The Beauty of Imperfection – with Joe Greer

The Beauty of Imperfection – with Joe Greer

You see, there was this new
thing that brought me joy, that brought me excitement,
that brought me happiness and
peace, and I wanted to do it with the
best of my ability. My Leica M6 taught me to slow down,
to see the world in such a simple and
beautiful way. Analog photography has given me
this unbelievable desire of wanting to get
better, wanting to learn and wanting to grow as
an artist. When I see a scene that I want
to photograph, I just know, I feel the balance within the
scene. I stop and I make that picture. I try not to overthink or
overcomplicate things. I’m drawn to colors and the way
that colors render on film and how they
interact within a given scene or a certain
moment. Even a lack of color at times
can be very, very beautiful. With film, it’s just different. It’s direct, it’s physical. There’s a tangible quality that
a negative provides that digital cannot. Film just sings differently.
With digital photography it’s always gonna be a bunch of
zeros and ones. That’s unchanging, that’s
exact, that will always be
that way. But with analog photography due
to its chemical nature, there’s so much chaos and
imperfections. For me, those imperfections make it even
more beautiful! My M6 has helped me get rid of
a lot of unhealthy habits that Instagram and
smartphone photography taught me early on with 36 frames, you have to
slow down, breathe, open your eyes, watch the world pass you by, wait for that moment and go for
it. Analog is on the rise with
young people because they want something tangible,
something they can touch. Digital is not offer an
experience like that. Going to a new place that you’ve
never been before gives you a perspective on
things that’s incredibly
rewarding. If you break that routine and
step into a space that’s unfamiliar, that’s
unknown, to pursue things photographically, beautiful
things will happen.

29 thoughts on “The Beauty of Imperfection – with Joe Greer

  1. Bought a leica m2. A camera more than twice as old as me. I shoot mostly black and white, something which is rarely seen. I never shot digital, learned the basics and to shoot without lightmeter. All thanks to the wonderful community of film photography. I truly love this community and great to see Leica acknowledging that and its own history. A digital leica is not something I can afford but if I ever win a lottery I would definitely go for that black M-A. To shoot film forevermore.

  2. So nice. Good to see an inspiring video about film photography for a change. The M6 is so amazing. Thank you Leica.

  3. Awesome video. So soothing and calming.and beautiful images. Just what we need in these hardship times 👍🏻🙏🏻

  4. Beautiful and inspiring video! I just wish we could all go out again. I wonder if the world will become like Bombay Beach. Maybe in 2 weeks already or in 2 years. Hope film labs will survive the corona. Cause if not, I’ll get an M10 Monochrom – if I still have a job. I know, a lot of «ifs».

  5. Much respect to Joe, I admire his appreciation and passion for Photography. Joe keep up the great work, praying for your success in life. Blessings.

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