuse me, hi! Hi guys! Welcome to this
episode of Zula Altered. And I have an interesting
backstory for this video. So the other day when I came to
work, I saw my colleague, Belle. She was wearing this super
interesting pair of pants- and I was like, “Oh my god gurl, I love your pants!” And she was like, “Oh, this is
totally inspired by ah-ma fashion.” And I was like, “What do you
mean by ah-ma fashion?” So she was telling me that she
got a lot of her items from, like, typically “auntie” shops, which I never
would have thought to venture into. So it got me thinking, like, oh my god, should I style some ah-ma clothes? And I was like, okay! So that’s what inspired today’s
episode of Zula Altered. And in this episode, I have a
very special guest… Belle! Hello, welcome to this episode. Thanks! Okay, so um, you are also wearing the pants
that I saw you in that day. Indeed so, one of my favourite pants, for sure. How would you actually
define ah-ma fashion? Okay, I think there are, like, a few kind
of key factors that make ah-ma fashion. So obviously, floral prints. Okay.. They love a good floral print- and even better if it’s matching? Like- Oh, like, top and bottom sets. Yes, correct. They always wear, like, the top and the bottom. And then, you know, it’s got,
like, the collar… kind of like this? Yeah… And also, the elastic polyester pants. You know? ‘Cause it’s comfortable right? Yeah, totally! I mean, which- I guess this
one is also elastic? Oh, yas! What actually kind of inspired
your ah-ma fashion style? Um, I actually find ah-mas very inspiring. Like, I’m always running around, like, stalking them and, like, taking
pictures of their outfits. You take photos of them and put it on your Instagram? Yeah! I mean okay, I hope it’s
not an invasion of privacy. Sorry auntie! Oh my god! Super cool! Okay, this is from the retro days of Instagram, hence the filter, do not judge. Oh my god… it’s, like, 2012, and
she’s loving the ah-ma fashion. She’s like, “Auntie, you’re so on-trend and you don’t even know it!” Oh my god, Belle, what the hell… Trendsetting ah-ma fashion since 2012? I’m shook. There’s actually an IG account
that features all these really cool ah-mas but it’s based in San Francisco. Okay.. It’s called Chinatown Pretty and look at all the ah-mas… Oh my god, so cute! And they all just look so chic, it’s crazy. So the term “ah-ma” often refers to,
like, older Chinese ladies right? So the style is usually what they would wear. Yes. I think I have a better idea of
what ah-ma fashion is now. Thanks to you, Belle! No problem! So I have a question, do you want to go out shopping with me- for, like, ah-ma fashion pieces later? Sounds good! Okay, I’m gonna style them in this episode. So, let’s go check it out! Yup! Let’s go! Alright, so now we are at Chinatown Complex- and sorry for the noise, it’s raining right now. But Belle has also told me that, her go-to-shop- for ah-ma fashion is around here. Yup! So what did you get from the store? So I’ve gotten a dress and also, a two-piece set- but I haven’t worn it before, ’cause it’s a bit of a challenge to pair it. So hopefully Leah is here to, you know, help me with this. That is a lot of pressure… No pressure. But yeah, please look at the way you have styled- your ah-ma fashion pants today… – I love it.
– Thank you! I think the pieces here will
be a bit more difficult to style, so it’s, you know, over to you for sure. Okay… I’m very nervous for the challenge but I’m excited to go and see what they have. Me too! So, let’s go? Yes! Let’s go! Choose something that you
would want to wear- – but you’re not sure how to wear it.
– Yes! Okay. And also think that, like, I will probably look nice in it lah. Can you, like, at least
choose something- that you think will be nice for me. Okay, okay, okay. Um, love these but won’t do this to you. I’m okay with this. Yay! Okay, let’s go with this. Oh my god, I’m legit excited! I was gonna say, like, Belle is
having the time of her life now. I can imagine my grandmother wearing this. And I know my grandmother
wear these batik, like, dresses, and they are always sleeveless. Yes. They always have this U-shape neckline thing. I don’t know why they don’t wear sleeves, but it’s always like this. Fun fact is that Belle loves birdwatching. I do! And she’s also called
@neonwatermelon on Instagram, so literally, this is the best shirt for her. So get it and then style it. – This is my mini challenge.
– Oh my god, so much pressure! My mini challenge for you. Okay. Challenge accepted. Is it a top and a skirt? Yeah! No, it’s a top and a… Top and shorts. It’s so cute! – It’s cute, it’s cute, it’s cute!
– Right? Okay, this? Okay, I’m holding this. I think this one. Oh my gosh… I mean, firstly, look- at the way they styled it also. It’s, like, damn on point, it’s a tube dress eh. Auntie is also very legit. Auntie is also fashionable. Oh my gosh, I mean, I’m loving these but- those are definitely more ah-pek and uncle lah. It’s not ah-ma. This one is, like, totally wearable. Oh my god, this is damn nice.
– This is 100%… This is very nice. Yes. This is 100% wearable. Yeah.. This is very… – Like, see?
– And it’s basically something like this. It’s today’s theme also. Yeah.. Wah… xie xie (thank you) auntie! Xie xie auntie! Wah, discount! So… This one? It looks like, some, like, one of
those, like, Gucci print, like.. Actually this is really very nice eh.. Hi, auntie, I’m buying your clothes. Leah, I cannot even deal… It’s like, freaking cute… like, I really want it in my life too. Belle, calm down. Let’s go! We are going to stay here forever. Oh my god! Fine! Do you think this is ah-ma fashion? Is it ah-ma fashion? I think it’s quite. Look at Belle, running down
this street of, like, clothes. And I’m just, like… help! Where did she go? Oh my god, where did she go? Alright, so we are back from Chinatown. And these are our loot! And I looked at all the pieces, and I think- to stay true to the ah-ma ways, I will not DIY them. I’m just gonna style all of these. Sounds good! Yes. So, are you ready for outfit number one? Yes! Okay I’m gonna change now, bye! Bye! I like how the brown
complements the brown here also… I did not even think of that. I was, like, okay I just
need a cardigan thing over. It’s super nice! It’s not very old-school right, that you can’t wear it out. It’s still quite a wearable print. So actually if you take it out, like, this is also still quite nice, with the.. it looks like a baby doll kind of dress. Yeah… Oh my god, I actually love it like this. Can you just walk around… Walk around with, like, half-off, half-on? Yeah, I really like it! So nice! Here’s my phone.. I mean, like, totally fits in the pocket. You can put, like, your phone,
your money to, like, go out for the day. You don’t even need to carry bag out already. That’s how ah-mas roll. Are you ready for outfit number two? Yes! Okay. Okay, I’m gonna close my eyes again. Wow! Like, the shorts are so fab! And I like the rolling up of the cuffs. Yeah… Like, hello… this is, like, streetwear ah-ma. Like, hypebeast ah-ma. This was the theme for this outfit. I was thinking, like, okay.. So, the shorts look like berms kinda shorts… Then I was, like, how do I pair, like,
really bright red berms with anything? – So, I toned down the entire top of the outfit.
– That’s true. So, it’s mostly, like, dark green, black. So without the belt, it actually looks okay. But when I added on, it’s like, it
cinched, like, the entire thing together. Wow…. Yeah, cause it’s just an additional, like, layer here. Okay, okay, okay… Okay, are you ready to see the third outfit? Yes! Okay, I’m going to change… Let’s go! Hi, I would like to grant you three
wishes… What is your first wish? To open your eyes? Yes! 3, 2 ,1, go. Oh my god! I love that it’s a white belt now, this time around. And, like…. I love, like, how the pink vibes… and the clashing prints, like, stripes and florals… I wanted to do, like, a
headband kind of look because- I feel that this dress is- very, like, family, kind of, like, mum at home, kind of vibe
that I’m going for today. So, I feel, like, the bandana, is, like, you know, like, the girl who does, like, the.. Oh my god! Rosie the Riveter. Wow! I don’t even know her name but yes! Yes, I feel like I was trying
to emulate those vibes. – Ohhh okay.
– With, like, the whole, like, I’m a boss ass bitch. Yeah. But also, I can be at home cooking, you know? Oh my god, that’s, like, the best kind. And also, shout-out to Troye Sivan. Are you watching this video? Say you’re watching this video, hi! I’m sure he is! But I think ’cause the colours
all complement each other, It’s not, like, contrasting, like, reds- and blues- and greens. And then, like, mixed together
in, like, a Hawaiian floral print mess. I mean, like, I would probably wear it in the same look, but it will definitely not look as, like, chic as something, like, in this colour. Yeah… So, good choice for the colour palette. I was, like, thank god Belle
didn’t kill me this entire video. I can’t be that harsh. But yeah, I think you really did a really good job. Okay so Belle, saving the best for last. This to me is the- my favourite outfit. Oh my gosh… I hope it’s your favourite too! Please, open your eyes… Oh my god… It’s so nice! I love it leh! Oh my goodness! It’s super Blossom. Do you know who Blossom is? Who’s Blossom? Okay, I think it’s a very ’90s reference. Like, Powerpuff Girls? No, no, no, no! There’s this TV show called Blossom- and she totally was all about
the bucket hat and, like, floral. As long as it’s not just one print right.. It’s actually really okay once you break it up. Yeah… And, like… so wearable! And, I think, like, the accessories
really make the look. Cause, you know, otherwise it would just be- still very ah-ma. I actually brought a blazer that I
wanted to wear over this, but I don’t know if it’s too much. But let me show you. I mean, I’m still feeling it- but also I’ll be, like,
why are you wearing two coats? True. So, honestly right… So if you wore the blazer , Yeah, I can actually button it up like that. Then I wear the blazer over. Actually, it’s very nice also eh… Okay one is, like, cash (casual) ah-ma- and one is, like, more formal. It’s, like, I’m going to, like, the
best dinner at the kopitiam. Tonight, I’m gonna meet my man.. Welcome back, Belle! And I love your pyjamas set! And I love how it’s birds. It’s two times birds. Holy shit… she went all out with the bird theme. I mean, yeah, I figured since it’s gonna be so crazy, I might
as well just go all the way. And also, we are twinning
with the black outerwear. Speaking of outfit, which outfit
of mine was your favourite? Definitely this one. Really? Yeah! I think also cause it’s, like, the hardest one to pull off, and you made it look so legit. So therefore, it’s my favourite. The reason why, like, ah-ma
fashion is ah-ma fashion is because- the pieces are meant to be like that. Yeah… It’s true. You’re honouring the ah-mas still… yeah, true. Like, just make- taking what they wear- and then making it modern lor, but without dismantling them. If this inspires you to go to- your ah-ma’s closet and
take their clothes, please, please tag me on Instagram and let me see your outfit. Tag me and Belle on Instagram. Yes! That would be awesome. Yeah so that we can see your outfits, ’cause I would love to see how- other people style, like, all these pieces. And I mean, if you guys want us to
try any other grandma clothes style, or any other videos for Zula Altered, feel free to leave a comment down below- and let us know what to try. And also, don’t forget to, like share and subscribe. Bye!

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    when i wear somethin batik – mistaken for being an indonesian or a helper

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